Children'S Cd Players

About Children's CD Players

Everyone loves songs. But when it comes to kids, even more so. That’s why a children’s CD player can make a perfect gift for young toddlers. They are a great way to keep your kids engaged and happy for a long time.

CD players will make good toys for kids that are too young for iPods and or smartphones, especially young toddlers. They might find it hard to navigate the user interface of a smart device. For them, a basic children’s CD player that is rugged and is easy to use will be better. These toys do not cost as much as an iPod either. They will be able to survive longer in a toddler’s hands. Also, kids will find the bright colours and attractive designs of kids’ CD players more appealing. This article will tell you about the different types of CD players and the tips you can follow when you are shopping for them.

A beginner’s guide to the best children’s CD players

Even though all a CD player does is to play the tracks from a CD or a USB, when it comes to kids’ CD players, it is a totally different world. You will find quite a lot of them each varying in its design and features. This list will tell you the four best CD players that you can get for your kids. Even if you are not going to buy exactly these models, having an idea about the features that make these sets unique will be helpful while shopping. In this article, you will also find some tips that you can use while shopping for them online.

Sing-along kids’ CD player

This is more than simply a CD player. This one can also do the additional function of a portable karaoke machine as well. That’s something to get excited about if you are into singing. Sing along players are usually small in size and extremely portable. The circular design with bright colours is more suitable for younger kids. It gives you the option to either use it by either plugging it into an AC socket or using AAA batteries. Another great feature is that it can play tracks from USB drives and SD cards as well. The buttons on the top of the CD player can play/pause, skip and stop the tracks.

Hello Kitty toddler CD player

Everybody knows this famous brand for their extensive line of products. One thing they are good at is making toys that are pleasing to look at. Similarly, the Hello Kitty CD player looks stunning. The sound quality of this product is simply outstanding when you compare it to other products of the same category. Most of the hello kitty products are covered in a pink hue. The company follows a similar approach to this children’s CD player as well. The design and build quality of it is excellent. There is also a LED monitor on the front side as cherry as an icing on the cake.

Disney Frozen kids’ CD player with microphone

Another very compact and portable children’s CD player. Girls will love this more than boys as it is based on the famous Disney movie which is popular among young girls. Even the graphics on top of the player features Elsa and Anna, aka the Frozen sisters. The rugged construction means that it can take a lot of beating. Kids can use the small microphone that comes with the CD player to sing along with their favourite artists. If you are not travelling, this CD player can work by plugging it into the AC wall socket. That’s a desirable feature as you can avoid the trouble of changing the batteries when you are not travelling.

My Little Pony CD player

Kids’ CD players should be easy to use. It should be cute, have high built quality, and also be easy for the tots to carry around. My Little Pony CD players fare well in all these departments. Although it is not the lightest out there, it won’t be difficult to move it around the house or take it along with them on a car ride without any difficulty. The user interface is very well laid out and ideal for toddlers. Straighten up the tiny antenna on the backside of the player to tune into FM stations. So, you don’t have to worry even if you forgot to bring the CDs. There is no provision to plug in a headset or microphone in the player, though.

Tips on how to buy Children’s CD Players

It might feel overwhelming when you try to pick a CD player for your children. Not only are there so many different brands of them, but there are also as many different models and varieties among them. All of these factors make it a bit hard to find the right type of player for your kid. That being said, it is not impossible to do that either. It becomes easier if you know what factors to consider in them. Here are a few tips that you can follow when you are shopping for them.

  • Age of the kids – The CD player should suit the kid’s age. Because it is a toy and not a utility item, design and fancy features are more important than the actual working itself. The design of the player should be appropriate for your child’s age and tastes.
  • The durability of the player – Kid’s CD players is going to be handled roughly. They might fall a lot of time on hard surfaces, kids might pour water on it, and whatnot. The player should be rugged enough to hold to all these things. Also, look for waterproof CD players.
  • Easy to use – Anything that you get for children should be very easy to use. If it is too complicated for them to understand, they will not like it. Make sure that the user interface is easy to understand and simple to use.
  • The interests of the child – You will find CD players that feature cartoon and animated movie characters. If your children are into them, they might like a kid’s CD player with their favourite character featured on top of it rather than a generic CD player. You can ask them which character they like before making the purchase.

Choosing the right kind of CD player is important to make sure that your kids would like to play with them. Also, trivial things like colour, the character featured on the graphics, etc. will be important for them. Therefore, it is a good idea to sit with them while ordering online. However, you can find all kinds of toys for children at We are the best Dubai product finder with 500+ popular brands & shops allied with us. You can browse through a mind-blowing collection of kid’s electronics at a cheap price. So, start shopping today from brands like Tesco, Fisher-Price, Jensen, Hello Kitty, and IQ Toys.

Question & Answer

Do toddler cd players play real CDs?

Yes, most of the kids’ CD players do play regular CDs. but apart from that some of them will have additional features also. Because CDs are hard to come by these days, going for a kids’ CD player that can also play USBs and memory chips is a good idea. You will also find those players that have antennas on them. These models will have the additional feature that let the kids tune into FM stations as well. This is a great option to have because it is handy to have a feature that lets you listen to tracks other than the ones you have with you.

How much does it cost for children’s CD players?

They are not expensive toys! Rather, the price of a typical player would start from around 100 AED. But the price will go a little bit further depending on the quality and features. A sing-along CD player that will also double as a karaoke machine will cost you between 200 AED and 300 AED. The price of Hello Kitty kids’ CD player that also has a built-in FM tuner is less than 200 AED. Don’t go for the really cheap ones as they might be using cheap quality plastic. Always look for toys made from BPA free plastic to buy for your kids.

Are kids’ CD players still worth buying?

Although it might seem that functionally CD players are way inferior to an iPod or any other audio player that are easily available these days, both products are not comparable, nonetheless. It is true that traditional CD players have pretty much fallen into oblivion, the cute ones with bright colours are still a popular you for young kids. While it is electronic equipment that can play tracks from CDs, USBs, and memory cards, they are much more durable than a smartphone or any other similar gadget in a toddler’s hands.