About Toy Chalkboards

As a new parent, it must be a daunting task to engage your child for a long time. However, a young toddler is always curious and full of creativity. Thus, it becomes essential to put those talents in the right direction, which will help them in developing their skills properly. And setting up toy chalkboards can be risky from your end. But it can excite the creativity of your little one.

The toy chalkboards are the best open-ended toys for your kid. However, it encourages exploration, creativity, visual discrimination and problem-solving skills among the broad age range of kid. Moreover, this toy encourages drawing, scribbling, writing, painting, which is vital for your kid, as it is how they see the world. It develops their gross motor skills, improves core strength, back muscles, and good body posture. So, do you wish to buy a portable magnetic whiteboard for kids online? Then, you have landed on the right page to get aid on your shopping. So, keep reading.

Different types of mini chalkboards for your children playtime!

It is a multi-functional easel that you can place anywhere. Whether it’s weddings, parties, kitchen, office or in the classroom. Moreover, it is an easy-to-clean tabletop board with a rustic brown wooden plinth. And the best thing about this product, it can be used with both stick chalk and wet wipe liquid chalk pens. Thus, it’s ideal for promoting offers and menu items in an eye-catching manner. However, these mini blackboards come with removable stands which makes them stand firm on the table and convenient to use. Here, in this article, we will discuss everything, you need to know about the toy chalkboards.

Toddler Chalkboards Easel

Are you looking for chalkboards for your two children? Then, you need to check out these toy chalkboard product. It is a folding board with a foam magnet that allows two children to use the easel one at a time. Moreover, this easel is made with plastic which ensures durability and sturdiness. On one side it has metal dry-erase boards which include almost 77 foam magnetic letters, numbers, and signs. However, on the other side is the chalkboards, along with a storage tray to place stationery items. You can easily set up this board and fold it back. Thus, making it convenient to use and store. It is suitable for children of 3 years or above.

Children’s Chalkboards Magnetic Board

These magnetic boards inspire creativity in your toddler. However, the dry-erase whiteboard’s surface provides kids with a blank canvas, which allow them to doodle or draw for an hour. Moreover, this toy chalkboard has two sides, magnetic green chalkboards and white dry-erase boards. It has a sturdy solid wood frame, and the rubber feet keep the board in a place without scratching the floor. So, are you looking for mini chalkboards for sale? Then, you can choose to shop from the reputed brand’s product. And they are Labebe, Qian, Crayola, B. toys by Battat, ClosetMaid, McDonald Publishing, and much more.

Standing Magnetic Whiteboards

Are you looking for whiteboards for your classroom? Then, you should check out these mobile standing magnetic whiteboards. It provides you with a smooth scratch-resistant surface that creates high contrast markings and easy to clean. Moreover, it resists ink stains, shadows, and ghost tracings. And the magnets make it perfect for use as a bulletin board. However, the best thing about this toy chalkboard, it’s made from high-quality steel stands with wheels which make it convenient to move around. And caster brakes are with locking brakes to guarantee stability.

Portable Magnetic Chalkboards for Kids

If you are looking for a perfect birthday gift for toddlers, then you can’t miss these magnetic toy chalkboards product. It has magnetic letters and numbers, which helps the toddlers to learn spelling, math, and art. Moreover, it’s equipped with chalk or an eraser for all purposes. However, its design to look like a laptop and helps in child brain development which provides hours of drawing fun, creativity, and challenge. Moreover, it is lightweight, compact, and easy to travel. Thus, if you wish to buy cheap magnetic chalkboards, then you can choose to shop from the best UAE online shopping which has an amazing collection of products.

Tips for buying Toy Chalkboards

Toy Chalkboards or blackboards are helpful for school-going children as well as young toddlers learn to write, draw, doodle, and much more. Moreover, high-quality boards allow the chalk to remove easily, and it’s durable. You can easily clean it with a damp cloth, or duster. And some of the advanced easels come with markers. However, it is colourful for better visuals and chalks has a mild smell as compare to pungent smells of markers. Therefore, while shopping for the right toy easel for your kid or your pre-school, can be tricky. There are few things which you need to keep in mind. Likely, the dimension of the board and the room to fit in, type of board to buy, etc.  Thus, we enlisted the tips and tricks to help you out in your shopping experiences. So, you get to buy the best toy chalkboards for kids.

