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About Climbing Equipment

Whether 6 months or 50 years old, we are all drawn to some playing. Climbing is one of those activities that is exhilarating for all ages, especially kids. However, to enjoy tree or rock climbing the most, you need the best quality climbing equipment. Let us explore in detail.

The connection kids have with climbing is much more than curiosity. Skills like climbing help kids explore their environments as they grow. With the help of playground climbers, whether in rock, tree, or something else, children can do this activity safely and stimulate. Kids can have both physical as well as mental benefits out of climbing. Not just their fun pastime, it also supports their body and skill development. As they pull up their body weight, there is increased muscle tone and strength. They also develop hand-eye coordination with that. Rock climbing holds gloves, harness, rope, and helmet are important things to have, though. On this page, we will explore much more about climbing equipment so that you can do quick and hassle-free shopping.  

Things you need to know about climbing equipment

Climbing gears refer to the equipment or things needed for climbing. These are different for rock climbing, tree climbing, and other forms of climbing. Gloves, harness, holds, and shoes are some of the common things, though. Different elements have different functions. Climbing shoes, for example, are specially designed lightweight shoes. They have proper traction to grip footholds. The harness is important safety equipment that wraps around the climber’s waist and upper thighs. The helmet is another important safety gear that protects the climber’s head. Without gears, climbing can be an experience full of trouble for your kids. So, invest in quality ones that ensure not only safety but also easy climbing. Read on to know more details and some tips on finding the best climbing equipment to buy.

Climbing shoes

 One of the essential things, probably! Climbing shoes are necessary for any climber, be it a kid or an adult. They offer the necessary friction to the climber while climbing. Most of them are versatile, but your kid’s climbing place, technique, and shoe size would make differences in selection. Not every shoe is made equally. It should fit snugly but, at the same time, should not be very tight and painful. Too much free space in the shoe will lead to slipping inside the shoe. This will create a hurdle, and the kids may not use their feet to the fullest. It is not like walking shoes that you can comprise on; you have to walk but vertically. So, make sure you go for the best that supports your activity. 

Rock climbing harness 

It lies among the safety gears when it comes to climbing. The climbing your kid does decide the type of harness they will be needing. While choosing, you also need to keep the kid’s weight and comfort into consideration. The harness is a protective gear that wraps around the climber. Leg loops tightly fitted padded waist are some things to look for. Different kids may need different types. For example, if we talk about very young children, they have a relatively high centre of gravity. It is because of a larger head–to–torso ratio. They should be outfitted with a full-body harness. Make sure to get one that best fits the body of the kid. 

Climbing gloves & other mountain climbing gears

Other climbing gears include helmets, gloves, rope and much more. The helmet is of utmost importance for your kids to protect them from falls and rocks. You can find them in a variety of colours and sizes as per your requirements. Look for the one that best fits and is made up of tough material. Gloves, on the other hand, protect your skin from belays and rappels. Plus, they offer warmth in chilly weather. Another important gear is a rope. When your child is just starting, this equipment will be necessary.  Your selection depends upon where and what they are climbing. A belay device is also necessary to increase the friction on the rope.

Tips on how to buy Climbing Equipment online in Dubai

In today’s digital era, it is effortless to purchase almost anything. A wide range of options is accessible through online mediums. However, when it comes to buying climbing equipment, you have to narrow down your choices carefully. This is especially the case when you are not a frequent buyer. You might end up picking the wrong one without considering certain factors. So, here are some quick tips that will help you pick the right.

  • Know your requirements – Climbing equipment comprises a wide range of things. To explore the right category, you should know what you need. It will help you do quick shopping without wasting time on what you do not need.
  • Quality comes first – When it comes to kids, looking for quality should be your topmost priority. Everything you get should be of top quality. It would not only protect your kid from unforeseen accidents but also let them enjoy hassle-free climbing.
  • Go for good brands – One way of finding quality is to go for good brands. Some of the good brands operating in this domain are GM CLIMBING, NewDoar, Grip A Rock, Pranovo, Fusion Climb, and Escape Climbing. If you want to access their collections in one place, you can find them right here on
  • Shop for them online – shopping for them online is quick and hassle-free. You can get whatever you want with a few clicks. Moreover, you will get the product delivered at home. Not just that, you will save yourself from the market crowd and traffic.

Keep the above tips in mind while you buy climbing gears online for your kid. If you are wondering where to find the best collection, then the good news is that you are already in the right place. On, you can find a wide range of climbing equipment for sale ranging from gloves, shoes, and harnesses to helmets. Moreover, you can compare prices to find products falling in your budget. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get the best ones at affordable prices.

Question & Answer

What are the six most important pieces of equipment needed for climbing?

There are many climbing gears required for climbing. However, some of them are necessary—for example, helmets, climbing harnesses, shoes, locking carabiners, rope, and quickdraws. Different elements have different benefits and functions to offer. For example, the helmet is a key piece of equipment that protects you from rock and other objects falling from above, whereas gloves protect your skin from belays and rappels. Plus, they offer warmth in chilly weather.

What are the types of climbing?

There are many climbing activities one can indulge in. Bouldering, sports climbing, top-rope climbing, trad climbing, big wall climbing are some types. Sports climbing is a popular type of rock climbing. It is generally practised outdoors but has some similarities with gym climbing. On the other hand, Trad climbing involves placing your own anchor and protection on a natural wall. Big wall climbing is done on the super long and vertical multi-pitch route. However, not all are suitable for kids.

How much is climbing equipment?

It may range from few dollars to several hundred dollars depending upon the type of equipment you want and it’s brand. Different manufacturers rate their products differently. It would help if you tried a price comparison to find cheap climbing gears to buy. But keep in mind, when it comes to kids, you must look for safety aspects. Go for the one that has through all the quality checks. If you are looking for some quality options, then you are in the right place.

Where to buy climbing equipment online in the UAE?

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