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How do you find out if your child is a photographer waiting to bloom? Giving them an expensive digital camera is probably not a good idea. But there are kids’ cameras that are rugged, cheap and kid-friendly.

The best way to kindle your child’s interest in photography is to get them a camera that they can use however and whenever they want. Because the children’s cameras are specifically designed with young kids in mind, they will survive even in their hands. The construction of these cameras is rugged. They also are free of the complicated and hard to understand menus and options in a regular camera as kids need an easy to understand user interface. Some of them even have a waterproof outer casing. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the different models of kids’ cameras out there. There are also tips to help you choose the right one for your kid.

Different kinds of children’s cameras that your kids will love

Even though kids’ cameras are simple equipment, you will find several different features in them. They differ in size, design, image quality and price. There are also action cameras that can be used during sports activities. Here is a list of the four best cameras doe kids out of them all. Even if you are not going to buy exactly these models, having an understanding of the features of these cameras will help you figure out what features you should be looking for. In this article, you will also find some really useful tips that you can follow while you are shopping for them.

Vtech Kidizoom

Nobody will disagree with the fact that this camera has a great outward design. Even though this is a digital camera without a rolling shutter, the sound effects and the 2.4-inch LCD screen add a professional touch to it. The colour scheme of the camera is reminiscent of the Nickelodeon logo. Kids will love everything about this camera. In Addition to the main camera in the front, there is also a small selfie camera on the backside. Kids can play with 70 different image filters. It has a basic built-in image editor that lets the kids create collages without having to pull the images onto a computer. This camera can also record videos with sound.

Pellor digital kids’ waterproof camera

Adventurous kids need more than just a regular kid’s camera. If they want to go swimming and take photos of them swimming underwater, a waterproof camera is necessary. The Pellor camera can capture pictures from a depth of 3 meters below the water surface. It doesn’t require any additional rigging to make it waterproof. Being waterproof has the additional benefit of being dustproof as well. But the battery casing should be properly closed before taking it for the underwater photo shoot. The image quality out of this camera is surprisingly good for a kid’s camera. The rubber shell is sturdy and can sustain any fall from normal heights.

Drograce children’s camera

This is the most popular kids action camera out there. Except for the fact that it can only shoot in 1080p, everything else about it can rival a lower end action camera for adults. You will find them in bright basic colours, including pink, green, blue, and yellow. The most desirable feature of this camera is its size. Kids can easily handle them with only one hand and even mount them on their foreheads. The camera comes with a waterproofing case. If taking a camera to the pool is your thing, remember to put on the case, and you are safe to go up to 10 meters deep in the water. Apart from the camera itself, you will be able to find other accessories to use as well.

OurLife Kids camera

Another kids action camera is also waterproof. But this time, it can go to a depth of 30 meters into the water. There is no doubt that kids who love to do snorkelling, and diving will love this camera. The camera offers a decent resolution of 4 megapixels and can be rotated 180 degrees. That means it can function as a selfie camera too. Because it has a huge inbuilt storage, you can record videos in 30 frames per second HD for two hours straight. It also has some handy features like autofocus, face detection, and High Dynamic Range images. With HDR, you don’t have to worry about taking pictures in very bright conditions.

Tips on how to buy Children’s Cameras Online

You cannot use the same formula that you use for a DSLR camera when you choose a kid’s camera. The rules of selecting these cameras are very different from that of selecting a proper adult camera. That means you have to be aware of the methods that you have to use to find the right one. But choosing the right one is easy if you know what to look for. Here are a few tips that you can follow when you are shopping for kids’ cameras.

  • Size – While most of the DSLRs follow a standard size, kids cameras come in a lot of different size ranges. This is really helpful as the camera should fit in the hands of the children snugly so that they can use it without any difficulty.
  • The features – Kids cameras should have kid-friendly features. The user interface should be simple and easy to understand. The screen should be large and bright enough to see outside in the bright daylight. Moreover, they should be able to use the images later for their school projects or whatever it is.
  • Picture quality & zoom range – Although capturing mind-blowing images is not the primary purpose of children’s cameras, having a good enough picture quality is always a plus. The camera should also have a good zoom range.
  • Durability – In the end, it is a toy and kids are going to use it as a toy. The camera body should be strong enough to sustain multiple falls. If you think your kids are going to wet the camera, then make sure that you get a waterproof casing for them. If the camera itself is waterproof, then you have nothing to worry about.

These are some of the features which you need to keep in mind while shopping online. However, you need to make sure that kid’s cameras are coming with all necessary accessories. They are charging cables, batteries, and many more. However, if you are seeking to enjoy hassle-free shopping experiences, then browse We are the best shopping search engine with more than 500 eminent brands and shops allied with us. Thus, you explore a myriad collections of kids’ electronics at a cheap price and lots more. So, what are you waiting for? Shop now!

Question & Answer

Are children’s cameras rechargeable?

You will find both kids cameras with rechargeable batteries as well as replaceable ones. Kids cameras by popular manufacturers like Nikon, Canon, etc., come with rechargeable batteries. Although cameras replaceable batteries are a convenience as you don’t have to remember to plug in the camera every few hours before you use them, the cost of new batteries will add up fast. A new set of batteries in most kids’ cameras will only give you a few hours of recording time. Therefore, it is better to pay that little extra for cameras with rechargeable batteries to save money in the long run.

What should you do with the pictures that the kids take?

Those pictures are not going to be great. At least for the first few years. But that is to be expected as they are only figuring out how to use a camera. What is more important is to encourage them and to keep their spirits up. First of all, you should probably move all pictures to a computer. But there will be probably a lot of pictures. Help your child to find the best pictures among them and explain to him or her why some of his pictures are not good. This will help them improve the next time they will be using the camera.

How old should a child be to start using a camera?

There is no hard and fast rule to determine if your child is camera ready. A lot of it depends on the level of interest of the child itself. Generally, a four-year-old can figure out how to use and take care of a kid’s camera. But some kids might not find a camera to be a fun toy to play with. They would much rather prefer a toy car or a doll. But you can get an inexpensive toy camera for them as a gift to find out if they are interested in using them. If they display interest in it, you can also let them use a regular DSLR apart from their toy camera under strict supervision.

If you are looking to buy kids cameras online, look no further as you are in the right place! However, you will find anything from the best beginner cameras for a child to many cheap children’s digital cameras in  There are more than 500 shops and brands that offer toys for children of different ranges. Some of the popular brands are Argos, Tesco, Jessops, Nikon, Drograce, GoPro, and Fujifilm.

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