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Children love anything that involves water. In fact, they tend to play in the water for hours with or without the toy. Besides, we can certainly not deny the fact that one of the perfect ways to cool off during those blazing hot days is to spend some quality time lingering around the pool with your kids. Throw in some awesome inflatable water toys, and your ideal ‘vacay’ time at the pool is now picture-perfect. However, just like any other toy, choosing the pool toys too isn’t an easy task. Luckily for you, we’re going to discuss all that you need to know about picking out your perfect inflatable water toys.

Apart from the fun factor, many of these pool toys help your kids get the most out of them and improve their cognitive skills. And we all know that playing combined with learning makes children become healthier and more independent in the long run. Besides, as parents, you have to get the right toys to play with. And to do that, you need to be well aware of the various trending options out there in the market. Also, we must choose the right toys for your kids because they might serve as a learning foundation for them-through play. Well, in our next sections, we shall have a look at some top inflatable water toys and a few tips to keep in mind when you set out to buy outdoor water toys for toddlers.

The popular inflatable water toys to choose from

Inflatable water toys are excellent entertainment while you’re lounging around at the pool with your kids. These toys come in different designs, shapes, and orientations. For instance, you can find slides, kid’s toys, inflatable beach balls, and the list is endless. That’s precisely the reason why you need to analyse the best products you can order online. Understanding the best products and knowing their specs help you make a good investment without any hassle. Besides, getting a good inflatable water toy will serve as a great reward to both you and your kid. Well, keeping all this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of a few popular options that you can consider while buying the toys.

The tugboat inflatable water toys for babies

If you’re looking at getting a colourful pool toy for water play, then the ‘My First Tugboat’ from Green Toys is your best pick. Your toddlers can easily splash around the water with this inflatable tugboat when they’re in the pool or a bathtub. The best part about the product is that it comes in eco-friendly materials such as recycled plastic. Besides, it contains no BPA, PVCs or Phthalates. All this makes the product not only safe for you and your child but also reduces the greenhouse effect on the earth. Apart from that, the product comes with a wide spout. This enables your child to scoop out mud or pour water whenever necessary. Furthermore, it features a ladder, anchor, horns, & five windows.

The giant shoot ball basketball swimming pool outdoor water toy

Do you have kids who just love playing basketball? If yes, then there’s nothing better than the Swimline Giant Shootball Basketball Swimming Pool Game Toy you could get them. Your kids will definitely love this giant shoot ball. This inflatable water toy has a 45-inch hoop. This feature allows multiple players to play at a time due to the presence of various ports. Besides, the hoop and 36-inches by 45-inches ball come in extremely durable and flexible heavy-gauge vinyl. In short, it’s a game pool toy that uses the same concept as basic basketball. Players can shoot the ball into this giant floating hoop. This makes it an excellent sport to fine-tune your kid’s hand-eye coordination.

The baby swimming float toy

Letting your toddler float on the water is fun for both you and your kid, as long as you do it safely. Hence, an ideal pool float is essential. If you’re looking at getting one, then do not miss out to consider the baby pool float from Meland. The product not only ensures that your two-year-old kid floats on water but also makes sure that he/she has ample fun. These highly buoyant inflatable water toys have an opening swim ring for adults. This makes you have fun along with your babies. Besides, its diameter fits almost all body shapes. So, all one needs to do is to have more interactions with your kiddo and have fun in the pool.

The perfect inflatable pool slide

Keeping your kids happy during summers is now easy with the WOW world of sports slide inflatable water toys. It’s an incredible inflatable pool slide. It features inflatable side rails and some of the best and bright graphics that your kids will love. Besides, you can easily note your kids playing on them as you can spot the slider easily from afar. What’s more, the slider offers you great space, with its build of over 9 feet long and 6 feet wide and 4 feet tall. Furthermore, the product also offers you different kinds of uses and options. For instance, you can set it up as a playground on the water or use the two grommets on the side to tie it to your dock or use its zipper connection system. In short, it’s the best slider for families who have lots of kids.

Tips on how to buy Inflatable Water Toys online

Undoubtedly, a great inflatable water toy encourages water play. But, it’s also a fact that the product is so much more than just a toy. A really good water toy is educational, can start discussions, develops motor skills, builds bonds, creates connectivity, and is fun. But, finding a good water toy can be painful. That’s because you can find several types of inflatable water toys out there. We’ve compiled a few important points to keep in mind while you set out to buy inflatable water play toys for the lake, pool or bathtub online.

