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About Table Football Parts

When it comes to having a lot of fun, we mean that there’s no other game like foosball for both kids and adults alike. Nearly every person on earth loves a game of foosball. Being a game so dear to many, they also call it table football colloquially. Besides, it’s a game that’s hard to stop playing once you get your hands on it. However, continuous and vigorous activity on them can quickly wear out their parts, which is why, as owners of these tables, you need to replace them as soon as possible to keep your fun going. This article will look at the various table football parts that you need to be careful about and those that might need replacement. So read on!

We all know that playing the game with faulty parts would only spoil the entire experience. Besides, it also depletes the fun and the quality of the football table. Before we understand what football table parts you should replace, we should know the essential table football parts. Understanding this helps you get the right parts for the right table. Moreover, not all parts fit all kinds of football tables. Therefore, you ought to be careful while selecting them. We’ve compiled the essential table football parts in the next section to make things easier for you. These are also the parts that you may have to replace when you vigorously play on this play table .

The various table soccer parts and accessories to replace

Table football is an amalgamation of several parts, from simple table legs to lightings and spare parts. Putting all these together creates a perfect foosball table. However, as mentioned before, the recurrent use might require you to replace these parts. Fortunately for you, several manufacturers today are thoughtful enough to produce different football parts for various foosball tables. Not all of them are of equal quality. Some are always better than others. But before you replace the parts, you need to understand the various table football parts in detail to make the right pick. Below are the different table football parts in detail.

The foosball grips and wraps

The foosball grips are an essential part of the game. Only a comfortable grip makes your game smooth and easy. However, the table football part also wears out the first. Therefore, it’s best to replace it with nice and comfy wraps. Wrapping the handles of your rods is helpful, particularly during lengthy play sessions. The grips absorb the sweat produced in your palms and offer a firm hold onto the rods. You’ll find several types of wraps out there. Some common ones include grips made of plastic, wood, and rubber. As a rational choice, you should choose them as per your preference and comfort. By the way, you can also replace the rod handles, as many might find wooden handles to grip easily.

The foosball spare parts – bearings, punches and pins

Foosball manufacturers are pretty thoughtful and offer spare parts of high quality for your tables. Many foosball spare parts like the bearings might seem tricky to buy. Quite often, you end up thinking that even if the bearings are from a different brand, it might work just fine! However, that’s not the case. Buying the wrong bearing for your foosball table will not get you a smooth gliding motion while playing. This can significantly throw you off the game. It’s the same in the case of punches and pins. You can replace the pins in sets of 15 pins and one punch. You could also get a single pin if you’ve damaged only one.

The foosball replacement rods and bumpers

Replacing the rods of a foosball table can be quite a complex process, especially if you’re buying it for a high-end table. The foosball table owners need to know what to look for buying the rods and bumpers. For instance, some rods come in heavy materials that hinder the smoothness while playing. However, a lightweight rod helps the players move a lot quicker while making moves. That said, rod bumpers are also an essential table football part that damages the table quickly if you’re an aggressive player. They wear out over time, flake and dry out if you do not use the proper lubricant. It’s best to use silicone and not WD-40. The latter damages the rubber!

Other foosball replacement parts – balls, leg levellers, covers, scoring tools, and more

You’ll find several types and kinds of other table football replacement parts other than the ones mentioned above. One such item is the foosball table cover. High-end tables that cost more require extensive research for the replacement parts. Generally, many manufacturers supply the purchasers with the needed replacement parts like the foosball table ball, leg levellers, covers, and scoring tools. However, over time they too wear out and require replacement. If you’re an experienced foosball player, you’ll easily find the replacement parts online. However, if you’re a novice, you need to carefully consider the pros and cons of buying a part from a particular manufacturer.

Tips on how to buy Table Football Parts

You now know that a foosball comprises several parts and most of these parts might wear out after a while. Therefore, you should pick and keep the right table football parts ready for replacement. However, for that, you should know what to look for when you’re buying these spare parts. Fortunately, we’ve got your back. Here are a few useful tips that’ll help you to buy table football parts online in UAE effortlessly.

