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About Children's Computers

Computers are a fairly modern invention. It wasn’t until the early 2000s when computers became common household equipment. But that was two decades ago. These days there are children’s computers for kids as young as two years old.

Kids often love to use everything that they see the grownups using. They will tug at your smartphones and laptops. But you can put this tendency to good use with a children’s computer. They will teach your kids things that you struggle to teach them through fun and engaging games. They will learn about different colours, sounds, animals and birds. This will also let you work on your computer without your kids wanting to touch them. This article will tell you everything you need to know about them before you get one. There are also a few tips that you can use to choose the right toy computer for your kids.

The four best learning computers for kids

The thing about children’s computers is that they vary so much between the models. No two models of them are the same. And depending on what age group of kids it is aimed at, they vary in their features as well. Here is a list of the best toddler learning computers that you can buy for kids of different ages. Even if you are not buying exactly these products, having an understanding of the features of these models will help you figure out which features you want in yours. Towards the end, you will also find some useful tips that will help you differentiate between different products and buy the right one.

GeoSafari play laptop for kids

Although it doesn’t have a screen, this will make a great beginner laptop for kids who are as young as three years old. It comes packed with several learning games. Kids will be able to play trivia games based that will teach them animal names, fun science facts, and basic math. There will also be a bit of history and sports as well. If there are more than one kids, they can play together using the multiplayer mode as well. There is no problem even if they get bored with built-in games. You can expand the number of games on the computer using the activity cards that are included in the package. It is also possible to get more of them using the expansion pack.

Spider-Man Spider Smart Laptop

Here is something for the Spidey fans out there. But this laptop is not just for fun and games. It uses sound effects and dialogues from the movie to take the kids through the learning process. With a lot of reading and math games, it will keep your young tots engaged for hours on end. This is probably a great toy that will also teach your kids the spellings of various English words and improve their vocabulary. You can make customized learning schedules, as well. There are options if you want your children to learn a bit of Spanish too. There is a fun translation game to teach the kids some basic Spanish words.

Wall-E toddler learning computers

Most kids would have seen the innocent little robot from the famous Disney movie. They can also play with it now. The Wall E computer is a little too big than a toy laptop. The design had to accommodate the head and limbs of the cute robot. But the computer is still fun to use. The large eyes of the robot are also functional. The eyes can blink. And the robot will talk to kids in the voice of Wall-E. This computer can teach your kids the English alphabet, basic English words, and logic. It is perfectly suitable for kids who are older than four years old.

Batman Powerwing laptop

The major attraction of this children’s computer is its sleek and stylish design. While the laptop doesn’t have as many games as compared to the older laptops in the same category, kids will love it for the cool wings that pop out when they open the Batman laptop. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any fun learning games on it. Moreover, the learning games in this laptop has options to switch between English and Spanish. It also has a large screen. But this laptop is more geared towards the fun side rather than as a learning laptop. It is better suited for kids who are between the ages of five and eight.

Tips on how to buy Children's Computers

It can be quite overwhelming when you try to pick a computer for your toddler. There are so many models to choose from. Furthermore, you cannot use the same strategy that you use for a regular computer. But it is easy to choose the right one if you know what to look for. Here are some tips that you can follow when you are shopping for them.

  • Size of the computer – Kids should be able to use the computer without having any difficulty. If it is too large, they will have a hard time carrying it around. The size of the computer should not be too large for the kids to hold it properly.
  • Go for computers with the simple user interface – It should not be too hard for the kids to figure out how to use the computer. The user interface should be simple and easy to understand. But this also depends on the recommended age of the toy. Computers designed for older kids will have a little more complex menu and controls.
  • Features – Look at how many games does the computer offer, how many languages does it support, how long does the battery last, etc. You will also find kids laptops featuring characters from animated series and Disney movies. Some kids might like them better than a generic looking one.
  • Consider the age of the kid – The most important thing to think about while buying a toy is whether or not the toy is suitable for your kid’s age or not. Not all children’s computers are the same. While some of them are designed for three-year-old kids, others are for eight-year-olds. And there are huge differences between the two.

Although these toys are called children’s computers, they are not actually computers, nor do they run the Windows operating system. Some of them are simply kids’ entertainment devices. But you will also find children’s laptops that are more oriented towards educating toddlers about different topics as well. You can find all kinds of toys using our retail search engine . It will let you compare the prices and features of different products and pick the best ones among them. So, don’t forget to check out all the other amazing products from the Kid’s electronics category.

Question & Answer

Are children’s computers safe for kids?

There are no real safety issues even for a young toddler because of them using a toy laptop. Children’s laptops are lightweight and do not cause any harm even if they drop them on their feet. They also take extra measures like not allowing the use of earphones to avoid any potential danger. There is only one issue that some parents often complain about, i.e., sometimes kids might shut the lid of the flip laptop on their hands. But this won’t cause them any pain or injury. Over time, they will learn to remove their hands before closing the laptop lid.

Are children’s computers durable?

There is no doubt that kids are going to be really bad with their computers. It might fall on hard surfaces all the time, kids might trample over them, and who knows what. Usually children’s laptops are built for this. They have hard outer casing to protect it from braking and are waterproof to a certain degree. But once the kids reach four years of age, they will learn to take better care of their belongings. Therefore, children’s computers for four-year-Olds and above, otherwise called junior PCs, won’t be as durable as a computer for a 2-year-old or a 3-year-old.

At what age should a child get a toy computer?

You will find babies as young as six months. But the definition of a children’s computer varies greatly depending on age. While the laptop for a six months old baby will only resemble a computer in its shape. In all other aspects, it will be just a toy with some buttons on it. Children’s computers for two-year-Olds are a little more PC-like. It will have a small screen and will offer some simple games. Computers for four to six-year-olds are even more sophisticated. They might even have a mouse and a keyboard with a full set of keys.

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