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Most of you still remember your first bicycle and those painful yet fun moments when learning to ride them! Allowing your kids to experience the same fun will give them joy and memories to look back to. That’s why the pedal bikes are so special. Indeed, they’ll get your kids out of that sofa and encourage them to explore the outdoors. But, there are many more benefits of cycling for kids apart from that. That said, we should warn you that getting good balance bikes for your kids takes more than just picking out the one you like. Luckily for you, today in this article, we shall look at everything you need to know about these balance bikes and the right ways to secure the best balance bike for older kids as well as for toddlers. Besides, you’ll also get to know a few useful tips on how to buy a balance bike online in UAE effortlessly.

Remember, pedal biking is not just for kids, but it’s also a great way to incorporate the entire family into maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Besides, it helps you build a strong bond with your kids. Apart from that, it helps your kids to develop and improve gross motor skills. The cycling exercise works on coordination, endurance, and strengthening. Aside from that, children who learn how to ride a bike also improve their communication and social skills. In addition, they also help children to develop self-confidence since they’ve accomplished and learned how to do something that they did not do before. In short, pedal bikes are a boon to anybody’s childhood. So, it’s time to look at a few of them that are trending in the market these days.

The best kids balance bike for toddlers and pre-schoolers

There’s no denying the fact that the world of kids bikes have turned upside down in the past decade. Training bikes are out, and the pedal bikes are in. You can also see a surge in small bikes with suspension forks and disc brakes for little rippers. Moreover, even basic bikes have evolved to make riding easier to learn and have more fun in a safe manner. However, to take advantage of these, you need to have the necessary knowledge about the models and types trending in the market today. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a few best ones among the wide variety of popular balance bikes for kids and toddlers. Keep reading to know more about them!

The best wooden balance bike

Wooden bikes always carry a classic, retro vibe that most parents and children tend to love. Many even choose wood over metal because of its eco-friendly, biodegradable, and sustainable nature. Whatever be your reason to choose the wooden pedal bike, you’ll find some great choices out there on the market today. One such excellent example is the wooden balance bike from Early Rider Classic or Lite. With bronze bolts, faux leather saddle, true air tires, and heated artwork, they’re true beauties. Moreover, thanks to their marine-grade glue treatment, the bicycle thrives in almost all weather conditions.

The radio flyer balance bike for late starters

One of the best among the larger pedal bikes, this model from Radio Flyer is great for kids getting a later start. Their unique build brings back the fond memories of your childhood when the balance bikes didn’t even exist! This model features a lot of pluses. It comes with a longer wheelbase that ensures greater stability for your kids when they ride. Apart from that, the product also comes with a quick-release seat post clamp. Moreover, thanks to their flat axle bolts, it gives the entire structure a sturdy and durable look. In short, the entire bicycle is indeed a great geometry for the price. Even people with a low budget can afford this.

The nimble and lightweight Cruzee balance bike for toddlers

The bike from Cruzee is the ultimate product for starting toddlers. If the appealing metallic anodised aluminium doesn’t grab your attention, then the fact that it has air tyres will. Besides, their lightweight nature of just 5lb, makes it worth the money you spend on them. These nimble and lightweight pedal bikes are a great choice for kids from 18 months to 4 years. Further focusing on simplicity, the manufacturers of Cruzee bikes have put quick-release clamps onto the bike. This makes it easy for your kids to adjust and adequately tighten the clamps. Besides, it also allows them to keep the handlebar and seat height securely in place.

The neon balance bike for steering and balancing

The balance bike comes with an advanced design that helps your kids learn and polish up the steering and balancing techniques. Besides, your child doesn’t need to worry about the pedals. And as parents, you must be well aware of the fact that by learning the balancing technique, your child also naturally improves coordination and gross motor skills early on. Well, all this also helps in increasing your kid’s confidence as they grow. As far as the features and concerned, this pedal bike offers your kids a smooth ride. All thanks to their comfy grips and durable rubber puncture-proof wheels. Apart from that, the product also features an adjustable seat and handlebar.

Tips on how to buy Pedal Bikes online

With a lot of choices out there, shopping for kids bikes can be confusing. For starters, you’ll see strange sizes when you check out the kids pedal bikes. Plus, many of the popular brands offer different options when compared to the adult cycles. And then there are more subtle options too. So take a deep breath and relax. Because we’ve listed all those important factors that you need to keep in mind while buying your balance bikes online. Check them out below.

