Poker Tables

About Poker Tables

Which game would come on top of your mind when you are thinking of choices to spend a leisurely game night with your friends or family? Of course, it is poker. Playing poker is certainly the best choice only if you have a poker table.

As you already know, you can play poker in a few different styles. Each of them has its own rules and fun quotient. Probably the most popular style of poker is the Texas Hold ‘em. But one thing that all of them have in common is the poker table. If you have a good enough table, you can play any of them. While it is possible to play a crude version of poker without the use of a table, it is not going to be as entertaining. Unlike some other games in which a table is just an optional extra, a poker table is an intrinsic part of the poker game. This article will give you a basic understanding of the poker game and the table.

Everything you need to know about poker tables for you & your kids

Poker is a popular indoor game that can be played with multiple players. Usually, people visit the game centre in town to play it as it requires a huge space at home. But if you have a large space at home, then you can easily opt for it! You can get it in different materials, sizes, and shape according to your choice. It is the perfect way to enjoy yourself with your family and spend time with them. So, before you head to look for the best poker table for beginners, learn the other kinds of the same and enjoy hassle-free shopping experiences.

History of poker tables

Nobody knows for sure when people start playing poker. But we know that people in China used to play card games similar to modern-day poker even back in the tenth century. Some of those games are in existence even to this day. The most notable one of them is the game of Mahjong. Ancient Egyptians also played different variations of these games using swords, polo sticks and gold coins. But poker games as we know them today first came into being in fifteenth-century Europe. Poker became extremely popular among the masses when Microsoft started adding Solitaire games in their operating system and because of the James Bond movies.

Introduction to poker tabletops

Poker tables come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, quality, features, and, of course, prices. A professional poker table can cost hundreds and thousands of dirhams. On the other hand, you will also find a decent quality poker table for a few hundred dirhams as well. But which one you should get depends on a few things. First and foremost, think about how often you would be playing. If it is going to be only a few times in a year, then spending a lot of money on a table is not worth it. On the other hand, if you will be using it every other weekend, then it is okay to pay for a good quality mid-sized table.

Foldable poker tables

For some people, storage space comes at a premium. But if you are an experienced player who knows what they are doing, you can do quite well even with a foldable poker table. The only thing is that you have to spend a few minutes setting them up for the game night. There is enough space in it for cup holders and to store your chips. This table won’t be as large and as sturdy as a professional table, though. Regardless, you can play a game of cards without any trouble. You will be able to find some large tables as well if you are ready to pay a bit more.

Octagon poker tables

If a large group of people want to play on a single table that is not too large, an octagon poker table is a great option. Because of its unique shape, a group of up to eight people can play on this table at the same time. Even if they are all sitting at the table, the table is large enough for them to play comfortably. But that doesn’t mean you always need an octagon poker table for eight people to play. You can do so with a large square table as well. But the octagon table makes it more convenient in a tight space. You will also need eight chairs with this table that is not too big.

Tips on how to buy Poker Tables Online

Poker tables are one of the relatively expensive game setups out there. Therefore, you have to make sure that the table you are spending money on is worth the price and also, they are perfect for your needs. Even though it is essential to choose a table that meets all these qualities, in reality, it is easier said than done. In order to do that, you should know what to look for at a table. Here are a few tips that you can follow when you are shopping for them.

  • The size of the table – You will find a poker table that is the right size for you if you spend some time searching for it. There are also designs that will let you have the same comfort of a larger table even in a tighter space. If storage space is the issue for you, a foldable poker table can help.
  • The quality of the playing surface – The outer design of the table and the quality of the playing surface are two completely different things. The material of the playing surface also varies. More experienced players will find the speed felt playing surface to be better. Others will also like the soft touch of velvet and wool as well.
  • The durability of the table – Poker tables are relatively expensive as compared to other game tables. Therefore, you don’t want your table to fall apart after a few months or even a few years. They should last for a very long time to come. Don’t settle for poor tables for the sake of saving a few hundred dirhams.
  • The price of the poker table – The price of a full-fledged professional poker table can be 75,000 AED or above. But you probably do not need that. A consumer quality table that has the specifications of a professional table can cost around 15,000 to 30,000 AED. Most people wouldn’t need them either. You can get a budget-friendly kitchen table-sized poker table for around 500 AED.

You will find poker tables with armrests, which people who like a relaxed game would prefer, food tray holders, etc. While all these are nice features to have, you should make sure that the price of such a table falls within your budget range. Finally, you also need some find chairs as well to go with the table. So, browse to shop for all kinds of play tables for your children of all age groups. And explore the myriad collection of the same to select your preferred choice of items. So start shopping now!

Question & Answer

What is the best playing surface for a poker table?

Despite how good a table looks on the outside, it is the playing surface of the table that the players interact with. The cards should move smoothly without any resistance on a poker table. The felt should hold even if somebody spills some water over it. It should be easy to clean as well. Cheap felt ball up after a couple of uses. This will affect the appearance as well as the smoothness of the surface. Felts of poor-quality foldable tables will start curling up along the edge of the table. A good quality playing surface made of velvet or wool felt is the ideal option. Shop with us for all kinds of toys for children of all ages. We are the best Dubai search engine with 500+ brands and shops listed on our platform.

How many players can play at a poker table?

Up to ten people can play a game of poker at the same time if the table is large enough. But if there are more people than that, you can go for a multi-table poker game. You will need more than one table for that, though. But you should also consider the cost of setting up two poker tables as well. This can double the cost of your poker game. And another thing to consider when you are buying a table is the space availability. While it is true that up to ten people can play a game, these tables have to be quite large. Sometimes even larger than a normal dining table. An octagon table can save you space in this case.

Which poker table is better, round or octagon?

Octagon poker tables are great for eight people to play in a small space. But the downside is that if you have an odd number of players, say seven; then you will have to leave an open spot on the table. This will not drastically affect the gameplay, but leaving an empty space can be a little inconvenient. Round tables can solve this problem. But round tables are terrible at effectively utilising the available space. An oval table is a good enough compromise in that case. In the end, it is difficult to say that one table is better than the other and comes down to your personal preferences.