Model Building Animals

About Model Animal Kits

Animal models are an excellent way to explore your child’s creativity. At the same time, you can introduce them to other life forms on earth. They can start from blocks building kits and go up to figures like elephants, tigers, and lions with movable parts. So, let us explore more about the art of animal model building and model animal kits available in the market.

Model animal kits are much more than a play! They let your little kids explore their imagination, creativity, intelligence and event planning skills. At the same time, they nurture the parent-child relationship. Parents can assist their kids in arranging kits the right way in the quickest possible time. Animal model kits are not just toy sets but a whole educational kit. They make your children learn about animals that they see in real life. Also, the ones that are far from our reaches like lions, elephants, and more. If you buy zoo model building kits online, you will have a wide variety to choose from. They come in a wide array from paper puzzles to block building, wooden sets and DIY metal kits.

All about popular model animal kits

Model animal kits come in the form of little plastic building blocks that kids can stack together to form different animals. It is fun to see your kids using colourful blocks. This way, they can model animals like sheep, chickens, horses, cows and more. If you can sense your child’s interest building up, then you can move to higher models. These kits may comprise animal parts that have to assemble as per instructions. Sometimes, you can even make different animals through one set. Kits might even vary based on construction materials. It can range from plastic to wood and even stainless steel. Read on to know about some popular animal model kits you can choose from.

Mega Bloks animal modelling kits

Mega Blok’s animal kits are the most basic form of animal modelling. They typically come in the form of small eco-friendly ABS plastic blocks with an instruction book. They feature beautiful and loud colours to draw kids’ attention immediately. These pieces are stacked together through the interlocking mechanism so that nothing falls off in the process. Through block building, you can give your kids an opportunity to express their imagination. Also, this way, they learn skills like good discovery and motor skills. These beautifully designed colourful patterns in plastic construction offer a friendly and convenient experience.

3D plastic model kits of animals

Unlike building blocks, various model animal kits let your kid generate real 3D shapes of animals like lions, tigers, elephants, and more. If you shop for plastic model building animals online, you will get small pieces that have to club together to generate a particular shape. Your kids can assemble the parts, use their imagination and follow instructions for the model building & structures. They offer a bit better experience than block building as the final product looks realistic. Your kids can improve manual dexterity through these sets, get fine motor skills, and understand visual-spatial relationships.

3D wooden animals building model

Animal modelling through wooden parts is a bit tough and intricate process. These parts generally come attached on a wooden board. To start with the building process, you kids have to take out the parts and assemble them as per the instructions. Kids might need parents’ assistance to build up wooden models as they can seem to be complicated. However, they look amazingly well and better than any other models after building. It is easy to create complex structures like dinosaurs, frilled dragons, armadillos, hornbills and caiman using wooden model animal kits. If you want to buy wooden animal model building kits, you are in the right place.

Tips on how to buy Model Animal Kits in Dubai

A model building animal kit can be a fantastic pick for your kids. It stimulates their creativity, imagination, and intelligence. But, since they come in a wide variety, it can be a daunting experience for you to choose one. Some come in plastic building blocks, whereas others are meant for creating 3D lifelike models. There can be different construction materials, sizes, and styles to target different age groups. So, let us go through some guiding tips that would help you narrow down the options.

  • Recommended age – All the model building sets come with recommended age imprinted on them that should be considered. Kids of different age groups have different levels of understanding and skills. There can be extremely kid-friendly kits, like plastic building blocks, but on the other hand, wooden or stainless steel parts require experienced and intricate work. So, age is an important factor to focus on.
  • Construction – Model animal kits can come in various materials like plastic, rubber, wood and even stainless steel. Whichever material you pick, make sure it is genuine, kid-friendly, non-toxic and according to the age group. For example, stainless steel can be a tough material for toddlers. Apart from materials, choose a well-constructed structure with no sharp corners so that little hands do not get harmed.
  • 2D or 3D – Some paper-based or mega blocks animal model kits provide 2D results that can be good for learners. However, as your kid learns the concept, you can bring 3D modelling kits, maybe plastic, wooden or stainless steel.
  • Source of purchase – You can purchase model animal kits from any local toy store or online marketplaces. However, if you are looking for a variety, choose to order it online. Online stores generally boast a wider collection than brick shops. You can browse through the whole collection effortless. Furthermore, you can switch stores within seconds if you do not like a particular collection. A quick way is to log on to Shops. We have brought together over 500 trusted online stores selling animal modelling kits.

Now that you have gained information about various animal model building kits, you must be eager to purchase one. The good is that you are in the right place. Here at, we feature a huge collection of model animal kits offered by the industry’s best brands like Jekca, Alex, Lego, Timberkits, Melissa & Doug, Roebii, and 4M. If you feel overwhelmed with the options, you can use direct searching, price comparison and filters to narrow down the choices. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and have an amazing shopping experience ahead. Also, explore other exciting products under the model buildings & structures category.

Question & Answer

Are model building animals useful to kids?

Animal model building is useful for kids in several ways. They stimulate your kid’s imagination and develop some life-long skills like hand-eye coordination, problem-solving and manual dexterity. Your kids start understanding the visual-spatial relationship and get away to express their creativity freely. Moreover, they need to discover nature and other life forms on earth. So, model building is an interesting way to educate them about different animals.

Is model wildlife building good for children’s activities?

Model wildlife building is a great activity for children. It educates them about nature and different life forms on earth. Your kids can easily use their imagination and creativity to build animal models. This activity also inculcates various skills in your kid, such as hand-eye coordination and problem-solving. Model animal kits also nurture the parent-child relationship as children take their parent’s help to accomplish a particular task.

What are the best wildlife model building kits?

Jekca, Alex, Lego, Timberkits, Melissa & Doug, Roebii, and 4M are some of the best brands selling wildlife model building kits. Your choice for the best kit would also depend upon the age recommendations, construction and type of models you are looking for. Kits might even vary based on construction materials. It can range from plastic to wood and even stainless steel. Still, your choice depends upon the expert level and age of your child. So, consider these factors while choosing one.

Where to buy Model Building Animals online?

You can buy model animal kits from any local toy store, mall or online shop. However, you might not get as many varieties as you get on an online store in brick stores. So, choose to order your kit online. You can browse multiple stores quickly and narrow down your searches effortlessly using filters. An easy way is to log on to We are a product search engine boasting thousands of products offered by the best brands of the industry. Through our extensive collection of model buildings & structures, you can browse and narrow down your choices using filters. You can browse through multiple collections in one place and also compare prices offered by various sellers.