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Bathing is more than just a routine for both the baby and the parent. It is time to cherish the love between the two of them. Bath toys can surely make this time more fun and even more memorable. Getting inside the water itself is exciting for the squirmy ones, and the toys make them even more so.

There is a bath toy for every baby at every age. Kids will take years before they outgrow these toys. Even older toddlers love to play with toys when they bath. But more than just fun, these toys can give them educational experiences and help them grow up into smart people. But before you go shopping for them, getting to know more about these toys is a good idea. This article will tell you about the different types of age-appropriate bath toys that you can buy for your kid and how to use and maintain them. There are also tips to help you choose the right kind of toy for your young ones.

Bath toys that your baby will love

Newborns, infants, and sometimes even elder kids hate bathtime. Well, newborns fear water and they are only protecting themselves by trying to come out of the water. Until you condition them and make them learn good habits, you need distraction and toys can definitely do the trick. Even kids who are lazy and thus hate baths, toys in the bathtub can lure them enough. Sure enough, you need to know the likings of your kid, and for newborns, you have to choose on your own. Before you commence your shopping journey, it is good to know different types of bath toys. So, here is a list of the five best bath toys that you should buy for your baby.

Squirting bath toys

These are simple toys. But the baby will love it from its very first bath and even long after that. Babies can easily hold these toys in their tiny little hands. Look for teethable toys for babies that are older than five months. Be careful to check if the teething toy that you are getting for your baby is BPA free. Squirting toys are not just for babies; even young toddlers will find these toys interesting. Usually, bath toys come in the shapes of water animals and fish like sharks, sea horses, starfish, etc. Because these toys always get wet, look for those that are easy to clean and dry.

Textured bath toys

When babies are just starting to explore the colourful world around them, their primary means of interacting with the things around them is by touching and feeling them. This is even before their vision is fully developed. That’s why textured toys are important for the sensory development of your munchkins. Textured bath toys provide them with a huge variety of tactile surfaces that they can touch and explore. The lights in these toys will grab the attention of the babies and keep them engaged and creative when you bathe them.

Stacking cups

Playing is not just a fun activity to do for babies. It’s essential for brain development. Toys like stacking cups can improve their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Stacking cups bath toys let the babies have fun by doing a variety of activities. They can squeeze and shake these toys apart from stacking them. Your baby will love to splash water with these colourful cups. Stacking cups force them to think and find a way to stack these cups successfully. They will understand that when the cups are not stacked right, they will fall down. A great way to teach them about the cause and effect of the real world.

Bath mirror

If there is any activity that all babies will love alike, it is enjoying their own faces in the mirror. At first, they will look at the mirror and think that it is another baby of their size, smiling back at them. But slowly but surely, they will learn that it is just a reflection of them. Bath mirrors that are designed for babies are baby proofed. That means you don’t have to worry about your baby getting hurt when they try to interact with their lookalike inside the mirror. These mirrors have soft foam borders to protect the baby. Even toddlers will love these mirrors. Therefore, this is a toy that your kid will love to play with for a long time.

Ferry boat and cars

Yeah, this one is for bigger babies, these are the bath toys for 1-year-old babies or those older than that. The best thing about this toy is that it perfectly goes together with the theme of the water. Kids, especially boys, love cars. And when they are bathing, there is no doubt that they will love to get creative by ferrying these cares from one side of the bathtub to the other. The cars in these sets can hold up perfectly well to wetting. And because they dry very fast when you take it out of the water, there is no risk of mould formation or a bad smell.

Tips on how to buy Bath Toys Online

The world of kids toys is huge. There are so many different types of bath toys you will find online and elsewhere. It can be quite confusing when you try to choose a bath toy for your baby girl or boy. All kinds of thoughts will go through your mind when you are shopping for toys. Will your kid love it? Is the toy suitable for the baby? But if you know what to look for, it can be easy. Here are some tips that you can follow when you are shopping for toys.

  • Durability – You have to be careful to always buy toys made of high-quality materials for your babies. They have to hold up to all the throwing around and smashing from the babies. But this is especially true for bath toys. Bath toys have to be extra durable because they get wet all the time as well.
  • Safety is important – Only buy bath toys that are soft. They shouldn’t hurt when your baby accidentally smashes them on their face. Make sure that the toy does not have any sharp edges or hard surfaces. Avoid toys that have tiny parts that babies can swallow to avoid choking hazards.
  • Make it an educational experience – Besides being fun to play with, toys can also make your babies smart when you do it right. While stacking cups can teach them about problem-solving, a puppet bath toy can make them explore creative ways and spin their own stories and create their own world.
  • Consider your budget – While it is true that you shouldn’t go for the cheapest toys in the market because most of them are of poor quality, you should break your bank buying toys for your kids. You will find some affordable yet good quality ones if you look for baby bath toys on sale online.

Finally, you should remember that it is not the toy itself that makes the babies find creative ways and make them smart. It is your interaction with them while they are playing that truly helps them. Therefore, find time to play with your kids in your free time. You can find all kinds of toys using our shopping search engine. It will let you compare the prices and features of different products and pick the best ones among them. So, don’t forget to check out all the other amazing products from

Question & Answer

Do babies need bath toys?

Bath toys are not really helpful for young infants. Because spending too much time in the water is harmful to them, it is better to bathe them and dry them without letting them play a lot in the water. Besides, they will enjoy the experience of being the water itself. But when they get older, it will become harder to control them when you bathe. Once they are old enough to bath from tubs, it is the right time to introduce bath toys. Apart from bath toys, you can also try waterproof books for toddlers. These toys will act as a distraction in the water and will make your job easier.

How often should you bathe a baby?

Unlike popular belief, your baby does not need to be bathed every day. Doing it two or three times a week is good enough to keep them clean. After all, they are babies. They don’t go out or sweat as much as bigger kids. In fact, bathing them too often can cause their skin to dry out. Usually, cleaning their genitals and behinds clean using water and cloth is enough between the baths. Also, be careful not to leave them too much time in the water. A five or ten minutes long bath is the ideal for babies. Anything longer than that can harm your baby’s sensitive skin.

How to clean bath toys?

Washing them with soap once in a while will be sufficient to remove the dirt buildup on them and to remove the germs. But it is better to be extra careful when it comes to kids toys. Because bath toys always get wet, there is always a chance for mould growth in them. To do this, take a gallon of water in a bucket and add half a cup of white vinegar in it. Then, soak the bath toys in it for at least ten minutes straight. Use a sponge to rub the dirt off them. Get this solution inside the toys and shake them thoroughly. Finally, let the toys air dry.

You will find bath toys in any large supermarket or toy store. But if you want to access a large collection of affordable toys, the best place is to look online. You will also find reliable information about each kind of toy and their age range when you are shopping online. You can use the retail search engine on to look for bath toys and compare their prices and features against other products. There are more than 500 shops and brands offering bath toys on These include brands like Munchkins, Kmart, Boon, Disney, Tomy Toomies, Baby Shark, And Go Go Family.