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Chemistry is an essential part of our everyday life. No wonder its teachings have always been a vital part of our school life. For kids today, chemistry sets are perfect for piquing their interest in the topic while always ensuring it‘s fresh and exciting.

This branch of science helps us understand the minute aspects of how the composition and combination of the most trivial elements affect one another. When it comes to learning, it is never too late! However, when the curiosity sparks when you are a kid, it just lasts much longer. The hunger to discover new things and learn how some things can have a good or bad effect is very important. This is how the various branches of science work. However, they are all prominent from multiple points of view. Biology teaches about the human body, its functions and all the things you can decipher from the outside. Physics is all about motion, matter, space and energy. Lastly comes chemistry, which is the best way of understanding atoms, molecules and ions. Let us explore various chemistry kits you can get for your kids.

Different types of chemistry set that you can get for kids today.

Kids are always hungry for more knowledge, and as parents, it is essential to feed their needs. You never know which little thing can spark a curiosity that later develops into a passion and a career for them. If they are inclined towards science, then opening up about its different branches is one way to begin while some love to learn about how the human body functions, others lean more towards the chemical aspect of things. It’s all about their natural desire for certain things and their own calling out of interest. Today, kids as young as those who attend pre-school can quickly gain a fondness for science. It is a great idea to invest in chemistry kits to help them learn more and hopefully help them shape their careers.

Play kits for kids

It can be surprising, but you can now buy a chemistry set for kids even when they are toddlers. These are made of plastic and are just like toy replicas of the original ones. So, you can probably find beakers, test tubes and dishes that are for kids. You can teach your kids how to hold and use them. Use food ingredients like raw rice and beans as substitutes for chemicals. You can use water in the test tubes as a mock for liquids. There are many ways to have fun, even with fake sets. Make sure you add a learning edge to their experiences by using the names of chemicals and their symbols. The periodic table is the basis of chemistry, and you can make them go through it to help grasp the names quickly. It‘s then more comfortable to play with elements.

Chemistry lab kids for teenagers

When it comes to teenagers, there are good chances they have already started chemistry at school. Those who like it will love to do some home experiments for new knowledge. In such cases, buying chemistry lab kits for your teenagers is ideal. These chemistry kits don‘t have any chemicals as part of the package but have substitute products that work well. You can also ask the school to allow them some more time in the labs for conducting experiments. However, it all depends on how safe it is, and most schools don‘t let the student practise alone because it can be life-threatening. The best thing is these home kits in that case since they are exact and easy to use too. Let your kids choose the best options from those available.

Advanced chemistry kits

Perfect for those who are studying chemistry in college, advanced chemistry sets are a terrific choice! Most of these contain actually ingredients or even equipment that you need to use with caution. So, it’s as you would in a lab and is best suited for professionals. To be safe, one can ask a professor at the school to grant permission to practise in the official lab. This is a more reliable choice than risking it at home, where space is much smaller. There are several different choices of these lab kits too, and it all comes down to your preference. As a parent, you can choose to participate, help and make their learning more accessible. It is exciting and also gives you time to bond with your child.

Electrochemistry kits

In the simplest terms, the study between chemical change and electricity is called electrochemistry. There are several fantastic electrochemistry kits today that kids can experiment with. This is a slightly different branch of science, which is also very fascinating. If your kid has taken a liking to it, then it‘s the best thing to check for these kits. A lot of different types of such packages exist today – from beginners to professionals and more. Some schools might also have these in their syllabus to try out some experiments at school. This is not the right thing for kids and toddlers, but mainly for teens and college students. No matter the age, learning from the book compared to practical is a much safer choice when they are by themselves.

Tips on how to buy Chemistry Boxes

There could not have been a better time than today for the ones who have taken a liking to practise chemistry. The internet is full of all kinds of chemistry sets and boxes. There are meant for kids and adults, pre-teens and beginners. The best thing is you no longer need to find a lab to do them, as they are safe for home use. With a good study, you can nail the best chemistry kit for your kid. Here are some choices to make your buying process easy.

