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About Model Helicopter Kits

Helicopters are great fun for kids and adult hobbyists, whether it’s about military, civil or any sci-fi model. Fans of air stunts find their money’s worth in model building kits or model helicopter kits, especially those that produce incredible helicopter structures. You can also invest in ready-made model helicopters. Let us explore in detail. 

Model making is not just fun for your little kid but also adults and even-aged hobbyists. Fans find it extremely thrilling to assemble a variety of life-like kits. Like, rotor blades, sensors, cockpits and more into a functional aero machine. These model helicopter kits come with a detailed instruction book, following which you can click the model together effortlessly. However, model building kits for rotorcrafts may vary hugely based on difficulty level. Trainer models are the best RC helicopter building kits for beginners, whereas advanced levels are challenging for craft professionals. You can also find ready-made model helicopters that come in RC vehicles or simple models for decorative purposes. Let us explore more to find an appropriate set.

All about choosing an appropriate helicopter model building kit

Building a scale rotorcraft can be a dream of many, but they fail to decide what to build. Here enter the model helicopter kits through which you can scratch-build your own flying machines. Though, you need to follow some set of instructions. Whether you are a fan of military rotorcrafts or civil models, there is a wide variety to choose from. The parts can be plastic or die-cast, depending upon what characteristics you prefer. You can find a range of die-cast and plastic model helicopter building kits for sale in the market. Moreover, there are variations based on whether the final assembled model can actually fly or not. Read on to know about some of the most popular and robust styles.

Heavy lift helicopter building set

These sets are stuffed with life-like parts, authentic details and advanced capabilities. Kids especially building block fans, would love scratch building and playing with these heavy-lift rotorcrafts, featuring fine details and motorized functions. Let your kid indulge in the exciting features of heavy-lift models. Like, opening loading ramp, contra-rotating rotors, and cargo bay doors. Apart from the assembly, this kit also allows kids to append lighting, sound and motions to the final model. The size of the final model might vary as per the style you pick. But, it generally sticks to 9 inches high, 23 inches long, and 6 inches wide.

Army Eagle Attack Helicopter

Give wings to your kid’s army spirit by bringing this incredible set of army eagle attack helicopters home. It comes in hundreds of pieces containing rotating propellers, machine guns, little figurines of fighters and more. You kids can enjoy assembling intricated parts and overcoming various pretend challenges. The primary purpose of an eagle attack aircraft is to destroy overland threats and be air support for soldiers that are saving us. These models are not just interesting and fun but also develop life-long skills in your kids. Like, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, accepting challenges and more.

Huey Helicopter Model Building Kit

Hueys have been used for medevac, control and command air assaults or for transporting materials and personnel. Many are still in use as civilian as well as foreign military services. The best part is that there are various miniature models of these helicopters that people admire. What’s more thrilling is that you can find them in the form of a model building kit. Through this, you can bring your own air machine from scratch. Some model helicopter kits click together, whereas others might require detailed assembly of different parts. Like, cockpit, cabin, cabin doors, external stores, launchers and more.

Model helicopters

Model helicopters are miniature replicas of real-life helicopters. These are ready-made models, which means you do not have to assemble them. You can find them in the form of a toy and even an RC vehicle that operates through remote controllers. Some model helicopters must fit the ceiling or chandelier, and kids can have fun watching them rotating and whizzing. A remote controller controls others. Kids aged above 8 find such toys attractive, and they can spend hours playing with them. It improves their mobile coordination, enhances awareness, and at the same time, introduces the concept of responsibility. 

Tips on how to buy Model Helicopter Kits in Dubai

Model building is both fun and exciting activity. The best part is that you have got a wide array of models to choose from. Whether civil or military, the options can be extensive and overwhelming. For you to select an appropriate one, here are some tips. Go through the same for an appropriate pick.

  • Age group – Most brands recommend the age group suitable for the model building kits as many of them are difficult to assemble even by adults. Although, it is not the age but the skill level that is the real thing that should be considered. A beginner of any age will always find it challenging to assemble the helicopter set. But of course, with some practice, you will become more and more used to it. So, it is always recommended to choose the correct model building kit as per your poses’ skill level.
  • Interest and type of kits – Model building kits come in different shapes and dimensions. They may follow many life-like machines. Like, the real-life helicopters used in US Marine and Airforce of different countries. So, it’s the person’s interest based on which the models can be selected. Whether it is Army’s Eagle Attack, Rescue, or Huey helicopter, you can select any.
  • Flying feature – Although most of the rotorcrafts model building kits are only used as a drawing-room showpiece. But, some of them can even have a feature to fly. These models come with an electric motor and remote control. Therefore, if you are interested in showing your machine to the people sitting in your drawing room and all the people in the neighbourhood, this flying feature can really help you a lot.
  • The place to purchase from – Two factors rule selecting a place to buy these building kits, i.e. Pricing and catalogue. For Pricing, it is a well-known fact that online stores provide better Pricing. They generally have promotional events running throughout the year. Also, they are better as they have a wide variety with the ease of searching the required type of product. So, online stores seem to be a win-win option.

The above tips would steer you towards the right purchase. But, if you are not very sure of where to initiate the search, come to us in We boast a huge collection of model helicopter kits and other model buildings & structures kits offered by hundreds of trusted online stores on our product search engine. So, go ahead and find the best one while stock lasts.

Question & Answer

How do you make a flying model helicopter?

Making a flying model is a mindful task. If you would like to build them from scratch, you will require a broad set of parts, electronics items, and tools, along with 3 D modelling skills and aerodynamics. Alternatively, you can go for flying model building kits. Most RC model helicopter kits will take several hours to assemble and turn into a working machine. However, it also depends upon the builder’s experience level. Getting the help setup and electronics can take time, but following the building instructions are all you have to do.

Where to buy model helicopter kits online in the UAE?

You can buy model helicopter kits from any local toy store, mall or online marketplace. However, if you seek variety, you must go for the last option—online toys stores. Online stores typically boast a massive collection that you can browse through effortlessly. You even have an opportunity to switch between various collections with a few clicks. On, we have made it even easier by bringing together over 500 stores selling amazing kits online. So, go ahead and grab the best kit for your kid.

What is the best model helicopter building kit?

LEGO, Revell, COBI, STEM, Italeri, Academy Models, Brio, Hobby Boss, Playmobil, and Airfix are some of the best brands that release exciting model helicopter kits every once in a while. You can browse their whole collection right here and find exciting ranges of building sets from military and civil to sci-fi models. These models differ hugely based on various factors. Like, trainer models are the best RC helicopter building kits for beginners, whereas advanced levels are challenging for craft professionals.

How much does it cost to buy a model helicopter building?

Decent quality model building kits might start from around $100 and go up to several thousand dollars depending upon the material, construction and even brands. Due to a wide range of options, it can be overwhelming for you to find the best one under your budget. So, use the price comparison feature on to find the best ones as per your budget. You can also find ready-made model helicopters that come in RC vehicles or simple models for decorative purposes. Those may come at a lower price.