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When kids start to climb things, so begins the stage that strikes terror in most parents. However, learning to climb is a standard part of their development. Besides, it’s really good for them too, provided you have the right climbing structure in place. That said, it’s the climbing frames that we should run for when you’re finding ways to keep up your kid’s adrenaline rushing. But, if you’re considering buying a climbing frame, then there’s a lot to ponder upon. Fret not, on this page; we shall cover everything that you need to know about them.

Climbing frames are one of the fantastic ways of getting your child out of their sedentary lifestyle. Apart from the fact that they keep your kids entertained for a long time, these frames also help them explore their limits and build their strength. Besides, it will also encourage them to use their energy outside and keep them away from ransacking all over your living room couch. All this aside, buying the climbing frames is easier said than done, considering their sheer number of options out there in the market. However, you could always turn around the situation if you have ample knowledge of the product you intend to buy. Well, we shall highlight a few trending models of climbing frames in our next section. So keep reading!

The popular kids climbing frames trending on the market

The best designs of these frames offer your kids more than fun. From complete activity centres to the ones that include rope ladders, lookout towers, monkey bars, and much more, the frames offer your kids much more than any other play area equipment could offer. Further, in terms of aesthetics, you’ll find frames of different sizes that fit any kind of space, garden or playground. Similarly, you’ll see them in different materials too. Well, with all this, one thing is clear that the frames are available in a plethora of types. Hence, picking the one that suits you needs a challenging thing to do. However, to make things easier for you, we’ve compiled some of the most enticing frames to satisfy the needs of your most adventurous little monkeys.

The wooden climbing frames from Wickey StormFlyer

Give your kids the climbing experience, then do not miss out to consider these options. This product from Stormflyer comes with an attractive ship design. This, in turn, makes the product stand out from the crowd. Besides, the model has enough on board to keep a little pirate entertained for hours. Its unique design also nurtures their imagination. Apart from its sturdy construction from solid pressure-treated wood and a weatherproof tarpaulin, you’ll find two integrated sandpits inside. Additionally, there’s also a wavy slide that comes with a water connection and a rope ladder. Besides, there are also wobbly bridges that kids can also walk along to have fun. You can also find a belt swing and a lookout telescope.

The plum climbing frame with slide

A well-structured range of climbing frames is something that every parent wants to give their kids. And if you’re in search of such a model, then do not think twice to grab onto this model from Plum. With the 6ft slide, this model stands out from the crowd because of its simple and stylish design. It comes with a geometric frame that’s ideal for children above the age of three. The unique structure also makes sure to nurture cognitive and motor skills as they climb, swing and hand off the frames. Even though you can purchase standard climbing domes without the frills, we recommend you to go for this one that has a wooden platform with a blue slide.

The Clever Climber wooden climbing frames without swings from Fat Moose

Fat Moose offers you an infinite number of climbing frames variations. Many models from the brand come with slides, adaptable ladders, swings, and climbing walls that fit your garden area and suit your children. But among all this, this entry-level CleverClimber Club model is a great frame for little gymnasts. The product comes in easy-care solid timber. This ensures that your little ones have a safer play environment. Besides, your kids can use it to dangle on the net, conquer the climbing wall or climb up the wooden ladder. Remember, the product lacks a rope ladder. Also, it doesn’t come along with a LineUp climbing rope that allows your kids to balance and strengthen their muscles.

The Selwood Nova climbing frame with monkey bars

Before we get into this product, let’s mention here that this climbing frame from Nova doesn’t come with a cheap price tag. However, it’s certainly worth its higher cost. It keeps both toddlers and teenagers entertained and are built to last. The product comes with features like a double belt swing, one of which you can use as a baby seat. However, the best part is that it, later on, adapts itself as the child grows. The product also comes with a trapeze bar that entertains older children. Additionally, the product also comes with two slides – one straight and one tube. Both of them come in designs that are a step ahead at the end. This makes sure that your child lands on his feet, as opposed to his bottom.