  • Determine the age group – It is essential to pick something that works well for your kid. So, make sure you determine the best one by adding an age group filter. This is also one way of keeping them out of danger, and they can practise safely.
  • Check the instructions and hazards – Read the instructions and see the requirements. If you don‘t have the additional supplies that the kit requires, perhaps borrow them. You should also check if there are any safety hazards mentioned and then choose the right one.
  • Don‘t practise alone – If you are buying it for your kid and it does include actual experiments and its supplies, make sure they are not alone. Always keep a watchful eye or have them do it with another adult who can also assist them.
  • Keep safety supplies at close reach – You can never be too prepared, so always have a fire extinguisher, water and other essentials in the room they are practising. Ideally, they should use an ample open space like a garage or a spare room.
  • Check for group practise kits – Along with it being fun, group kits are perfect to bond over, and there is more learning. Not to say, it is safer this way than doing it alone. So, if your kid has friends who love chemistry too, check for sets they can use together.
  • Buy online – Buying chemistry kits online makes it easy to choose the right one from among so many options. If your kid is older, you can ask them to look and go for something of their liking. You can check for natural chemistry sets for teenagers, kids and adults.

A chemistry teacher or professor would be happy to help with a few ideas. Some kits are expensive, and buying new ones can mean a wallet crunch. However, with chemistry, you can buy a lot of the ingredients in your kitchen or in a local store. After that, it all depends on the user‘s creativity and skills to make it work. There are also some terrific choices for organic chemistry model kits that both adults and teenagers can use.

Question & Answer

Which are the best chemistry sets for 6-year-olds?

A good chemistry set can keep your little one busy for hours. The ones for toddlers are entirely safe and don‘t have any breakable or hazardous supplies in them. You can offer them some water and kitchen ingredients to play with, given they are slightly older. For the little ones, the plastic kits are perfect on their own. Some of the best kit choices today are – Thames & Kosmos Chem C2000, Ben Franklin Toys Chemistry Lab Pad Science Kit, Learn & Climb Kids Science Kit, Dan & Darci Light Up Crystal Growing Kit, Happy Atoms Magnetic Molecular Modeling Complete Set, MELScience Chemistry Kits, Kids First Chemistry Set, Kids First Chemistry Set, Smithsonian Electronic Crystal Growing, NSI Smithsonian Giant Volcano Kit, SmartLab Toys Ultimate Secret Formula Lab, Educational Insights Nancy B‘s Science Club Stir-It-Up Chemistry Lab and Scientific Explorer Magic Science Kit for Wizards Only.

Is it safe for kids to learn and work with cheap chemistry sets?

For young adults, basic chemistry kits would be of little value. However, toddlers are the best and closest thing compared to the real deal. The most important thing is it’s safe, and you don‘t have to keep a constant eye on them. As they grow, you can invest in a more realistic one if they are still interested. However, it is vital to give your time and attention while they practise. You can also make them interested in the way chemicals work in our everyday life, something that is very prominent in the kitchen. Make sure you go through the instructions of the set carefully and see if it asks for adult supervision at any stage.

What is the easy chemistry experiment one can do at home?

The essential kitchen is where kids can be fascinated once they look at all the chemical ingredients there. These can be the most natural and typical reactions that we see every day. You can connect to the internet and check for the easy ones that are doable in your home kitchen. However, always be around when your child is attempting them, and it’s best to avoid fire. Some easy ones are – to use food colour and water to show how substances mix and form different colours. Liquid layering is possible by using water, oil, food colours and corn syrup. Vinegar makes coins shiny and is the first chemical reaction. For floating eggs, mix eggs, water and some salt. You can also bake bread with yeast, sugar, salt, flour and oil and see many different chemical reactions.

Where can you find basic chemistry equipment sets for sale in Dubai?

There are plenty of great stores for kids that sell some fantastic chemistry boxes. You can choose as per your budget and the age group of your child too. Make sure you check out the terrific online options for some great choices and then take the decision. It is also easy to browse through our product search engine , i.e., With more than 500+ online stores under, it’s really the best way to shop! Kids First, Melscience, Thames & Kosmos, John Adams, Piccolo Genio and Hilitchi are some of the top brands to consider. On, you can find chemistry kits and other experiment boxes offered by these brands. So, go ahead and explore now!

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