  • Know your requirement – Not all foosball parts might require replacement at once. Therefore, you need not buy all of the table football parts at once. Know your needs first. Which foosball table part do you want to replace? Asking this question to yourself before you start searching online, will help you get the right table football replacement part.
  • A bit of research helps – Research always plays a key role in successfully buying the right product. The more you know about the product the better it is. Try and understand the various aspects of these parts and the place from where you can get an authentic part. It’s also a great idea to list down top manufacturers. This makes your online purchase much easier.
  • Explore your options – Table football parts come in different materials, and from different brands and manufacturers. It’s best to explore your available options first before beginning your online search. Once you’re aware of the trending brands and models, then buying the perfect one isn’t difficult. Besides, it also helps you to narrow down your choices.
  • Consider the design – Every table football part comes in a different design and make. Therefore, it’s important to pick the right design that suits your foosball table overall design. Remember, a good part enhances the look and feel of the entire table. Just like that, pick the wrong one, and you’ll spoil the whole gaming experience.
  • Look at the compatibility – Every foosball table is different in terms of design, built, size, and quality. Therefore, the table football parts you buy should also match the table you have. This means you should always pick a part that’s compatible with your foosball table. Only then you can have a smooth game experience.
  • Go for high-quality products – Any substandard quality table football part will damage your tables and spoil your gaming time. Therefore, you should ensure that you buy the best quality table football parts available online. One of the best ways to ensure the quality is to buy them from top brands out there on the market.
  • Consider the price – Each table football part plays a different role, which means it also comes in different designs. Therefore, they come at distinct price tags too. You’ll find both expensive and cheap table football replacement parts Set aside a budget to make your buying process a breeze. You could also get table football parts for sale online in UAE if you’re a serious economiser.
  • Check out online reviews – Going through the online reviews are the best thing to do if you want to assess the performance of any table football part. Several foosball fanatics take time to pen down their experiences with the online bought parts. It’s always best to buy the parts that have maximum positive comments.

Whether you’re a novice or a professional foosball player, having a well-maintained foosball table is very important. You should periodically assess them and replace the parts where necessary. But, be sure of what quality parts you pick and from where. We hope the tips above will help you make pertinent replacements and ensure a longer lifespan of your tables.

Question & Answer

How to choose table football parts?

Choosing the table football parts isn’t as simple as it seems. You need to consider several factors while doing so.  Generally, it’s best to look out for their designs, compatibility, quality, price, and various types. Having these factors at the back of your mind while evaluating your choice helps you easily get your perfect foosball table parts. You can even compare different products and brands or read online reviews to validate your purchase. You can also watch some online videos to get a better grasp of the product and its features. All this will help you make the right choice most definitely.

Which are the best brands of table football replacement parts?

Several popular brands offer premium-quality table football parts online. Some brands that you can consider buying from include Garlando, Tornado, Billiard Evolution, and Brybelly. Moreover, choosing branded parts guarantees you performance and quality. The better the brand the higher the quality and durability of the table football replacement parts will be. You can find all these brands or even more on our shopping platform,

Where to buy table football parts online in UAE?

You’re lucky foosball players if you’re in UAE. Several online stores across the nation offer you a wide variety of table football parts from various brands. If you’re vigorously searching for a part, then do check out the options on too. Our product search engine brings you numerous table football parts from top brands across the globe. What’s more, you can buy them with just click from your favourite online stores.

A game of foosball is enjoyable only if it’s smooth and easy to play. As foosball table owners, you must ensure that the table is in the best condition for this to happen. You should conduct periodic assessments and replace any parts if necessary. We believe, this article has offered you adequate information on this. So, it’s now to shop for the parts that you require. Begin your search right here on! While you’re here, do also check out other toys you can buy for your toddlers.