  • Consider the weight – It’s always essential to consider your child’s weight against the bike before making your pick. Note, your bike’s weight must not be more than 32% of your little one’s weight. Anything above that may become too overwhelming for the rider. Therefore, pick a model that has a lightweight frame. Besides, the lightweight frame will allow you to easily store and carry the bicycle around.
  • Check out the wheels – Your child’s age and their level of experience play an essential role when it comes to the size of your pedal bikes For instance, the balance bikes for young riders of ages 2 to 3 years are comfortable on 10 to 12 inches tires. However, 24 inches wheels are perfect for 12-year-old kids. In short, make sure that the wheels on the balance bikes that you purchase are comfortable enough for your little ones.
  • Compare the hand Vs coaster brakes – You must always look out for varieties of brakes. For instance, the hand brakes feature brake levers on the left and right of the handlebar. But it requires more skills when compared to coaster brakes. However, foot brakes, on the other hand, require your child to backpedal to stop the bike. Given new riders naturally pedal both ways, these brakes may be quite annoying for them. Therefore, it is best to pick a hybrid for the best results.
  • Look out for the geometry – Whether a balance or a pedal bike, getting a good geometry on your child’s pedal bike ensures their safety and comfort while riding. Usually, a balanced bike must leave ample space between the seat and the handlebar. Moreover, an ideal pedal bike should have enough space for your child’s knees when pedalling. Besides, it also should allow your child to touch the ground with the tip of the toes when sitting on the saddle.
  • Gearing is necessary – Make sure to consider the gears when you’re buying the pedal bike for kids. But, remember, whether to buy single-gear or multiple-gear bikes depends on your child’s riding style and where they want to ride them. Usually, kids can easily ride a pedal bike with single-gear when compared to the multiple-geared ones. But, the multiple-geared bikes help your kids to ride on harder terrains and are best suited for experienced riders.
  • Assess the durability – Indeed, durability is paramount when it comes to pedal bikes. Your kid’s bike should be strong and sturdy enough to withstand all the harshness of initial learning days. Your kids will fall, hit walls and trees, and the bike should be ready for all this and more. For this, you must make sure that the bike guarantees you years of relentless service. Remember, bikes that come in steel or aluminium are sure to stay with you for long.

There you have it – everything that you need to consider to achieve a good buy. Remember, quality and price are essential when it comes to purchasing pedal bikes online. In short, getting your child the best pedal bike requires a bit of work, but it’s undoubtedly worth it. That’s because a perfect bike makes them confident, develops their motor skills, and also gives them memories that they shall love to tell later on. We hope that the above tips and the critical factors will help you to pick the ideal balance bikes for your kids effortlessly.

Question & Answer

How much does a kids balance bike cost?

The world of bicycles is an endless ocean of options. You’ll find conventional types as well as modern ones. Some come with advanced features while others limit to the basic ones. Either way, the bikes come at different price points. You can find a pedal bike for kids as high as AED 1000 or as low as AED350. To make things much more straightforward, a decent quality kid’s pedal bike for kid’s aged between 3-8 years old will cost you around AED 350 to AED 700. However, the final decision is always yours. Hence, it’s best to set a budget for yourself. Also, do try typing ‘balance bike for sale near me, if you want to find out some superior quality models at half the price.

What age do toddlers learn to ride a balance bike?

Riding a bike is a great exercise and also, a lot of fun. A tricycle is great for your toddler’s coordination and muscle strength. Learning to ride a pedal bike without the learning wheel is also an important milestone for your kids. You can usually teach your kids to ride the pedal bikes at around 3 to 8 years old, with an average of just over age 5. However, it also depends upon the pace with which your child is developing. Some kids are comfortable with bikes at an age of 3 while others learn late.

What size balance bike do I need for my kid?

The right size of the pedal bike is crucial for your comfort. Purchasing the wrong size could mean an awkward ride for your kid. Usually, the tiniest kid’s bike starts with 12-inch wheels, while the bigger ones go all the way up to 24-inch wheels. So, when your child is ready for a 26-inch bike, they’re ideally ready for an adult size bike. And kids from 2-3 years of age can ride a bike with 12-inch wheel size. Bikes come in various sizes. You should go for one as per the age of the kid.

Where to buy a pedal bike online?

Whether you want to get the best convertible balance bike or want to shop for a cheap balance bike for 3-year-olds, you’ll get to do all this on Indeed, our product search engine is your best companion when it comes to shopping for some of the top-rated balance bikes online. What’s more, you could shop some of the best quality pedal bikes from popular brands like Bixe, Chillafish, Chipmunk, Y Velo, Minnie Mouse, Joystar, Schwinn, Gomo, Avigo, and Sirocco. Apart from that, you can find various other toys , compare their prices from over 500 popular online stores.

With so many pedal bike options on the market, indeed, it can be confusing to figure out which ones are the best. We hope this blog tells you the crux of ‘how to pick your ideal pedal bike’ and helps you ease the dilemma regarding its purchase.

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