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About Multi-Activity Tables

Kids have wild ideas of all kinds and are interested in a variety of different things. Therefore, it is essential to help them develop their imagination and create an environment in which they can express their ideas properly. For young toddlers, multi-activity tables are a good place to start.

A children’s activity table is a must for young kids. Moreover, in order for them to make full use of the table, they will also need cute little chairs to go with it. Luckily, most of the time, both table and chairs come as a package. Activity tables look like a scaled-down version of a traditional dining table or a desk in several respects. So, just as It is difficult and tricky to select any piece of furniture, it is true for activity tables as well. There are certainly more varieties than you would imagine for an activity table. Read this article to find out more about them.

Four best multi-activity tables to buy

You should have a good understanding of the features of the activity tables and how kids would use them in order to select the right type of activity table for your kids. There are several different kinds of activity tables. There are tables for young toddlers that work similar to toys, and there are tables for older kids who would like to sit and work on their own. Here is a list of the four best multi-activity tables on the market right now. Even if you are not going to buy exactly these models, having an understanding of their features will help you make the right choice for your kid.

LeapFrog Learn and Groove table

This is a table kids would love to play with. Although it is from a famous toy brand, it is still affordable, nonetheless. It doesn’t feel cheap, and it has enough activity options and features on it that kids will not get bored too quickly. The tiny buttons and knobs on the tabletop are perfect for keeping them engaged and exploring. When these keys are pressed, the table will play different sound effects. This table is small enough so that it will not take up a lot of floor space and will be easy to put away when your kid finishes playing. It is also lightweight and easy to move around.

Melissa & Doug Activity Table

This beautiful little activity table from Melissa & Doug is a great choice for an activity table for kids who are around three to four years of age. It’s more peaceful and quieter than the LeapFrog table. As it doesn’t have flashing lights or music, it won’t be too distracting for other adults in the house. However, the table still manages to keep children engaged. It can help them develop skills, including fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as your tot turns, bounces, flips, swings, and slides the chunky wooden bits. Having eight different activity options, this table will give you the most bang for your bucks.

Baby Einstein Curiosity Table

This table will foster your little one’s creative abilities. This table includes a whiteboard that will help them to paint and be imaginative. At the same time, the table will also allow them to work on their fine motor skills with the gears, buttons, and other moveable objects on the table surface. In case you don’t want the whiteboard on the table, you can remove it easily. This way, you can make this table work from toddlers to preschoolers of different ages. This is a perfect table for more than one kids to play with at once because it has the middle partition. Furthermore, there are ample features to keep them occupied without fighting.

2 in 1 Kids Activity Table

This reasonably priced table comes with so many bells and whistles that your toddler will love. Moreover, it is a practical desk with a removable top that can also function as a drawing desk or easel, a cute chair that is ergonomic, Duplo or Legos boxes, and an awesome Leggo base to play on with those blocks. On this sturdy surface, kids can build an entire Duplo universe. With a little assistance from mom and dad, the kiddos can then turn this table into a drawing board effortlessly. So, basically, you are getting two types of tables for the price of one.

Tips on how to buy Multi-Activity Tables Online

At first, selecting a good activity table for your kid might not seem like a tricky thing to do. However, in reality, it can be a lot harder than you might think. This is because of the variety of activity tables that exist out there. Moreover, if you want your kids to really love the activity table that you are buying for them, selecting a random table is not going to help. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while you are shopping for multi-activity tables online.

  • Features – The best multi-activity tables are the ones with most features. Well, you can make that out from the name itself because the whole point of such tables is that they combine many functionalities into one kid-sized table. So, look for tables that combine many features into a small package that your kid can use. However, the table shouldn’t too be shabby with too many buttons either.
  • Size – When it comes to kids’ activity tables, the size is one of the primary concerns. Firstly, the size of the table should be suitable for the child. Your little one should be able to access the table without having to stretch too much. The table shouldn’t be too small, either for the kids’ age.
  • Storage – Multi-activity tables do not have storage features on themselves. But that is not what we are talking about here. You should think about how much space the table is going to take up and how you are going to store it. If you don’t have that much space in the house to leave the table on the floor all the time, look for foldable tables that you can put away in a cabinet or a cupboard.
  • Colours – Colours are important for children. That is why even activity tables tend to come in a variety of different colours. Try to choose a table that has the right set of colours than your kids will love. It is better to stay away from lighter colours because they tend to get dirty.

There are many other toys and play tables that will help your children develop their kids apart from multi-activity tables. These include model building kits, chemistry sets, model trains, dollhouses, dolls, plush toys, modelling clay, and play balls. You can find any of these easily using our shopping search engine. It will help you compare the prices and features of different products and pick the best ones among them. So, don’t forget to check out all the other amazing products from the Toys category.

Question & Answer

Which multi-activity table should you buy?

There are a few essential things to consider while buying an activity table. First, the age of the kid itself. The table you are buying should be appropriate for the age of the kid. The features shouldn’t be too complicated for them to figure out. Also, things that older kids find interesting might not be of any use for younger kids. After that, you also have to think about the price, durability, and size of the table. A bigger table is going to take up more space in your house and is going to be on the more expensive side.

How much is a multi-activity table?

Just like many other toys of its category, these tables come in a range of different prices. The most affordable ones among them begin at around fifty dirhams. But if you want to go for more expensive ones, there are tables that cost more than eight thousand dirhams. Depending on the price tag, the features, built quality, size, and brand of the table will differ. However, you might be able to find some cheap multi-activity tables if you spend some time looking for sales and offers.

Where to buy multi-activity tables online in the UAE?

Activity tables are one of the best gifts that you can give to a toddler. A good activity table should keep kids engaged and happy for quite a long time. It is not going to be something that they will forget about after a few minutes of initial excitement. Fortunately, there are plenty of places where you can find these tables in the UAE. But one of the best places to look for them is of course, It is incredibly easy to find them using our retail search engine. Moreover, you will be able to buy them for really affordable prices as well.

If you are looking to buy multi-activity tables online in the UAE, you are in the right place. There are more than 500 shops and brands offering them here on These shops offer products from popular brands like Melissa and Doug, Lego, Baby Einstein, and LeapFrog.