Tips on how to buy Climbing Frames online

Climbing frames have a long-standing history, and to this day, it has that innate, magnetic draw for children. With their several varieties and numerous health benefits, we can confidently state that these frames are an excellent addition to anyone play yard or public playgrounds. However, you must pick the right one to ensure kids reap the maximum benefits from it. We have laid out below a few essential factors you need to consider when you head out to buy climbing frames online in UAE.

  • Know your space constraints – One of the first and foremost things you need to consider is the space or the location where you intend to place your climbing frames. So that you know, the frames come in different sizes. That’s why it’s essential to pick a model that best suits your space. For example, if you’re buying the frame for your backyard, then it’s best to pick a relatively smaller one as compared to the one you install in the public playgrounds.
  • Explore their types – The climbing frames have been evolving since the day of their inception. That’s precisely why you can find a plethora of their types today. From different styles, constructions, to materials and sizes, you can find a comprehensive collection of frames out there in the market. However, you should be aware of at least the trending ones on the market.
  • Check out the material – Just like their types; climbing frames come in different materials. Some of the common ones include wood, iron, metal and plastic. But, remember you must pick the one that best suits your weather conditions and the place where you intend to place them. For instance, if you want to place the frames indoors, you could certainly go for wooden or plastic ones.
  • See if it’s right for your kids – Choosing toys and playground equipment for kids isn’t an easy task. Each of them has a very different liking. Therefore, always makes sure that the frame you pick suits your kids liking. Besides, you also need to consider their age, as anything too big or small may not allow your kids to have maximum fun on the equipment.
  • Look out for the functionality – A perfect children’s climbing frame must exhibit a range of benefits. You could select a creative one with challenging structures for your kids to have maximum fun. For instance, there are many models that come with slides, swings, and monkey bars. We’ve seen a few in our earlier section. Also, think about what you want to achieve by buying your kids these frames.
  • Assess the quality – In the process of choosing the best frame for your kid, you must always consider quality. In other words, you should purchase a climbing frame that’ll last for a significant number of years. Also, the joints and installation process should make sure that the model you choose stays strong even for prolonged use. It should withstand harsh weather conditions too.
  • Consider their appearance – Well, be it in a playground or in your garden, the climbing frames that you choose must have designs that add beauty to your area. You should look for attractive colours, unique designs, and stylish models that attract the attention of your kids and fit the colours of your space alike.
  • Go for safe options – In many ways, the top priority still is the safety of the kids. Therefore, safety is one that you shouldn’t miss out to consider when you’re buying climbing frames for your children. Even though you cannot guarantee that a child will not fall when using the frame, but you can at least make sure that the product you buy has a safer structure and design that’ll not harm your kids.

With their sheer varieties, we can certainly say that there’s truly a climbing frame that fits all budgets, all gardens, and all children. So, whether you’re looking out for the frames to gift your kid, or looking out to just simply install them in a playground, you must be very careful while picking them. Hopefully, the above tips might help you get your perfect one in place.

Question & Answer

What is the climbing frame?

The climbing frame is essentially a structure that’s designed for kids to climb on and have fun. The equipment quite often includes a slide and swing too. Besides that, it’s also a playground staple. Not only that, but it also ensures kids of all ages and abilities enjoy and have fun in many different ways. In short, it’s a piece of versatile playground equipment that exhibits several benefits. Climbing frames are one of the fantastic ways of getting your child out of their sedentary lifestyle.

How to build children’s climbing frames?

Many a time you’d want to have a customised frame for your kids. The good news is that you can create one for yourself, provided that you have the right tools and equipment to do so. You must always start by creating a 3D model first. Several companies help you create one. Once you have the model, choose the material that you want to utilise to construct it. Once you have the raw materials and tools in place, you can start constructing them. Make sure that you build a sturdy one, as you do not want your kids to get hurt. Do not hesitate to take help from experts.

Where to buy children’s climbing frames?

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One of the good things about the times we’re living in is that children’s climbing frames are pretty affordable and in abundance. Besides, there are both cheap climbing frames to buy as well as the higher priced ones. You just need to be aware of these myriad options and possess a few tricks in hand to achieve the best buy. We believe this article has highlighted all that you need to do so.