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No matter what level you’re at, gymnastics can become quite an addictive sport. Once you master the very first back hip circle or the first cartwheel on a gymnastic bar, then you’d want to be able to practice your moves regularly and strengthen your body all the time. The good news is you’ll find a huge range of gymnastics bars or dive racks out there on the market today. In this post, we’ll take a look at various gymnastic rods that you can invest in. Plus, we also give you some useful tips for buying the bars online in UAE. So read on!

If you’re an expert gymnast, you’d certainly know what the gymnastic bars are and what you use them for. However, if you’re a novice to this arena or are a budding gymnast then, let’s answer your most obvious question – what exactly are gymnastic bars and why do you need them? Commonly known as the uneven bars or the asymmetric bars, the dive racks are a set of rods that helps the gymnasts practice their moves. Usually, during competitions, people place these bars at different heights for the gymnasts to transition from one bar to another. Although the purpose of the dive racks is clear, you should know that not all bars come in the same quality and design. You’ll find many options out there on the market today. Let’s take a look at some trending models of uneven bars.

The best-selling gymnastic bars for beginners and experts

Regular practice is very important for a gymnast. It helps them strengthen their body and practice various moves. But, remember, a makeshift training apparatus is not very forgiving. It might result in accidents that do not end well. This is true for both kids and adults. Instead of putting your kids or yourself in such accidents, it’s best to invest in an actual, premium quality gymnastics bar. Of course, as mentioned earlier, you’ll find so many types of these bars out there on the market today. Each of them is slightly different, in spite of offering the same functionalities. Below let’s have a detailed look at some top-selling gymnastics bars that you can buy online.

The best gymnastics bar for a home for beginners

If you have a budding gymnast at home who wants to practice their moves safely, then this bar from Costzon is your best bet. With twelve adjustable heights and a 220-pound weight limit, this bar surely is a sturdy choice that’ll live with you for a while. It’s an ideal choice for beginner levels 1 through 4. The bar comes with a stabilising triangular-shaped base. This ensures overall stability to the entire bar. Besides, the manufacturers have welded together the support plates on the bar, which gives them the strength to withstand even the toughest routines. Furthermore, the product also has rubber floor pads at its base to prevent them from slipping while practising sessions.

The Z adjustable gymnastics bar

The typically adjustable dive racks is a product where the bar sits horizontally, and you can actually change the height of the bar. If you’re in search of such a bar, then consider investing in this gymnastic bar from Z Athletic. This all-in-one set comes with its own safety mat. Besides, you wouldn’t have to worry about finding one that matches the base of your bar with these models. Also, the mat that comes along is made of closed-cell foam that’s used in professional gym equipment. The gymnastic bar itself comes in high-quality fibreglass materials. Therefore, you can be sure of their durability. Apart from that, the manufacturers have firmly welded the joints on the bar for extra stability and safety.

The professional gymnastics kip bar

On a hunt for the best professional kip bar? Get this gymnastics bar from Milliard. This stylish bar comes in either teal or bright pink. The colours tend to be very vibrant that encouraging you or your child more. Better yet, the bar comes with cute little sticker packs so that you can customise your rods as you like. Although labelled as professional kip bars, gymnasts of all the skill levels can practice their moves using this bar. In terms of materials, the bar comes in maple wood and also features a fibreglass core. This gives you the best of both – stability and flexibility. For added grip and sturdiness, manufacturers have fitted the bar with a rubber base. Indeed, it’s the best gymnastics kip bar.

The Tumbl Trak junior pro gymnastics bar

This thoughtfully designed uneven bar withstands even the most rigorous routines. Thanks to its working load of 125 pounds, you can rest assured that your little one is safe while practising on the bar. Furthermore, the all-steel bar frame and the solid wood bar gives it the sturdiest built. Moreover, the curved edges of the bar offer extra safety and marginally reduce the risk of injury that arises due to pointed corners. Apart from that, the folks at Tumbl Trak have designed this bar with a huge four by 6-foot floor stamp. This wooden bar withstands even the most difficult training routines. Besides, you can also easily adjust the bar length.

Tips on how to buy Dive Racks

When you’re getting ready to buy the dive racks online, it’s important to know what you’ll be looking for. Not only will this give you a fair idea of what to expect from the product, but it’ll also help you choose the one that’s best for you. To make things simpler for you, we’ve listed here a few tips that you can follow while searching for your perfect gymnastics bar.

