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It is hard to find a safe yet fun toy for young kids. There are so many things you have to think about before getting a toy for them. Are they safe? Are they playable for such young kids? etc. But bead tables can guarantee all of these for your young kids.

Bead tables have quite a few features that make them suitable for younger kids and toddlers. As they don’t have any loose parts that can come off, they don’t cause choking hazards. Even small kids can carry them around because of their lightweight and uncomplicated construction. And even though they are lightweight, the wide bases make them very stable and hard to knock over. There is no way kids, or even adults, can break them without using any tools. In short, bead tables combine all characteristics one would want in a kids toy. This article will tell you everything you need to know about them before purchasing.

Know all about the bead table toys for your kids

We can understand it’s a big job to engage your kid for a long time. But most important thing is to give them entertainment as well as education. Thus, with these bead tables, you can develop your kid’s coordination skills as well as engage them for hours. However, you need to keep in mind the age of your children while purchasing the best bead maze table for toddlers. Apart from that, you need to have detailed knowledge about the other kinds of this table to shop for the best. So, read about the varied kinds of bead play tables and tips to buy the right one.

Melissa and Doug Classic bead table maze

This is not too big or too small. This is perfect for young toddlers as they are sturdy and do not break easily. Because of their convenient size, they are easy for the kids to play with and also to store. But despite that, there are enough numbers of dips and curves for its size. The weightless construction of this toy makes it suitable for kids as young as one year of age. There are no loose parts that they can put inside their mouths either. The wide base of this maze table ensures that it has excellent stability as well. Older toddlers might find it a little too small for their tastes though.

Fat Brain Toys Bead Coaster

There is something inherently cute about those well-made toys that are also simple. This bead table is one of such toys. The major selling point of this toy is that among other bead tables that are of the same size and quality, this one is the most affordable of them all. The table and beads of this one are comparatively larger than the first one and therefore it is more suitable for kids of age two to four. There are suction cups on the bottom of this bead table. Kids cannot push it down the table once they have fixed it properly. This is an additional safety feature as it eliminates the risk of children dropping it on their feet.

Ever earth garden activity bead table

This toy offers more than just a bead maze. There is also an activity toy with additional features and fun activities that will keep the toddlers engaged for hours learning and exploring. The bead maze in this toy is on top of a hexagonal activity base. When you compare just the bead maze in this one, it will look a little unimpressive as compared to other dedicated bead tables. But that doesn’t mean it is any less fun. The built material is wood and on top of it, there are beautiful designs using natural, non-toxic pigments. This toy is not for babies as there are a few pieces that can come loose inside the activity box.

Hape Tunnel Mountain bead activity table

If your kid is too old to play with simple and small bead mazes, give him something that is impressive. The tunnel mountain bead table by Hape is simply epic. The quality of this is also on par with those mazes that you will find in a doctor’s office or a daycare centre. Because this bead table is larger than the normal ones, many children can play with it at the same time. It is not completely unsuitable for younger kids either. The material is non-toxic and there are no loose parts in it. But kids younger than two years of age might find it a bit difficult.

Tips on how to buy Bead Tables Online

Bead tables are a simple toy. Yet there are so many different kinds of them. This is great unless you are trying to find the right one for your kid out of thousands of them. This can be a bit overwhelming at first. However, that doesn’t mean it is impossible to find the perfect chair either. If you know what to look for in a bead table, selecting one is going to be really easy. Here are a few tips that you can follow when you are shopping for them.

  • Choose the size – The primary factor that decides if a bead table is suitable for your child or not is the size of the table itself. The toy should be easy for the kids to handle. That means bead tables that are too big are not ideal for younger kids.
  • Look for age recommendations – Make sure that the toy is appropriate for your child’s age. It is not difficult to figure that out as usually manufacturers themselves mention the age range of the toy on the packaging itself.
  • Check the material and durability – Most common materials for bead tables are plastic and wood. Of these, the wooden bead maze tables are more durable and also expensive for that reason. While plastic ones are much lighter than those made of wood, they are easily breakable. Especially considering the fact that there will be many thin parts in a bead table.
  • Look for the price – Another thing to consider is the cost of the table. While plastic ones are cheaper than wooden bead tables, they are considerably less durable. If you can push your budget a little further, it is better to get a high-quality wooden bead table.

The layout of bead tables varies greatly from model to model. Thus, you need to choose a bead table based on the size and complexity that will be more suitable for your kid’s age. However, you can choose as your default shopping browser for purchasing the unique design bead table for your kids. We have 500+ top-notch brands and shops allied with us. And you get to shop from the myriad collection of products from the play tables section. Hurry! Shop now!

Question & Answer

Are bead maze tables suitable for toddlers?

Kids do not have to know much to play with bead toys. In fact, there is no proper way to play with it. Depending on the child’s imagination and abilities, they will play with this toy in their own way. This is the beauty of bead tables. The way a twelve months old baby plays with it will be different from how a 2-year-old would. Therefore, the answer is yes, bead tables are suitable for toddlers. But older toddlers around the age of four sometimes would not find it interesting to play with them. But for kids between one year and 3 years of age, they are a great toy.

What are the benefits of playing with bead tables?

Bead tables are a fun and safe way for the kids to play and develop themselves at the same time. While may look like a bead maze is a simple insignificant toy that kids might not benefit from rather than having something to do, these toys can help kids improve in many ways. For one thing, they can improve the hand-eye coordination of the kids. For young kids who are yet learning to do delicate tasks, bead mazes provide the opportunity for that in a safe and kid-friendly way. And when they are pushing the beads along with the wire mazes, these beads transform into cars and buses in their imagination. The variety of shapes and colours of the beads will also help the kids.

What is the right way to play with a bead maze?

What makes bead mazes so versatile is the fact that there is no proper way to use them. This freedom that kids have is part of the fun. They can experiment with it whichever way they like. Some children imagine that the beads are the cars of a train and push them around on the wire maze. Other children would throw the beads as hard as they can to get them all the way across the spiralling loops of the maze. These possibilities make a bead maze a great toy for kids who haven’t reached kindergarten age. After that age, kids would like to play games with constraints that are more challenging.

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