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Parents love watching their kids go through different stages of development. Probably one of the most important stages among those is when your baby learns to walk. A pushcart can be a great aid in teaching your baby to walk and transition the toddler phase.

Pushcarts are basically a handle that is supported by a stand on wheels. Babies can use this handle to stand straight up and walk. Unlike a baby walker in which the baby sits and paddle around with his or her legs, a pushcart actually does make the baby stand up without giving him any unnatural support. And when they can do that, learning to walk will only take the baby a few days of getting used to his new toy. When the baby feels comfortable enough, he will lift his foot up and start moving around. This article will tell you everything you need to know about pushcarts.

Best toddler pushcarts that your kid will love

Pushcarts help in the development of leg muscles and teach the babies how to balance on two legs. Even though pushcarts are simple in definition, they do differ in features; meaning there are thousands of different models of them on the market. You can find a wide range of brands and sellers selling them. However, it is important to choose the best. Here is a list of the four best pushcarts that you can get for your child. In this article, you will also find some really useful tips that you can follow while shopping for pushcarts and other similar toys online. So, let us go through some important information.

Vtech learning push cart

The fact that this toy pushcart uses adaptive technology to teach kids to walk is nothing short of amazing. The cart has colourful rollers that will attract their attention. On the front side of it, there are buttons that the kid can press to produce a variety of different sounds. This will make sure that he has something to do when he gets bored of pushing it around. The adaptive design of this toy is suitable for even crawling babies to learn how to take their first strides. If you are not of the sounds coming from the carts buttons and your baby keeps on pressing it, you don’t have to worry about getting a headache as they are detachable.

Hape-Wonder wooden push cart

Toddlers will love pushing around this cute push cart. It also has knobs and gears on the front side. This toy walker was made with letting kids explore the world around them. The paint on the cart body is child safe and durable. As the wooden wheels have non marking rubber trims around them, there is no trouble of them scratching the floor or leaving rubber marks. The rubber trims also keep the wheels from slipping on the floor. Although this is a good safety feature, the lightweight construction of the toy makes it more susceptible to tipping over. It will only take you less than fifteen minutes to assemble this pushcart after you open the package.

Fisher-Price activity push cart

With lots of activities to explore, this cart does take the cake for being the most interactive pushcart out there. Buttons on this cart can activate karaoke songs that the kids can sing along with. But don’t expect it to be a replacement for a karaoke set. Kids can use this walker in two modes. When they are just learning to stand up, you can put this walker in the sitting mode so that they can crawl while holding on to it. After a few months of that, their legs will be strong enough to make strides. Then you can lock the cart to the walk mode. Kids can reach the activity panel on the cart from both positions.

Joovy Spoon multipurpose push cart

This pushcart is different from a typical push kart with its unique design. It can function as a push cart, high chair, and activity table at the same time. But unlike most of the other walkers, there are no activity panels on it. Rather, this pushcart tries to be a sleek toy that you can also use to feed the kid at the table. As the tray on the front is quite large, they can play with their toys while sitting on the seat of the push cart. And when they finish playing, and it is time for a meal, you can serve them using the same tray itself. Also, the seat on the cart is pretty comfortable for them to sit on.

Tips on how to buy Pushcarts Online

It is not too hard to select a pushcart for a toddler. But still, there are a few essential points that you should keep in mind while looking for a pushcart toy. Getting a good cart is important to make sure that the kids will end up playing with it. Otherwise, it will sit in the corner of a room catching dust. Here are a few tips that you can follow when you shop for them.

  • Check the stability – The purpose of a pushcart is to teach the babies how to walk without them falling down. Therefore, the first thing to look for in any pushcart is how stable it is when your baby plays with it. A cart that will topple over easily is going to be dangerous for the baby.
  • Durability – You have to consider the quality of the material when you buy any toy for your young babies. Also, make sure that the plastic used in the construction is free of any toxic materials. If there is paint on the cart, it should not come off when the baby bites on it.
  • Look at the features – It is rare for a baby pushcart to be just a push cart. Most of them come with additional features that make kids want to play with the cart. How engaging is the activity panel on the cart varies quite a bit from model to model. Some carts also double as activity tables and high chairs.
  • Comfort – Even though it might feel like comfort is of little importance for a push cart, that is not true. The handles of the cart should be easily reachable for the babies when they are in the sitting position. It should also be easy for them to manoeuvre with the cart when they are walking.

You can ask other moms or dads among your friends or family for recommendations as well. Having firsthand experience, they will be able to give you some practical tips. They will also be able to give you personalised advice depending on your circumstances, as well. You can find all kinds of pushcarts using our retail search engine . It will let you compare the prices and features of different products and pick the best ones among them. So, don’t forget to check out all the other amazing products from

Question & Answer

Are push toys good for toddlers?

There are products other than pushcarts that are supposed to train babies to walk. But push walkers are probably the best among them. One advantage is that pushcarts do not give the child too much freedom, which is not good at a stage when they are only learning to walk. This allows parents better control over where the baby will go next and to clear the way to keep them safe. And because the baby learns to stand up and walk without an unhealthy amount of support, pushcarts will help in the proper development of his or her leg muscles in a natural way.

Do push toys delay walking?

Pushcarts provide the baby with a handle to hold on to while also letting them move without falling over. Therefore a pushcart does not provide the baby with any kind of extra support that he would not get while standing up otherwise while holding anything else. The only difference is that a pushcart also moves. This will help the baby to develop the legs and balance naturally without affecting his other skills. On the other hand, some researchers say that baby walkers that do not let the babies stand up affect the natural development of the children in a negative way.

What age can a baby use a push walker?

When your baby begins the stage when they hold on to objects and tries to stand up, they are ready to use a push cart. With a push cart, they will learn to make their first steps faster than without using the cart. Carts are useful from the age of about nine months to fifteen months. But the exact age will depend on the baby. Some babies start walking even before nine months while others will take a few months more before they learn to stand up. But even if your baby is starting to take small careful steps, a pushcart will make a great toy.

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