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About Children's Tablets

With such excellent kid’s electronic devices such as children’s tablets, they have the very best of things today! By helping them study well, gain inspiration and learn, such tools are convenient for teaching and learning for the little ones. 

Gone are those days of visiting cyber café to access a computer. Most homes back in the day didn’t even have a PC, and if they did, only the elders would access them. Schools too would have just one or two classes dedicated to learning about computers. This is all because back in the day, nobody thought that in the future computers would be doing so much! Everything from ordering groceries, having online meetings, working from home and helping with school and college projects, computers are everywhere. Once they came into the picture it was not far when tablets too made an introduction. Kids’ tablet is another stellar invention for your little humans. 

Types of children’s tablets 

With kids, the most crucial aspect that parents consider is providing knowledge. It is the only way to get smarter as they grow and realise the importance of things around them. To encourage their learning, schools are also coming up with creative means. Be it making them study outside, or teaching them through songs and videos, the possibilities are endless. Some parents encourage these strategies as it puts a fresh perspective on the age-old ways of learning. Kids are happier and want to learn more instead of being burdened by books. One remarkable way is to use special kids’ tablets to make the most of their learning times. This way, it is easy to get their attention to a unique way of learning and something to keep them occupied too. Here are a few of the different types of tablets that you can buy today.

Tablet with keyboard 

The kid’s tablet with a keyboard is excellent for those who go to school. Some learning institutions also have them as part of their learning mediums, restricting books to only some extent. It makes it easy and entertaining for the kids to learn this way. For the teacher, too, this method is excellent as they don’t have to spend time checking tests and developing questions on paper. Kids can use the tablets for examinations and other learning aspects. This makes it easy for both parties, also making it fun in the way. It is undoubtedly pricier than books, but it is a one-time investment. It saves a lot of time, ensures kids attention and helps teachers be more creative in their teachings. If the school doesn’t have it, parents can also use it at home to help their kids learn. 

Touch feature tablet 

This type of toddler tablet is also great for pre-school and mid-school students. Once they get the hang of using books, proceed to keyboard tablets and finally to the touch ones. Younger kids may find it a little tricky to use it for elaborate typing, so it’s best for other lessons. However, over time after use, it gets easier and kids will be able to use it much faster. For experiences such as learning and other skills, touch tablets work brilliantly. Make sure kids don’t use stained hands or play with water that can cause damage to the tablets. They are sensitive and teaching your kids how to use them carefully is also a lesson to consider before giving them to them.

Pre-loaded learning tablet 

This form of kids learning tablet is perfect for specific grades. If your kid is going to a school that is recognised, there are more chances they teach him from books and those lessons that are easy to find. At times like this, you can check for tablets that have the pre-loaded data and get those for your kids. You can put a new lesson each time. This way, your kid can easily pick up everything that is included in their syllabus without your assistance. No wonder the option is excellent for working parents, and some schools use it as well. Make sure you check for the best ones with lessons to match his or her curriculum. 

Music tablets for babies 

So why should your babies and toddler who haven’t started school yet be any far behind? The best type of learning tablet for toddlers is undoubtedly the one with music and other rhymes and poems. This one is low on visual or may not have it at all. So, all that you need to do is play it, and it will start with its pre-loaded set of songs and music. Kids will pick them up the more up play, and it’s ideal to stick to the same one for a few days, so it does not confuse them. Make sure you also spend time and recite or sing it with them, so it catches their attention better. It is a terrific way of encouraging your little ones to know words and learn even before they have started schooling.

Tips on how to buy Children's Tablets

Using tablets to teach your kids, whether it is at home or in school is a fresh approach to learning. You will find them more interested and curious about learning this way. It also saves time for the parent or teacher. You can also include your self-lessons in the tablets. Simply shoot a few on your phone and transfer them to the tablet using a computer. Your kid will love to have you around even when you are at work or busy, and this will boost their learning skills.

