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About Children's Kitchens

Play kitchens lie among the most popular toys ever to exist, especially for girls. With modern children’s kitchen sets, you can give your little kid all the freedom and tools to explore the necessary skill of cooking. Not just that, they also develop hand-eye coordination, social competency and organizing skills. 

A miniature kitchen not only adds a spice of reality to your kid’s playing but also moulds their organizing skills and social habits. It creates an excellent place for toddlers and kids to work together and boost their knowledge and creativity. However, not all sets are created equally. Some are bijou and compact enough to both play and store, whereas others may occupy a large space with a French door fridge, microwave, roasting tin, wall-mounted chimney, and many other apparatus. Let us find out in detail to find the best for your little one. 

All about choosing the best kids kitchen playset

All the kitchen sets come with essential food & cookware playset comprising various items like a miniature portable stovetop, cooking pans, spoons, chopping boards, bottles, hot dogs, vegetables, eggs, and more. Some models have great visuals; others have advanced features like beautiful lighting, sound system etc. The toy market has grown by leaps and bounds last few years, due to which you have a vast amount of options when it comes to prominent toy sets like play kitchens. Read on to know about the sets best for your kid to play as the chef.  

Stainless steel toddler kitchen set

Do you remember kitchen sets we used to have in our childhood? Those with a stainless steel look! They are in huge demand even now as children find them realistic, resembling real kitchen appliances. Stainless steel children’s kitchen sets come with kitchen cookware such as gas stoke, coffee maker, bowls, pressure cooker, spoon, and more items. Most of the styles have features like fancy subway-tile backsplash and granite countertops, turning faucets and more. 

Deluxe toy kitchen set

You seek out superior pots, pans, knives and other kitchen hardware for yourself. Shouldn’t your children have the finest appliances in their play kitchen? Deluxe kitchen sets come with outstanding looks and amazing features that can make your real kitchen jealous. If you move to the costlier side, you will have adjustable shelves, timers that tick, lights, play food, phone etc. Some high-end sets are battery-powered operated with sound and light. It can keep your kids engaged for a long span of time. Moreover, you can convert them into a carry-along briefcase after dismantling, so there is no stress storing them.  

Wooden toy kitchen set

Wooden toy kitchen sets are known for their well-designed details and realistic looks. The wooden appearance of these play kitchens would make you marvel at their luxuriousness again and again. They are sturdy and durable for years of home-cooked meals by your little master chefs. Children’s kitchen sets made of plastic or other materials might break or lose their shine over time, but wooden sets offer a forever natural look.  

Tips on how to buy Children's Kitchen sets in Dubai

If you have been looking for a perfect children’s kitchen set for your little chefs, then it must be overwhelming. There are no one or two varieties you can get your hands on. Kids play kitchens range from very basic to battery-powered sets with wonderful features. However, keeping some factors in mind would help you streamline your purchase to a great extent. So, find below the guiding tips that would help you buy wooden kitchen sets for children online in the UAE and their plastic and metallic counterparts.

  • Baby boy or girl– What a baby girl likes, a baby boy might not be very fond of. Girls love chick, delicate and more pinkish look whereas, for boys, you might have to find sturdy designs with exciting features like timer, magnets, automatic operation etc.
  • Play kitchens’ size is all sizes, from compact to very huge like real kitchens. Your selection depends upon the space you have in your home for the children’s kitchen set. A small play kitchen can be assembled on a table, whereas larges ones might require a whole room or basement area. Small ones come with limited but all the necessary features. They are an apt choice for one or two children. On the other hand, a large set can fit many junior chefs inside. So, while you buy a kitchen set, look for its dimension and match it with your space in the room.
  • Appliances and features– The essential elements required in a children’s kitchen set include a miniature portable stove, cooking pans, spoons, chopping boards, bottles, vegetables, and some already cooked items like a hot dog, pasta, pizza etc. Some sets come with high-end features like magnetic drawers, timers, a French door fridge, wonderful lighting, a sound system and more. Here, the light and sound system amp up the playtime of kids. So, choose one as per your preferences and the likes of your kid.
  • Interaction– Interaction is an essential part while your kid plays with any toys. So, look at the level of interaction the play kitchen set provides. For example, some play kitchens have lights and sounds that imitate real functions like oven timers and sizzling sounds. Picking interactive sets bring life to play kitchen sets.

Now that you have information about various kitchen sets, you must be eager to get one for your little kid. Considering the above tips would help you choose a perfect one. If you are unsure where to find the best kitchen set for children, come to us on On our shopping search engine, you will find amazing children’s kitchen sets offered by popular toy brands of the industry like KidKraft, Step2, Little Tikes, Kimicare, Melissa & Doug, and Teamson Kids. You can also narrow down your choices with the help of filters if you feel overwhelmed. Also, find cheap toddler kitchen sets for any budget you have. So, do not wait anymore! Go ahead! Grab the best ones while stock lasts.

Question & Answer

What age is a toy kitchen for?

Kitchen sets come under the category of pretend to play, for which a kid has to be 2 to 3 years old. Generally speaking, at this age, kids develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills that are important to put items on the surface cut up to play food and feed character toys. However, different kids have different learning abilities. Some kids can use and understand all the kitchen features at the age of 2.5, whereas others might take more time. The kitchen sets, however, come with a recommended age on them.

What is the best play kitchen for a toddler?

Kidkraft’s Limited Edition Vintage Kitchen – Pink & Gold, Gourmet Chef Play Kitchen with EZ Kraft Assembly and Farm to Table Play Kitchen with EZ Kraft Assembly, Step 2’s elegant edge kitchen, mixin’ up the magic kitchen and grand walk-in wood kitchen, and melissa and Doug’s chef’s kitchen charcoal and cupcake are some of the best-reviewed children’s kitchen sets in the market. You can also go for any famous brands like Little Tikes, Kimicare, and Teamson Kids to find the best seats for your little chef.

How do you make a kid’s kitchen set?

There are several DIY methods through which you can create a fantastic kitchen for your kid. You can make it using old furniture like dressers or tables, cardboard, fabric and even wooden ply. Moreover, you can find things like old entertainment centres and nightstand furniture at garage sales and turn them into a kitchen as they can give enough room to appliances like a sink, stove, fridge, and storage.

Are Pottery Barn play kitchens worth it?

If you are looking for quality, then pottery barn children’s kitchen sets are worth it. The brand is known for its sturdy and reliable products. However, if you do not like the price, you can go for the deals like sign up offers, coupon codes, pottery barn credit cards, and end of season sales. No wonder you might get a discount on your favourite kitchen set. So, if you are looking for quality options, you should definitely go for them.

If your kid has turned 2, then play kitchen can be an excellent toy set for them. It inculcates organization skills, creativity and teamwork in kids. They come in a wide variety depending upon construction material, size, features and many more factors. So, it can be an overwhelming experience for you to choose one. So, log on to, where we have brought together over 500 trusted online stores that sell the best playground sets. Here you can find plastic, metallic and also wooden toy kitchens for sale. Moreover, you can narrow down your searches with the help of filters, price comparison feature and direct searching. So, go ahead! Have a fantastic shopping experience ahead.