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Why is that kids loathe STEM subjects when they reach high school classes? Well, the blame is not entirely on your kid. Our education system is designed to take the fun out of science subjects. But you can put the fun back in using biology boxes.

Learning biology helps us to get to know more about ourselves and about all the things around us that have life in them. There is no doubt that this is a vital piece of knowledge to pursue. Rather than letting schools and the formal education do all the work, you as a parent can do your part as well. Furthermore, kindling the love for biology and its related science can greatly impact their academic performance in the long run. But before you go shopping for biology boxes, it is a good idea to learn more about it. This article will tell you about the different biology boxes that you can buy for your kids.

Biology boxes that your kids will love

Biology is not a monolithic subject. It is formed of several different branches each dealing with a different aspect of life and organisms. Similarly, there are different types of biology kits as well. Here is a list of the best biology boxes that you should check out. But keep in mind that there are many other kinds of boxes beyond those listed here. It is good to have options, but down the line, it may leave you completely confused. In this article, you will also find some really useful tips that you can follow while shopping for these boxes online. So, let us understand and decide what to purchase.

DNA experiment kit

The study of DNA is vast and complex. Even scientists are scratching their heads over this topic. But all that aside, you can give a taste of this interesting subject to your kids using this biology box. If your kid is eight years old or above, a DNA experiment kit would make a perfect gift. A typical DNA kit would have more than a dozen experiments in it. This will teach them the basics of DNA testing starting from how to extract the DNA from the cells of both plants and animals. That doesn’t mean that it is some kind of rocket science to learn. Kids will find no trouble in following the instructions in the guidebook with easy to understand illustrations.

Microscope STEM kit

This toy will make them feel like a real scientist. If you want a biology science kit for your kids that stands on par with high end lab equipment, this should be your choice. Even though this is a toy microscope, it can enlarge the image of the objects as much as 1200x. That’s some powerful magnification. That’s enough to make plant cells and nuclei visible to the human eye. Along with the microscope you get other basic things like test tubes, microscope slides, petri dish, tweezers, vials, etc. But these are not suitable for toddlers as the microscope uses glass lenses instead of plastic ones. The LED lights in the kit make it suitable for field investigation even at nighttime. So, give your kids their first biology lab.

Toddler biology toys for botany

Above two biology kits wore for kids older than eight years old. Now this botany kit is suitable for kids as young as five years. Teach them how plants grow with a complete botany science kit for kids. Although learning about the growth of plants is a part of botany, that’s not the end of botany. This kit will teach kids how to build automatic irrigation systems to water the plants, how to take care of each plant, etc. There is also a mini glass dome that works as a greenhouse for the plants. Kids will adore those miniature botany pots. If all this sounds too simple for older kids, you cannot be more wrong. Old kids can use this to learn more complex things like capillary action and more.

Butterfly kits for children

This one’s a bit more unusual. Kids love butterflies. They get excited even when they find a butterfly sitting on a flower. What if they can have a whole lot of butterflies. A butterfly kit will teach your kids all about raising butterflies and keeping them healthy and kicking. But keeping these beautiful insects in not just about keeping a pet. Observing a butterfly growing out of a caterpillar then going through its lifecycle can teach your kids a lot more than that. The guidebook in the kit has the instructions about the optimal temperature for these insects to thrive and how to feed them.

Tips on how to buy Biology Boxes Online

There are quite a few options when it comes to choosing a biology box for your kid. You also have to make sure that the kid will like the one you choose. For starters, it can feel like an impossible task. This is because of the sheer variety of these boxes out there. But it gets a whole lot easier if you know what to look for in a good biology box. Here are some tips that you can use when you shop for them.

  • Choose the type of kit you want – Firstly, you have to make up your mind about what sort of kit you want to buy for your children. A biology box like a butterfly kit would take up a lot of space and also it would take some work to keep those butterflies healthy. If you are not in for that, you should probably choose something else.
  • Durability – Regardless of whatever toy you are purchasing, always consider how durable those toys are. This becomes even more important if you’re buying an expensive biology box like a microscope lab kit. Ensure that their construction is sturdy and does not break easily as there is no guarantee that the kids will handle them with enough care.
  • Age recommendation – Choosing a toy that is suitable for the kids age is vital for the longevity of the toys and also to make sure that the kids will end up using them. This won’t be too hard because the manufacturers usually specify the recommended age on the packaging itself.
  • Safety – Although it is difficult to check if a toy is completely safe, because a lot of it depends on how your child uses it, you can look at some basic things. Make sure that the plastic used in the toys are free of BPA. Don’t buy toys that can potentially cause physical pain or injury to the child, etc.

Biology boxes need more care than regular toys. You should maintain things like microscopes, vials, and slides free of dirt and should clean them regularly to keep them in working order. Younger kids might also need your help if you use some of the kits. So, find some time to spend with them whenever you are free. You can find all kinds of experiment boxes using our retail search engine. It will let you compare the prices and features of different products and pick the best ones among them.

Question & Answer

Are microscope kits suitable for five-year olds?

First thing to keep in mind is that microscope kits are more expensive than most of the other biology boxes. Not only that, but they are also breakable. In fact, there are more than a few things that are breakable in a microscope biology kit like the lens of the microscope itself, the slides, and test tubes. While the petri dishes are made of plastics, they too are fragile. A microscope kit, for all these reasons, is more suitable for kids that are eight years old or above. But it is the kids older than ten years that will be able to make the most use out of it.

What toy is the best to teach an eight-year-old about the human body?

There is no shortage of biology toys about the human body. But not all of them are suitable for an eight-year-old kid. That’s because there are a few other things as well that you need to consider when buying toys for young kids. Most of the toys that show the structure and positions of organs contain a number of small pieces that are not ideal for them. Therefore, the ideal toy to teach them is the squishy human body toy by Smart Labs. These are easy to use and also unbreakable. Kids can use the forceps that come with the kit to take apart the parts as well.

What do children learn from playing with biology toys?

Biology boxes are a great way to help kids grow their interest in this field. In fact, it is more important than ever for the kids to learn about biology, even if they don’t decide to take up professions related to it. These toys will help them understand the inner workings of the living things around them. If they know how complex and valuable the lives of animals and plants on the earth are, they will act more considerate to them. Because one of the major issues we face today is the ruthless exploitation of the natural resources, these are some important values to cultivate in the hearts of the future generation.

If you are looking to buy biology toys for toddlers in Dubai, look no further as you are in the right place. Just like biology is a vast and complex field of study, so diverse are the different biology toys. But on, you will find anything from a high-end microscope to affordable plastic insect toys to buy. You can simply use the shopping search engine and find what you want. There are more than 500 shops and brands on offering biology boxes. These include popular brands like Thames & Kosmos, 4d Master, AmScope, Celestron, Educational Insights, and My First Lab.