  • Check for the best online options – Make sure you take the right decision by ensuring you check online for kids tablets. It is undoubtedly the best way to purchase just about anything in this day and age. Along with making sure you have all your options in front of you, it also saves time, and you might end up with a great discount too!
  • Do your research and ask around – Make sure you also ask a few parents or connect with some teachers to see what has helped them. If you don’t find someone, checking for product reviews from previous buyers is also a great idea!
  • Check for screen protectors – With a pricey investment like this one, you also need to take some measures to keep it running for a long. Get a good screen and body protector. Also, teach your child to keep it on a chair or stool while watching and not in their hands or laps.
  • Teach your kids to use them wisely – Make sure you teach your kids to be responsible with the device. For babies, you could probably put a song or playlist and keep it at a distance. But considering toddlers know more, teach them the right way to sit with it, use and store it once they are done.
  • Don’t leave your child alone with the tablet – If you are not going to be home, keep the tablet away. If your kid uses the tablet when you’re not around, there might be a mishap because of overheating or some other issue. Give it to them only when you can keep an eye.
  • Insist on a warranty – With any electronic product, a warranty comes very handily. So, make sure to ask for it while buying it from the store. This is especially important when you will be using it for your kids learning. So, you are safe if any unforeseeable future damages occur.

You will love the way a learning tablet changes your kids’ routine. Don’t use it for games and other purposes, as the child can get addicted to it. Instead, send them to play or for a quick stroll with someone to get a break from learning. Also, it’s a good habit to get back to books every once in a while. Constant exposure can be harmful to the eyes. It is essential to take preventive steps if you find your child with itchy eyes or rubbing them constantly while watching.

Question & Answer

Which are the best android tablets for kids this year?

Kids love using tablets for learning, and as parents and teachers, it is your responsibility to aid them with the best ones today. However, since they are electronics, there is always the chance of it seeing irreparable damage and causing you to shell out more money to fix it. However, you can avoid this by teaching your kids the right manner to handle and use the tablets. Some of the best options today are – Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2, Leapfrog LeapPad Ultimate Ready for School Edition, Lenovo Tab E7 7-Inch 8GB Wi-Fi Tablet With Back Cover and the Kurio Tab Connect. Look out for exciting features that you think will make learning easy for your child. Parental control, light adjustment and being able to hold on a stick are only some of the many.

Which are the best children’s educational tablet applications today?

There are endless variants of educational tablets for toddlers available in the marketplace. However, if you have a tablet that is spare and you want to make it handy for your child, that is a possibility too. So, you don’t have to go in for a specific kids’ tablet, but you can get the right applications to make it handier. Most of them are free, however, paying a small fee for a good app is also not a bad idea. Check for those that match your kids’ age. Check out the best ones such as –, Code Hour, Duolingo, Star fall ABC’s, Swift Playgrounds, YouTube Kids, PBS Kids Games, Winky Think Logic Puzzles, Go Noodle Kids, DragonBox Algebra 5+, Thinking Blocks Multiplication, Awesome Eats by the Whole Foods Foundation, Endless Numbers and Bee-bot.

Are tablets bad for your toddler’s eyes?

Tablets work on the same medium, such as a television or mobile phone. If you spend long hours at a stretch on either, you end up with watering eyes, itchiness and other complaints. A child’s eyes are sensitive, so these factors affect them faster and more. The best thing is to restrict the time your child spends on the tablet. If you are worried that he might get glasses, you can use the tablet only with the sound factor, so he can keep learning without the visual. Push his learning more towards books, especially in the evenings. For morning and afternoons, letting them use the tablet for an hour is fine. Also, for kids that use tablets as part of their learning process, you could request the teacher to do the same.

Where can you buy mini-tablet for toddlers online in Dubai?

If you check online stores that specialise in kids electronics or a broad category of toy items, you are sure to find some fantastic choices. Dubai has some of the very best brands right here, from classy products designed to suit the needs of every child. Make sure you check out This terrific product search engine has more than 500+ online products under it. This means it is now easier than ever to make sure you have all the choices at the touch of a button!

Also check for a product from top brands such as Vtech, Wintouch, Samsung, Huawei, Kurio, Dragon Touch, Amazon Fire and iLife. Also, some of the top online stores the world trust to buy from.

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