About Inflatables

If we review the market, we can find a wide range of inflatables, including toys for babies and toddlers. Time has witnessed a massive change and advancements in these soft toys for kids, filled with air.

By definition, an inflatable is an object that we can inflate with hydrogen gas, helium or nitrogen and falls under the category of playground equipment. From massive jumping castles in the outdoors to small inflatable dollhouses for girls’ rooms, there is a massive variety available out there. However, a common advantage of these toys is that they can be stored in a small space when not in use and deflated. However, they need a maintained presence of the gas to maintain their shape and size. Besides, they come with huge health and developmental perks for kids. Today we will focus on understanding the health benefits these inflatables bring to the young ones.

Health benefits of large inflatables toys for kids

For those planning a birthday party for their child, inflatable playing areas are an ideal option to consider. Although you can use large inflatable toys inside your home, it is better to consider arranging a party outdoors. And just having a kid’s jumping castle can make the day fun for your guests and kids. This is because all kids love jumping, and these large inflatable toys can make their day with endless entertainment. But fun is not the only thing a kid will have with these larger, softer structures; they also offer surprising health benefits that most of you are not familiar with.  Therefore, we are here to share some information on how an inflatable toy can help your kid’s growth.

Improved balance

These larger inflatable toys make a soft, air-filled megastructure that mimics a fairytale castle with steps, slides and floors. The kids will have to go up the stairs and slide back. But the air does not allow them to land on a hard floor, giving them challenges to maintain their balance on the soft flooring. Moreover, jumping helps are boosting their coordination skills. When kids run and jump over the castle, they will lose their balance and fall many times. But as they continue jumping and running, they will understand and learn to manage balance on the floor.

Lymphatic movements and blood circulations

These toys involve activities that demand extreme physical movements. However, they are designed to be safe for kids, and this is why kids continue to play on them despite many falls. This running and playing venture on inflatable toys result in improved blood circulation and cardiovascular functioning in kids. Studies have also shown that such extreme physical activities take part in enhanced muscular growth in kids. Moreover, such sporting activities result in extreme sweating, and the kids get tired by the end of an hour or so. As a result, kids’ lymphatic movements improved and resulted in a boost in their stamina.

Better mental health and social interaction

Studies have also proved that such sporting activities promote mental health, social interaction and coordination skills in kids. Moreover, they also help kids to stay self-motivated and build up their confidence. While playing, kids certainly have an amazing time jumping and falling alone in the castle. But they will have an even better time playing with others. These castles provoke kids to share space, learn to compromise, develop better Social connections and socialized in fun ways. This social connection results in an increase of knowledge, skills and better mental development of the child.

They provoke kids to go outside.

Unfortunately, technology has been more a killer for kids’ physical health than to benefit them. With Xboxes and PlayStations at home, kids show lesser interest in real-time games and go to playgrounds. But inflatables are designed with amazing shapes, colours and tricks that provoke kids to explore new adventures. Studies show an increasing interest in kids going out and playing with the mega structures.  As a result, they have a full-body exercise with getting all the necessary vitamins from natural sources like sun and fresh air.

Tips on how to buy Inflatable toys online in Dubai

Whether you are heading to buy a baby inflatable swimming float or to buy inflatable water toys for toddlers or kids of later ages, care while buying is important. Unlike most of the other toys, buying inflatables demands a little extra attention. Hence when you head to shop Kids inflatable water toys online, you need a set of tips and a precise checklist to compare before deciding to pay for any product. However, not all the parents or buyers out there are familiar with these tips? This is why we are here to help you with the important points you should know while buying inflatables for toddlers.

  • Consider age – The inflatables, just like any other toy, is age-based. The entire range of pools and other options are particular to kids of specific age sets. Hence, always tend to buy an inflatable that is suitable for your kid’s age.
  • Consider your space – Inflatables acquire a considerable amount of space in your home. Hence, you need to consider the size of the space you can allocate to the toys. Now search for the product with the size that can fit in the allocated space. Otherwise, it’s useless to buy.
  • Consider the pumping options – Inflatables generally come with built-in or external pumps. It depends on the size of the toy. Always check what options come with the product you choose to buy for your kids.
  • Look for a reliable brand – Today, we have dozens of manufacturers, but not all are reliable and offer quality products according to health safety standards for kids. Hence important is to look for a reliable and known brand.
  • Pricing factor – The price of an inflatable varies according to the size, type, brand and other features. Hence, the pricing factor may also demand your attention. We advise you to explore more than one brand to find an economical option for your kid.

The best idea for kids at an early age is to buy inflatable soft toys for babies or toddlers. These toys are lightweight, colourful, and can help babies enjoy physical independence and earn confidence in themselves. For assistance, you can explore the internet for the best inflatable toys for a six-month-old or according to your toddler’s age. Finding an appropriate age option is of core importance. It can help in developing the mind and body of the kid without stressing them.

Question & Answer

How to fix an inflatable toy?

An inflatable toy is made of soft plastic. Minor holes and scratches can make them entirely useless. However, these minors’ wear and tears can easily be treated at home. If the toy gets flat with minor cuts, you can do that on your own using special patches and glues. For more assistance, you can watch videos on repairing inflatable toys at home. The step by step process needs no professional skills but a little bit of concentration and the right set of tools.

Are inflatable toys expensive?

Yes, to some extent, the prices of these toys are higher than many other toys for kids. The price fluctuation depends on the size and type of toy. Another pricing factor is the way we inflate or deflate them. As in most cases, we will need a pump to inflate and deflate these toys. The bigger the toy more will be the price. However, for small toys for toddlers, you can blow them with the mouth as they do not need much air to inflate properly.

What inflatable toys to buy for toddlers?

Toys for toddlers are different from toys for kids of teen ages and else. At first, the choices depend on the interest of your kids. You may also need to consider if you want to buy an indoor or outdoor toy. Some of the best ideal options for inflatable toys for toddlers include Swim School Splash Play Mat, Inflatable Kiddie Pool with Backrest for Babies & Toddlers. Else you can start your search with options like Hoovy -Froggy Sun Protection Pool, Mini Swimming Accessories for Kids and Toddlers, or Shark Toss and Catch Net Pool Game.

Where to buy an inflatable toy online?

We at offer you access to more than 500 global brands online in the UAE. Some are Intex, Fisher-Price, Nerf, Barbie, Hot Wheels, Playskool, Carnival Toys, and Air Swimmers. Here you can enjoy our unique price comparison tool to show you economical options in a few clicks. With a retail search engine, you can access all these brands with just a few clicks. Hence, making your reliable shopping easier and more successful than it was ever before.

Toys and accessories are an important part of your kid’s entertainment and growth. Therefore, we at offer you access to top stores to make easy purchases online.