Model Building Trains

About Model Building Trains

If you are already looking for model train kits, the chances are that you don’t need much introduction to what they are. So many people around the world do model train building as a hobby. But why do they do this? Because they enjoy doing it.

Although it might look like a futile exercise to outsiders, there are reasons why people spend time building railroad models. Some people are fascinated by the locomotives and like to be a part of them. Others just love to create dramatic landscapes and like to complete the look by adding a train track and functioning tracks and trains to it. It is impossible to perfect the look of a suburban diorama without train tracks and the sound of a train engine whistling across it. This article will tell you all about this unique art of model train kits and tips that you can follow when you shop for train models and tracks.

A beginner’s guide to model train kits for your kids

Model train kits come in all shapes and forms. And so, do the tracks themselves. Although it is not rocket science, there are still a lot of things you need to know about them before you get started, which trains to choose, how to build the tracks, how to wire them, etc. Even though these things might not sound that important at first, in reality, one has to know about these in order to plan everything beforehand. In this article, you will find some really useful tips that you can follow while you are shopping for them.

Model train kits

Not all train models are the same. These days all of them run using electricity, though. The train tracks will have a power unit that you can recharge. When you place the train over it, the engine unit interprets the power and runs forward or backwards depending on the direction of the current. And based on the same principle, it can either slow down or speed up. Even though there are still train models that run on steam, they are hard to come by. And even if you manage to find them, they are going to be way more expensive than the electric ones.

Building model trains for beginners

This is, in fact, a common question among people who are interested in taking on the model building train hobby but are not quite sure where to start. But the answer is not that easy. One has to consider his level of interest, preferences, which theme of train models he likes the most, etc. Another factor to think about is how much space one has. The scale of the trained model should be based on his space availability. There are five different scales of model train kits. If you only have space for a small model, never should you get a bigger one than that as you will end up having to throw them away.

Steam engine train model kit

Why do steam engines turn so many heads even in this day and age? Well, it is a symbol of the bygone era. An era that the young generation of today has only witnessed in the movies. Therefore, when they see a model of it that they can really touch, they get excited. Steam engines used to be quite larger than today’s diesel and electric engines. They looked magnificent from up close. To make things even better, the engineers of those days also put a lot of effort into making it look good on the outside as well. You will be able to find some incredibly detailed steam engine train kits that will summon the perfection of the original steam engines.

Getting started with model building train kits

The first step to your train building journey is to find a perfect location to build it. Depending on your space availability and the layout of the area, you can decide which type of train set you can afford and which set of tracks will fit in the available area. Now, decide the theme of the model. Should it be an electric train, a diesel train, a freight carrier, or a vintage steam train? You decide. The next step is to buy the train models. Once you have everything in your hands, start building your private train network. You can lay down the tracks, run it through the hills, build bridges, and everything else. Finally, run the train over the tracks.

Tips on how to buy Model Train Kits

Possibilities are nearly unlimited when it comes to model train kits. You can customise everything down to the smallest detail however you wish. That level of flexibility also poses a problem for the newcomers to this hobby. The unlimited number of choices overwhelms them. But it is quite easy if you know what to look for. Here are a few tips that you can follow when you shop for them.

  • Choose the train theme – The history of trains is an interesting one. Every country in the world has followed their own style when it comes to building and operating trains. That’s why the world of model trains is also huge. You have quite a wide variety to choose from.
  • Select the fuel – These days, most of the model trains use electricity to run. They are simple. So, if you are a beginner, the best thing to do is to start out with the electric models, even if the train theme is vintage. Then there are models that use steam or gasoline to run. These models give more authenticity to your model.
  • Pick the gauge of the model – All train models are built to a scale. And depending on the gauge of the model, it can be either too small for you, too large, or just right. The smallest scale is the Z scale. They replicate the actual trains to a scale of 1:220. The largest of them is the G scale which follows a ratio of 1:22.5.
  • Look for your track layout – You can either make a track according to your taste using or use an all in one track that comes complete with ballast and all other control devices. But people who are more serious about their hobby always go for the custom tracks. The advantage of this is that you can use the available space more effectively to build the track.

The most interesting aspect of model building trains is they engage your children for a long time. Besides, it comes with interesting features like setting up stations, yards, and even LEGO people waiting for the trains at the station. Isn’t it good to have access to an unlimited variety of model building & structure models when you shop? So, if you are seeking a reliable online platform, then you can choose us. We are the best shopping search engine with 500+ renowned brands and shops allied with us. And you get to shop from the mind-blowing collection of toys of varied ranges and features. Don’t wait! Start shopping today!

Question & Answer

What is the best model train kits layout for small spaces?

The first thing to keep in mind when you are building tracks in small spaces is that your possibilities are limited. You cannot add many complications or diversions to the train tracks. But the best ones are those layouts that will let you get the most out of the available space. Beginners can go for a simple oval track that will require an area of 2×1 meters. You can build forks in the middle so that multiple trains can run on the track. More experienced hobbyists can add a few more ovals inside the simple oval track to make the experience more interesting. Some of the best brands are 4M, Lego, BRIKSMAX, Timberkits, Hape, and Hobbyboss.

How much voltage do model trains need to run?

Wiring the train models is not that complicated. All you have to do is to connect two wires to either track. When you keep the train on the track, the current will run through the train enabling it to run. The voltage requirement of the train models will vary, though. Bigger models will require a higher voltage to run. For the smallest models, usually, the required voltage will be 12 volts. For mid-range models, it increases up to eighteen volts. Larger train models are relatively much heavier than smaller ones. They will require anywhere from 22 to 25 volts to run. You can use a variable voltage power supply for this.

What is a DCC in model trains?

This is a more advanced method to supply power to the model trains. While simply connecting two wires to the train tracks will work, the DCC system, short for Digital Command Control, will let you have more control over the trains. But not all trains will support a DCC power system. In order for this to work, the trains should have a DCC decoder inside their engines. It is the decoder that helps in interpreting the digital signals and controls the movement of the train. But don’t go for a DCC system if you’re a newbie to the world of model trains because they are quite expensive.