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About Go-karts

Kids have an unbelievable amount of energy, so why spoil it on mobile screens or LEDs. There is a wide range of outdoor activities your little kid would be thrilled about. One of them is Go-karting which is not just fast and fun but also an excellent exercise for kids. 

At the tender ages, your kids may love building models, doctor sets and toy guns, but as they grow up, they start liking real challenges and thrilling activities. That’s how go karting comes in the picture! Go-karts are open-wheeled cars that come in various size, shapes, and colours. They can have pedals or motors for smooth and fast running. Go-karting is a thrilling activity that both children and adults love. It is fun, speedy and safe! So, if you are considering it for your kid, let us explore some crucial details on various types of karts you can choose from.

Popular types of go-karts to choose from

Go-karts have four wheels and a low centre of gravity. They are closer to the ground in comparison to any other four-wheeled vehicle. You can find them in various constructions ranging from pedal and off-road to their electric counterparts. Karts can also differ based on their capabilities to go on grass, dirt and paved terrain. Most of them require some kind of assembly after purchasing. Roll bars, front guards, and wheels are some of the typical parts that you might have to assemble, but that’s for sure easy. You can also find karts with different capacities. For example, buy go-karts with four seats if your kid has siblings or friends. On this page, we are going to unveil everything you need to know about go-karts so that you can purchase an appropriate one for your kid. 

Mini go-kart with pedals

Pedal karts typically come with pedals and an adjustable seat that adjusts according to the growth of your child. These karts resemble regular bicycles in some ways. They do not have motors and hence completely powered by the rider. Pedal karts are apt for small kids or beginners who have not experienced go-karting ever before. As the whole operation relies on the rider’s feet, he/she has got the complete control of speed. Surely, they would not go too fast and hence no chances of collisions. Continuous pedalling also promotes excellent and consistent exercise.  

Fast electric go-kart

As the name suggests, electric go-karts are battery-powered. They can go fast without putting in much effort. However, such karts are good for kids above eight as they require the right amount of experience in riding. They come with an electric motor and battery, solid rubber tires, seatbelts and durable frames. The speed of electric go-karts may vary as per the power and construction, but you can expect it to be around 9 miles/ hour up to 20 miles/hour. You have to charge them for about 8 hours (lesser or more, depending on the model) after every use. 

Gas-powered off-road go-kart

Gas-powered go karts are generally an excellent suit for off the road go-karting. The engine of a gas-filled go-kart is larger than that of the pedal or electric karts. Such karts have an engine and transmission that require some experience to drive. Most of the gas go-karts have a sitting capacity of 2, so anyone can accompany your kid, maybe a sibling for a friend. However, it’s high maintenance as you have to take gas or fuel for it. They can be expensive and a bit dangerous for little kids. So, choose it only if you want to buy go-karts for adults. 

Tips for purchasing Go-Karts in Dubai

Go-karts are fast and fun! So, finding the best one for your kids would encourage them to stay outdoors and indulge in fun and healthy activities. Due to a wide range of options out there, it can be overwhelming for you to select an appropriate one. They may vary as per their construction, operation and safety aspects. So, here are some guiding tips that would help you find the best go-kart in lesser time.

  • Age of your child– Go-kart is not just a toy but a whole vehicle that can be fun but at the same time, dangerous for your little kid. So, age is an important consideration here. Each kart brand provides an age recommendation that you should consider. Paddle go-kart is suitable for kids aged between 4-8 whereas, for the age of 8 and above, you can bring an electric kart. Lastly, gas karts should be reserved for just adults.
  • Type of go-kart– There are three primary type of go-karts- paddle, electric and gas go-karts. The one with a paddle is entirely rider powered whereas electric and gas run on motor and fuel respectively. The paddle is suitable for beginners, and gradually they can be promoted to electric counterparts. Gas-powered karts are bit expensive and require a lot of riding experience.
  • Capacity– Paddle and electric karts generally come with a single-seat, but gas-powered go-karts can have two seats in which a passenger can be tagged along for off-road experiences. So, if your child has sibling or friends, you can consider multiple seating models.
  • Source of purchase– Purchasing a go-kart is a costlier affair than other toys like building models, doctor sets and juggling balls. So, you have to make sure you select a store that has the best collection and quality products. You can buy go-karts from a mall, local toy store or online shops. However, you will find a variety if you consider online stores. Moreover, you can switch through multiple stores with few clicks.

Considering the above tips would help you select an appropriate go-kart for your little one. If you are having a hard time finding a good store, log on to On our product search engine, you will find an extensive collection of go-karts offered by popular brands of the industry like Hauck, BERG Toys, Razo, Costzon, Coleman, Rotax, Tony Kart, Birel Art, and CRG Kart. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab the best pieces while stock lasts. Also, find cheap kid go karts for sale if you have budget restrictions.

Question & Answer

Are go-karts electric?

All the go-karts are not electric. An electric go-kart is a type of go-kart that comes with an electric motor and battery. You have to charge their battery to operate them. You can save your kids from tiring legs by considering an electric kart for them. However, they are not apt for kids aged below 8.

Will a go-kart fit in a car?

Pedal and electric go karts with a compact and sleek frame can fit into a car, but people do not prefer putting a gas-powered kart in a vehicle. They are heavy and have got a hard frame that may either not fit only or can harm your car even if fitted forcefully.

Can go-karting be dangerous?

Go-karts are not dangerous if you keep all the safety aspects in mind. Low-speed carts usually around 9 mph are excellent for young kids. If your kid follows safety rules and wears all the safety gears like helmet, gloves, karting shoes and seat belt, then karts are safe. If you are purchasing a go-kart for your kid, check pedals, seat, harness, wheels, and other components to ensure safety.

How fast are go-karts?

The speed of go-karts can vary from 2mph to 40mph depending upon the power and construction of the kart. A kart with low-speed limit is apt for kids as it saves them from collisions and accidents.

Where to buy go-kart in Dubai?

You can buy go-karts from any local toy store, mall or online marketplaces. However, in local stores, you might not find as many varieties as you can get on online stores. So, order your go-kart online where you also have an opportunity to switch among various stores by a few clicks. We have made it even easier at On our website, you can find over 500 trusted online stores that sells go-karts at affordable prices.

Now that you have gathered a lot of information about go-karts for kids, you must be eager to get one right away. Well, the best part is that you do not have to move anywhere else. Right here at, you can find a vast collection of go-karts ranging from the paddle, electric and gas-powered karts to racing go-karts for sale. Also, find indoor electric go-karts for sale here. If you are overwhelmed with the number of options, you can narrow them down with the help of features like price comparison, filters, and direct searching. You can even jump to our customer testimonial section to know the experiences of our existing customers. So, go ahead! Hope above guide steer you towards the right purchase.