  • Know the purpose – Before you begin your search online, it’s best to think about what you need the dive racks for. For example, some might be on a hunt for a kids gymnastics bar. Whereas, someone else might to looking out for a bar that offers great stability and safety for intense practice sessions. Either way, you should know your purpose to pick the right kind of dive racks.
  • Consider your skill level – If you’re a beginner and you buy yourself a more advanced bar, you’ll just be wasting money. If you’re just getting into gymnastics, then a simple kip bar is an excellent choice. Go for pro bars if you’re an expert. These help you develop more complicated moves. Besides, you won’t be able to practice circling or casting on kip bars.
  • Pick the right size – Another thing you ought to look for is the actual size of the bar. In addition to checking out the right height, you should also consider the maximum weight the bar can hold. It’s best to choose dive racks that offer you adjustable heights. This way, more than one person can use it. Remember, to ensure you find a bar that properly fits your height and weight.
  • Check out the materials – Since you’ll be up in the air performing various stunts while doing the gymnastics, it’s very important to find dive racks that come in high-quality materials. Try and pick a model that comes in strong metals. Also, look for a model that has decent padding for your hands. You can usually find this right at the specification box of the bar online.
  • Select a sturdy and stable bar– This is probably the most vital factor to consider when you’re buying dive racks online. With all the twirling and jumping that you do during your routines, you’ll want a gymnastics bar that holds up well. And only a stable bar ensures you this. For this, you have to pick high-quality bars that come with extra stability factors that ensure that the bar doesn’t fall off.
  • Keep an eye on the features – Considering the different features of distinct dive racks is very important. The best way to find out which one suits you the best is to check out the specs and features of the specific dive racks. For instance, some might have rocking mechanisms, while others might not. You’ll also want to consider how you put together these dive racks after you buy them.
  • Additional accessories – Check out if what sort of combos and set your dive racks to come with. Several gymnastics bars come with additional safety accessories like mats. Whereas, some others might require you to buy them separately. Even if the bar doesn’t come with anything, you can still buy sets or bundles from the same company.
  • Consider the price – Another thing you should look out for is the cost of a gymnastics bar. While it’s not always the case, the cheaper bar always tends to have poorer quality. However, a more expensive bar will offer high quality and durability. Nevertheless, it’s still best to set aside a budget for yourself before you begin your search online. Because, many a time, you can easily buy cheap gymnastics bars for sale online in UAE during various festivals and promotions.

In conclusion, you should be able to pick a gymnastics bar that allows you or your kids to practice in a safe and secure manner. Of course, design-wise the choice depends on your personal taste. However, you should still make sure that you carefully assess the pros and cons of the product before you make the final call on your choice. We hope the tips above will guide you in the right direction then.

Question & Answer

How much weight can a gymnastic bar hold?

Every other dive rack offers a different weight load capacity. Few of them can withstand up to 100 pounds while others endure more than 300 pounds. You should make sure that while practising the weight load mustn’t increase the maximum set limit. Putting more weight load than the limit can put a dent in the bar, resulting in serious injuries while practising. Thus, make sure you get a bar that holds up your weight.

How tall should the gymnastics bar be?

Buying dive racks with the right height is necessary. It’s best to get a bar that comes with a height-adjustable option, particularly if you’re confused about which height to pick. Ideally, a standard gymnastics bar should measure between 3 feet to 5 feet in height. Bars with such a height tends to be safe for pupils of all skill levels. Besides, they ensure safety and reduce risky accidents as well.

Where to buy gymnastic bars?

Fortunately, UAE has plenty of dive rack options both online and in-store. If you’re seriously looking for a high-quality gymnastics bar then do take a look at the options on Our product search engine brings you options the best foldable gymnastics bar, tumble bar for the garden, and much more. What’s more, you can get them from popular brands like Swedish Ladder, Tumbl Trak, Balance Bar, Milliard, Nimble Sports, and Titan. Better yet, you can carry out the purchase from your favourite online stores. You can also buy a tumble bar in Dubai online, right here.

We bet you now have ample information to pick the best dive racks that suit you. So, without much ado, begin your search right here on to get the perfect gymnastics bar online. While you’re here do check out other playground equipment and toy options available on the site.