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As a new parent, you must be making a lot of new choices for your children. Buying bottles, breastfeeding to car seats, strollers, and baby playmats are no exception. So, whether you call it to play mat, play gym or an activity gym, the idea is the same. It is a brightly coloured and interactive mat for your baby’s playtime. Moreover, it’s available in different sizes, shapes, and themes. Along with that, you get small toys to delight your little one.

The playmat is the most versatile baby product available on the market. It provides many important benefits to baby development like they can practise physical activities. And it develops social and creative development as well as communication skills. However, this play gym led your little ones to discover their independence quality, grasping, and reaching skills. Moreover, it is safe for newborn babies as well as babies of three to six months old. So, are you looking for playmats online in Dubai? Well, then you have chosen the right page to seek guidance. Read on.

Different types of baby play gym for toddler

This play gym mat provides a stimulating as well as an engaging environment for your little ones to play. Moreover, it has some unique features like small repositionable toys . However, it encourages striking and grabbing activity for your kid. And the large ring attachment on the mate allows toys to hang with the stroller or car set. You can also detach them for individual play. So, if you are looking to buy play mats online in the UAE, but before that, let’s learn about the different kinds of activity gym mate. To make your shopping easy and hassle-free.

Kids Floor Mats

The kid’s mats are a convenient solution for your cuddly baby, curious crawler and playful toddlers for play. It has a soft and safe area designed for them to play comfortably. Moreover, it’s like a rug for kids which you can put anywhere from nursery to room. However, this floor mat made of pull-apart tiles which made it great when you need to replace one of them. So, are you looking for cheap play mats to buy? Then, you can look for the best shopping site to experience the mind-blowing collection of products with the best price tag.

Foam Play Mats

It’s an extra-thick tile that provides a sloppier feel underfoot. And the best thing, it’s hard for your toddler to pull apart. Moreover, this leant edge makes hopping over the mat less likely. However, you will get enormous choices in colours and themes while you seek the best baby play mat for a playroom. Besides, it comes with a portable design and lightweight which makes it easily accessible. However, you can also customise your foam mat by choosing the tile size, colour, and graphics. And you can also clean with a damp cloth.

Baby Crawling Mats

If you are searching for a safe mat for your crawling baby to play and move around a space comfortably, then you can’t miss this crawling mat. It is basically like a cushioned cover that is placed on the floor. It provides your little one with a safe place to play, lie down, or have fun. Moreover, it’s for educational as well as entertaining purposes for your kid. So, are you seeking to buy play mats online in the UAE? Then, you can check out eminent brands’ stock. And they are Baby Care, Chenille Kraft, Cuddle Me, Fisher-Price, Intex, Konig Kids, Playgro, USTIDE, and much more.

Play Mat with Hanging Toys

This gym mat is fantastic and perfect for tummy time. Besides, it has hanging toys of soft and bright colours. While some have little teething rings for the baby to look at & reach. However, the rugs are available in bright colours and crisp patterns. And it has two different hooks for different heights. Thus, the best baby play mat has detachable hanging toys, colourful balls, and convenient size. Apart from that, it’s lightweight,  easy to arrange and make a crinkly sound to which the baby responds. You can use this mat for newborn babies to older babies.

Tips on how to buy Play Mats online

Parents always need to take care of their little ones. There is nothing more pleasing to watch your baby growing up and learning new skills in a safe and healthy environment. So, to create that safe learning environment for your infants, you should need a baby play mat. But it is a daunting task trying to find the ideal play gym mat for your little princess or prince. Moreover, there are so many fantastic products available that, at first glance, it’s challenging to know which one to buy. Thus, to help you out, we have compiled a list of factors to consider while looking to purchase play mats online in Dubai . So, now all you have to do is read them thoroughly, to experience hassle-free shopping.

  • Comfort- The first and foremost thing to look for is comfort while shopping for the play gym mats. However, make sure that the mats are well-padded for the baby to feel comfortable even if they are playing, crawling, or sleeping.
  • Thickness- The second foremost thing to consider is the thickness of the mats, as it determines the safety of your baby. However, the thick and soft cushion of the mat will protect your little one while they start crawling or stand up from falling.
  • Safety- Usually, the mats are made with a cushion. But before purchasing, you need to make sure that it’s thick enough to cushion your little one’s fall or when they stumble. However, a large size mate will enable you to play along with the child to enhance your bond with them.
  • Material- The play gym mat is safe to use for your baby if it made with non-toxic material. So, check the material before you purchase or else invest in the organic bay mat option. Moreover, check if the mat can withstand the rolling and jumping off your baby without being worn out.

To enhance the baby’s development and happiness, you have to use high-quality baby products. And play mats are one of the items that surely provides stimulation, learning power and other activities required as your baby needs. Thus, we determine that you will pick the right product with the help of the guidelines provided to you. So, start your shopping voyage with And scroll through the amazing collection of products of your choice. Plus, get exciting deals & discounts to spark up your shopping.

Question & Answer

Are play mats necessary?

Baby play gyms are a soft mat with two arches that support toys which dangle overhead. However, some of the gym mats have lights, music, baby-safe mirrors, tummy time pillows and a variety of textured materials. While others provide a simple, safe space for the baby to lay, look, and play. And your baby needs it as it develops cognitive benefit. However, it allows your baby to learn the basics of cause and effect. Moreover, between six weeks and four months, babies engage in primary circular reactions. It means they learn to repeat an action that they initially did by chance.

Which play mat is best for a baby?

Babies need stimulation as well as playtime to develop growing bodies and expanding brains. However, baby gym mats are great educational toys to be enjoyed by a baby of any age. And it is amazing when it comes to keeping babies entertained while introducing them to new sensory experiences at the same time. However, every toy declares to provide the best for children of all ages. But you can prefer Fisher-Price’s play mat. It provides a comfy spot for your baby to look around. Moreover, it also has music and 10 toys that can be removed to keep your infant from getting bored. However, it is easy to open, 100% recyclable, and less packaging waste. You can also check out the other popular brands. And they are Baby Care, Chenille Kraft, Cuddle Me, Intex, Konig Kids, Playgro, USTIDE, and much more.

Where to buy a play mat online in the UAE?

With so many different types of play mats options available online, it can be tricky to choose the best of all. However, baby activity mats can be a good source of distraction for the baby while you’re busy. Thus, when they start crawling or walking, then this mat will become the kid’s safe and comfortable spot to play. Therefore, you can’t compromise on their safety and material, when the question arises of purchasing a play gym mat for your little one. Thus, choose to shop at We are the best retail search engine with 500+ brands & shops allied with us. Thus, you explore the mind-boggling collection of products with the best deals in the market.

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