  • Look for the dimensions- The standard sizes of the toy easel range from two feet by three feet to four feet by sixteen feet. However, there are many oversized, and smaller options are available in the market. Those are few inches wide to more than 16 feet long.
  • Choose frame colour- While shopping for the whiteboard, make sure it compliments your space, choose the frame and board colour accordingly. However, the frames can be wooden, plastic, and metal of every shade and colour.
  • Select the colour of the board- The chalkboard can be green, black, brown or green. On the other hand, a whiteboard is usually white as the name depicts. But there are options available while buying an easel, including translucent colours.

Thus, we hope that the above list helps you out in your shopping trove. And help you to get the best chalkboard in the market. So, without waiting more, start your shopping spree with us. Browse And explore the myriad collection of toys along with that mind-blowing offers and discounts in all festive season. Hurry! Happy shopping!

Questions & Answers

Where to buy toy chalkboards online in the UAE?

The toy easels are the classic toy which is used and loved by the generations. Although today’s kid has access to technology, still there is no more appealing than scribbling on the chalkboard. However, it considers being a fun way to get started with teaching and learning them alphabets or numbers. Moreover, other than forming excellent motor work, these boards help your kid to learn the motions they need to write letters. So, if you wish to buy chalkboards for your little one, then you can choose to buy from the reputed Dubai product finder. And experience the amazing collection of products with the best price in the market.

For what age toy chalkboards is suitable?

It’s essential to purchase age-appropriate toys for your little ones throughout their lifespan. Moreover, children learn about new skills and show different interests at different stages of development. Thus, searching for the age-appropriate toy means looking for an excellent match for their age, interests, and skills they are up to. However, it’s also vital for the safety of the children who quite young for playing with such toys which might result in choking hazard. The toy easel is one of the excellent toys for your kid as it learns alphabets or numbers in the disguise of fun. Therefore, the suitable age of using it shouldn’t be less than 36 months age-old.

What are the best magnetic chalkboards for kids?

Chalkboards or whiteboards can never go out of style. Moreover, there are many easels available in the market which has a magnetic surface. However, the surface of the board allows the kids to stuck pictures, notes, alphabets, or other important messages. Moreover, you can use it with regular chalks or chalk markers for more flexibility and fun. So, if you are seeking to buy the best magnetic easel for your kid, then you can choose to shop from McDonald Publishing easel manufacturer. It is best for teaching a variety of beginning math concepts. Moreover, the colourful display attracts the kid’s attention. However, you can also check out the other popular brands. And they are Labebe, Qian, Crayola, B. toys by Battat, ClosetMaid, and much more.

How do you make a mini chalkboard?

Whether it’s birthday party decorations, hanging on doorknob, party or holiday gifts, these mini chalkboards sparkle up your enjoyment. So, if you are fascinated with this easel and wish to make it on your own. And for that, you need a list of items like a piece of wood, chalkboard paint, a large flat-bottomed container, roller brush, newspaper, cloth rags, chalk, rubber bands and much more. So, to get started you need to cut and prepare the wood according to the number of mini boards, you wish to make. Moreover, you need to arrange the boards on overlapping sheets of the newspaper. Now, shake your board paint well and pour it into a larger flat-bottomed container. However, with the roller brush apply a single coat to the top side of the boards. Moreover, you don’t need to learn as you can easily avail yourself it online.

To sum up, protecting your walls from your little ones’ creative tendencies has never been easier. However, choosing the right and attractive board can engage the little genius for quite some time. So, if you haven’t purchased a toy easel for your kid, then shop along with us. And explore the unbelievable collection of playground toys from reputed brands and stores. Plus, you get exciting offers and deals at every hour of shopping with us. Good luck with shopping!