  • Consider your child’s age – Manufacturers of the inflatable water toys usually specify the minimum age of the user. And this is one of the best indicators of whether you should give these toys to your kids or not. Remember, not all toys are safe for every age. Some are safe for very small kids, while others can be dangerous. Because most often, the risk of choking of the toys is involved. Therefore, makes sure to always consider your babies age before you get them the inflatables.
  • Consider the materials – You can find the inflatable toys in different materials. However, the most common material used for making toys is PVC. It’s strong and durable. But, it’s not the perfect choice in terms of eco-friendliness. However, you must know that there are safer alternatives too. In short, no matter what material you choose, make sure that it has no BPA, phthalates, or other chemicals that can be hazardous to your child’s health.
  • Check out the safety features – When it comes to safety, it’s not just about the materials, but’s it’s about the designs too. The best products you choose shouldn’t come with any sharp edges or rough surfaces that can cause injury. Besides, you must be aware that safety also depends on the user. Therefore, make sure that you assess whether your child is of the right age and has the right skill to use them properly.
  • Look out for the size – The size can be more or less important depending on how you use the inflatable water toys. For instance, if you have a small kiddie pool in your backyard, then any large pool toy will be a misfit for space. But, luckily, most kid pool toys come in ideal sizes that you can use in any kind of environment. You can use them in large pools, small pools, beaches, or even your bathtub. Just make sure that it suits your kiddo’s needs.
  • Check out the ease of use – With the availability of different toy types, there are many things you can do in a pool. You can use them to play or learn and practice swimming techniques. However, this is also one of the reasons why you must always consider their ease of use. In other words, you must pick a product that you can easily inflate and set up on your pool, lake or bathtub. Plus, you must also be able to dismantle them easily.
  • Consider the construction & durability – Regardless of the type of water toy you get, you do not want it to break after a couple of uses. Therefore, the main thing you need to look at here is the quality of the product. It must come in high-quality and other sturdy materials that will not puncture or break that easily. Besides, the valves should be reliable so that the toy doesn’t deflate spontaneously. Therefore, look out for its construction and design to ensure high durability.
  • Look out for the maintenance & storage – It’s best to take good care of your product if you need them to last for long. In other words, proper maintenance increases longevity. For instance, you must always rinse them off with fresh water after using them. Similarly, if you have squishy toys, rinse them and then squeeze all the water out. Besides, you must always leave each product to air dry before you store them. We recommend that you do not keep them in the pool for a long time.

Best inflatable water toys are a great addition to your pool’s arsenal. Besides, they’re also essential for your kid’s growth. Therefore, it makes it very important for you as a parent to purchase quality products that suit your and your kid’s liking. We hope that the above tips and the cited models will help you pick your perfect one among the wide range of options out there in the market. After all, each parent wants their kids to be safe, have fun, and learn something new.

Question & Answer

How to repair inflatable water toys?

Usual wear and tear are apparent when it comes to inflatable water toys, as they’re lightweight. However, there’s nothing like finding a hole in your inflatable pool toy to ruin your fun. But fret not, a hole or a scratch, you can quickly repair them at your home. You just need to follow a few quick steps. First, you must identify the hole, then temporarily tape it. You then need to glue the hole and allow it to dry. The same goes for scratches. However, note if you have major tears, then it’s best to replace them.

How much are inflatable water slides toys?

With the advent of technology, you can today find several types of inflatable water toys, which includes slides as well. This is primarily why you can find them at different price points too. For instance, you can find inflatable slides at prices as low as AED 250 to as high as AED 2500. Therefore, it’s best to set a budget for yourself to make sure that you pick the ones that best suit your and your kid’s liking.

What is the best inflatable water toys?

Every other person has a different definition of the word ‘best’. Simply put, the inflatable water toys that suit your liking might not sit right for others and vice versa. However, there’s one thing that stays common, and that’s the quality of the product. You must always make sure that you go for quality products to obtain maximum fun. And the easiest way to ensure that you have a quality product is to get them from popular brands. Some of the notable names when it comes to inflatable toys are Melissa & Doug, Intex, Kleeger, Bestway, Speedo, Nike Swim, Tchibo, and Sunnylife.

Where to buy inflatable pool toys in Dubai?

A credible platform is a must to get the right kind of products. Well, if you’re in search of such a platform to check out the variety of inflatable water slides to purchase or to buy giant inflatable water toys for sale is your best choice. From swan inflatable pool toys to numerous other toys, you can find them all here on our product search engine. What’s more, you can explore various options, compare prices of this product from popular online stores like.

Kids love water toys, and so do adults. Indeed, playing in the water is fun, but only if you have the right toy to play with. The best inflatable water toys are a combination of fun and education. You’ll love watching your kids play with these toys as they grow up. But make sure you get the one that fits your kid’s liking. We hope this article will guide you in the right direction while you’re out hunting down the perfect model.

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