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About Archaeology Boxes

What is the best way to engage your children for the whole day and also teach them something in between? Sounds like a tough thing to do, isn’t it? But not if you give them an archeology box. It is a perfect recipe to combine fun and learning at the same time.

Schooling is not the be-all and end-all of learning. In fact, your child will only get half of his or her education from the classroom. You, as a parent, have to find out the way to make up for the rest of it. But often, it is hard for you to get your child to sit and learn. It doesn’t matter how interesting you find a topic to be; your kid might not feel the same about it. But there is a solution to this problem. A toy that will make learning a fun thing to do. That’s what an archaeology box is. But before you go shopping for one, it is always a good idea to learn more about it. This article will tell you about the different types of archeology boxes.

The best archaeology boxes to gift your kids

Educational toys are not only for home-schooling parents. Even the parents of children who go to school need something to keep their kids from making mischief and to utilise their time in productive activities that will be beneficial to them in the long term. Here is a list of the four best archeology kits that you can buy for your kids. In this article you will also find some really useful tips that you can follow while shopping for them online.

Thames and Cosmos Classic Science Archaeology kit

Let your kids explore the ancient pyramids of Egypt like Indiana Jones. The archeology boxes by Thames and Cosmos are not limited to the pyramids of Egypt, though. But they are always based on different themes. Choose the theme that your kid will like the most. To make the learning experience more accurate, the manufacturer received help from the popular science television channel National Geographic as well. The books in this archaeology kit will give the kids further information about the artefacts they will excavate from beneath the earth.

Dr Cool Gemstone Children’s Excavation Kit

Digging for gemstones has never been more fun. This innovative archaeology kit gives kids the chance to get a hands-on experience for precious gems like amethyst, quartz, and tiger’s eye. They also can use the digging tools that will work similarly to those tools that the actual gem hunters use. This is one of the best ways to learn about the geology and the precious stones that lie deep under the earth. The guidebook will tell them the fun facts about the tools and the gems that come in the kit. Being a treasure hunter in real life is very unlikely. But with this archeology box, they will get a taste of being a treasure hunter without any fuss.

Children’s Fossil Kit

Digging out the fossils of creatures that walked the earth millions of years ago is the ultimate archaeology experience. But finding them is not as easy as it sounds. One has to do a lot of digging to find even a single fossil that is worthy of finding. Dr. Cool excavation kit tries to provide the kids with an authentic experience of the purest forms of archaeology. They will have to dig hours to find a fossil. But finding every fossil will prove all the hours spent searching for it was worth it. This game takes a lot of concentration and dedication from your children. If they are not into things that require their undivided attention for a long period of time, this might not be their cup of tea.

Dinosaur Archaeology kit

Travel to an era when the big lizards ruled the earth. Excavate the fossils of T-rex and dinosaur skulls to uncover the mysteries of the times unknown to humanity. Find the pieces of fossils and assemble them to find out which animal it belongs to. This archeology box will make sure that your kid has something to do for days to come. Not all dinosaur kits are the same, though. You will get fossils of different prehistoric animals in every dinosaur excavation kit. It can be a Stegosaurus, T-rex, Tyrannosaurus, or any of the many dinosaur species.

Tips on how to buy Archaeology Boxes Online

There are so many choices when it comes to selecting an archaeology box. All of them have a different theme and are intended for different age groups. If you are stuck searching for the right box for your kid, remember that you are not alone. But if you know what to look for when choosing these toys, it will be quite easy to figure out the right one. Here are a few tips that you can follow when you are shopping.

  • Consider the age of your kids – Archaeology boxes require a little idea about what archaeology is and why they are digging to find the artefacts inside the dirt. Kids that are too young will find it meaningless and boring. Make sure that your kids are old enough to play with them before buying.
  • Durability – These toys will consist of a lot of small plastic parts. Especially the skeletons and fossils. If the plastic is not sturdy enough, they will break before the kids can assemble together the skeletons of the animals.
  • The theme of the archaeology box – Some kids are more in love with the pyramids of Egypt than dinosaurs. To make sure that your kids will make use of these toys, get a box based on their interests. If you don’t already know which theme they will like, either ask them or take them along with you when you are shopping.
  • Safety – Probably one thing that you should consider regardless of which toy you are buying is safety. You don’t want your kids playing with toys that have toxic substances in them. Look for any sharp edges that can hurt them. And only buy toys that are made of BPA free plastic.

Archaeology boxes are the best way to build curiosity in children about the ancient world and history in general. At times, they might need your assistance to figure out some of the stuff in the box. In the end, these toys are for teaching kids about things that they don’t know. So, find time to play with them whenever you can. Finally, don’t forget to check out all other types of experiment boxes from the Toys category.

Question & Answer

Are archaeology boxes useful for kids?

The best way to teach kids is to make learning fun for them. If they find learning about something to be an interesting way to spend time, then your job as a teacher will become easier. Kids will use their inquisitive nature to find out more and more about the subject. That’s why archaeology boxes are a good way to teach about the ancient origins of beings on the earth. It will also help them understand how it feels like to be an archaeologist digging through piles of earth to find out a precious fossil or a stone. This will help them clear out a lot of misconceptions they have about archaeologists and archaeology in general.

What age is the best for archaeology toys for kids?

Archaeology boxes, similar to a lot of other experimental boxes, come in varying levels of difficulty. Some are way easier than others and vice versa. Most archaeology kits will contain at least a few parts that are small enough for young toddlers to swallow. Therefore, never give an archaeology toy that was made for ten-year-olds to a toddler. But with a bit of searching, it is possible for you to find a kit that is suitable for even younger kids. Usually, manufactures themselves will write the age specification of the toy on the packaging itself. This will make it easier for you to find one that is appropriate for your kid.

How to choose an archaeology kit for toddlers?

Not all kids will love playing with an archaeology box. Therefore, first and foremost, should think about whether your kid will like it or not. Usually, curious kids who are into reading and exploring things will like these toys more than those kids who like playing sports outside the house. That’s not to say that one is better than the other. But they are two completely different tastes. Then, if this toy is right for your child, you should consider the child’s age. You will find archaeology boxes that come in different themes. Ask your child which theme he would like the most. It is probable that they will like more than one of them.

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