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About Push & Pull Toys

Just like laughing, crying and walking, children do not have to be taught how to play, especially when you get them amazing push and pull toys. They are simple, fun and develop a range of life-long skills in your little ones.

As the name suggests, push and pull toys are small playthings that can be manoeuvred by your kid by pushing and pulling, respectively. They come in a variety of constructions and moving mechanisms. If your toddler has just started walking, then these toys turn out to be the best pick for them. At about 15 months, your little one can push a toy with wheels such as a trolley with light wooden blocks. However, push toys can be difficult at this age but they are interesting at an age of 2 to 3 when your kid gain confident mobility and the ability to hold his/her arm behind to pull something and manoeuvre the ride. Push and pull toys come in the form of toy animals, trolleys, cars and so on. Read on to explore more. Also, towards the end, find tips to buy push and pull toys for toddlers.

Exploring popular baby push and pull toys in detail

Just like grasp toys and rattles, push and pull toys are essential to inculcate various skills in your child. Push toys like toy shopping cart, wobbler, and lawnmower help your kid improve your kid’s movement and direction sense. On the other hand, pull along toys like a pull puppy, snail and alligator increases your child’s activities. Some toys even come with pleasing sound effects and pieces that move, or pop up making your child giggle. Here are some easy to begin with toy sets that have clearly won our hearts.

Alligator pull toy

Alligator pull toys come in the shape of real-life alligator reflecting fun green and yellow shades. When pulled along, these alligators make click-clack sound and even show movements in head and tail. It is not just for fun but also for learning and skill development. It stimulates your child’s imagination and also promotes physical and mental development. High-quality alligator pull toys are made keeping safety aspects in mind so as to not harm your little ones anyway. It would promote your kid’s animal awareness, physical activities and cognitive colour theme development.

Pull back cars for toddlers

A pullback car can be an excellent pick for your kid. As kids pull it backwards, it winds up an internal spiral spring so that the car runs forward when left. It is one of the most common toys that you will get at every home that is nurturing toddlers. Your little one can get unlimited fun with these cars that can travel across the whole room. The best part about them is that they do not need any battery. They run just as well always as they do one day.

Frog pull toy

You can give your kids unending moments of fun with friendly Froggie pull toys. High-featured toys hop up and down swiftly with jiggling eyes when pulled by a string. These small moving frogs stimulates the imagination and promote mobility in little kids. They typically come in a green shade with big eyes that can grab your kid’s attention quickly. These small toys have non-skid wheels that let them move forward and backwards effortlessly. The playful patterns and bright colours of little froggies can give a series of fun moments to your child.

Tips for purchasing Push and Pull Toys in Dubai

Push and pull toys are fun for toddlers. Little children enjoy them when they start moving and take interest in exploring their surroundings. But, risk and injuries can be a part of play too. Hence, it is essential to go for a toy that best suits your kid’s age, skills, and understanding and at the same time, be interesting also. Although it can be an overwhelming experience for you when you actually step in the market for shopping. There is huge list of brands releasing push and pull toys varying based on colours, size, moving mechanism, and many factors. So, here are some guiding tips that would steer you towards right purchase.

  • Construction– Even when your kid peacefully plays with a push or pull toy, you have to constantly keep an eye on them. Well, that would not be necessary if you bring one with safe construction. By safe construction, we mean that no longer chords, exposed nails, sharp corner, sharp edges, and anything that may hurt your little kid.


  • No easily breaking parts– Cheap quality toys might have parts that easily come out on falling aside or collisions. So, be sure to get one with a long-lasting life so that your little one does not accidentally choke the small broken parts.


  • Age recommendation– Every toy comes with a recommended age mentioned on the packaging. It should be taken in consideration as different age groups have different level of understanding and skills. A toy meant for toddlers might not seem interesting to a pre-schooler. Just like that, the one for bigger kids might seen complicated and difficult to operate to toddlers.


  • Brands– If you are aware of do’s and don’ts but do not have time or patience to find best suited toy, then you can leave it on experts that have been working with popular toy brands for years. Fisher price, Melissa and doug, Hape, Lego, Vtech, Playgro, and KidKraft are some of the best brands selling amazing pull and push toys across the Globe. You can rely on them if you are in the hunt of a cute, safe, and durable toy for your little one.

Now that you have gathered much information about push and pull toys, you must be eager to get one right away. Well, the best part is that you do not have to go anywhere else. Here at, you can find an amazing collection of alligator pull toys, pull back cars, frog pull toys and more exciting styles that your kid would love. You can even buy elephant pull along toy and wooden giraffe pull toy from stores. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and the grab the best ones while stock lasts.

Question & Answer

Why are pull toys useful?

Pull toys are useful for toddlers to make them become more mobile and gain direction sense. They are maneuvered by kids through a string which helps them develop fine motor skills. Not just that, pull toys also strengthen kid’s arm muscles and leg as they move the toy here and there. They create an environment for kids in which your child can play freely, independently and explore their creativity.

What age are pull along toys for?

Pull along toys are best suited for toddlers who have just started walking on their own. These toys help you kid develop fine motor skills, direction sense and become more mobile. At this tender age of 2-3 years, kids need something where they can play freely and independently. Moreover, pull along toys may have noise and pieces that move, or pop-up making your child giggle and enjoy unending fun.

What pull toys are most popular?

Pull toys seem to be an easy purchase but the wide variety out there can be overwhelming for the parents. So, here at we have framed at list of most popular toys loved by masses. Some of the them include Melissa & Doug’s frolicking frog pull toy, playful puppy pull, chomp and clack alligator; Fisher price’s pull along turtle, pull along chatter toy telephone; walk-a-long wooden puppy and wonder walker push by Hape, and Leg’s classic wooden duck. You can find a lot more exciting collections in brands like Vtech, Playgro, and KidKraft.

Where to buy push and pull toy car?

Push and pull toys are one of the most common type of toys that can be found at any local toy store, mall or online marketplaces. However, if you are looking for variety, you must go for the last options i.e. online stores. It is easy to browse unlimited stores with few clicks and find an apt toy for your kid. If you are looking for an easier option, come to us on Here, we have brought together over 500 online stores selling amazing push and pull along toys at affordable prices.

Push and pull toys can be an easy pick if you are the right store. At, you will find an extensive range of toys offered by some of the very popular brands of the industry. If you feel overwhelmed with the range of choices, you can easily narrow them down using filters and advanced searching options. You can even compare prices offered by various seller at our product search engine to find one falling your budget. Also, find push & pull toys for 1 year old. So, go ahead and embark an effortless and amazing online shopping journey.