About Spinning Tops

A spinning top is one of the oldest toys that has been entertaining kids for thousands of years. It’s a beautiful combination of art and physics. Let us explore the myriad of varieties they come in to help you find the best for your kid.

The spinning tool is common among both kids and adults for its simplicity and engaging nature. It has a sharply pointed bottom that makes it spin on its vertical axis. When you set it in motion, it wobbles and spins upright for some time till it loses energy. When whole energy is lost, it wobbles again, tips over and falls on its side. Due to a small contact area between the surface and the spinning tool’s tip and large rotational inertia, the top keeps spinning for 8-10 seconds without further energy input. There are various spinning methods to spin a top like a hand twirling, strings and whips, augers and magnetic plates. You will know about popular tops on this page, how to choose them, and answers to some FAQs.

All about popular spinning top for toddlers

Spinning tops are one of the simplest and most-loved toys among kids. The best part is that they come in a wide variety. You can choose from wooden, limbo, strung, tungsten and more types of spinning toys. Moreover, there is a categorization based on spinning methods like hand twirling, strings, augers and magnetic plates. So, are you having a hard time selecting an appropriate one? Take it easy; we are here to guide you. On this page, we will unveil everything you need to know about tops.

Wooden spinning tops

Woodentops are the most common type of tops. They have a conical, circular, or oval body, which is hollow from the inside usually. There is the point at the bottom on which it turns. They can be plain wood, polished or even painted in beautiful colours. They have been found at historical sites across the globe and are still prevalent in many countries and cultures. You can either twirl them through your hand or use an attached string to set them in motion. Playing with a spinning toy seems traditional, but it is still a popular holiday game and even appeared in modern-day international competitions.

Spinning tops with string

For easy twirling, newly styled tops come with a string rope coiled around their axis. You can pull it fast to set the top in motion. As the top spins, you can see the designs, shades and shapes blending. It is an easy to store toy that acquires small space in your bag. Not just fun, your kids also develop several skills like hand-eye coordination, self-discovery, logic building and learning through this toy. The bottom of the top is sharp for the best possible twirling. You can buy a spinning top with rope for easy and fun twirling.

Tungsten spinning tops

Spinning tools are also made up of tungsten, acquiring shiny and good-looking surfaces. It can be a timeless toy piece for you, your children and even the further generations. Not just kids, even you can keep this piece in your office. Several studies have found that tops improve through the process and increase productivity. However, it can be a bit tough for a kid to twirl it due to its bit heavyweight. Also, if you are considering one for yourself, beware of imitated products.

Tips on how to buy Spinning Tops in Dubai

Tops have been with us for the past long. They have evolved beautifully over the years, which is why you can find a wide variety in markets now. However, this can be a shortcoming for you. You might find such a large of options overwhelming and confusing. So, here is a brief guide that would help you choose an appropriate one.

  • Construction – Spinning tops come in a variety of construction materials ranging from wood and plastic to tungsten. Wooden and plastic tops are good for toddlers, whereas tungsten or another metallic form can be hard to twirl with little hands. Moreover, they might be heavy, making it difficult for kids to hold them. Tops may even vary based on their shapes like conical, circular, or oval. Conical is the commonest form, whereas circular and oval counterparts also perform fine.
  • Safety aspects – Since the spinning tool has a sharp bottom, you have to watch your little kids while playing with it. They might hurt their eyes or any other body part. Alternatively, you can go for the tops that have been designed, keeping safety aspects in mind.
  • Spinning method – There are various spinning methods through which you can set the top in motion. Some of the popular ones are hand twirling, through string, and augers. So, it depends upon your preference which one you select.
  • Type of user – Spinning top can be a useful pick for both kids as well as adults. Several studies have shown it improves through process and problem-solving. So, if you purchase it for yourself, you might love to consider the one with good looks like tungsten tops. But, for kids, wooden ones work the best.

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Question & Answer

How to play spinning tops?

Playing with a top is very easy. If it is a simple one, you have to move it by twirling it using fingers. If it has a string or rope, throw it forward while firmly grasping the end of the string. Some models are even set in motion through a built-in metal auger. The top is generally enclosed in a hollow metal shell in such models and has the same axis. Speaking of some modern tops, they can be operated through a special magnetic plate. So, the procedure of playing it depends upon the type of toy you have.

How do you make a spinning topspin for a long time?

Due to a small contact area between the surface and the spinning tool’s tip and large rotational inertia, the top keeps spinning for 8-10 seconds without further energy input.  You can spin a top for a longer time by keeping most maximum weight on the perimeter of the whorl. The time span of spinning also depends upon the weight and diameter of the spin. The heavier and greater in diameter the top, the longer it will spin.

What is the best spinning top?

ForeverSpin, Schylling, Lego, Fisher-price, Mattel, Billetspin, Vorso, and Everspin are some award-winning brands that sell best tops. You can find a range of amazingly styled tops in their collection. If you wonder where to find all of them in one place, then the good news is that you are in the right place. Here on, we have brought all of them together so that buyers can make an effortless purchase. You can also compare costs here to find cheap vareities.

Where to buy wooden spinning tops?

Woodentops are the oldest and most common form of tops. You can find them at any local or online toy store. While local stores might be restricted to some varieties, you can find a wide assortment of tops online. Moreover, there is an opportunity to switch between various collections effortlessly. On, we have made it even easier. You can find over 500 trusted online stores here that sell amazingly constructed spinning tools. You can also read online reviews to see what our customers have to say about our products.

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