Baby toys

About Baby Toys

Usually, babies are eager to learn about the world around them, and they learn so fast. Every new shape, colour, texture, taste, and sound is a learning experience for them. Thus, giving your baby toys that are safe and stimulating will help them to discover their senses. Hence, baby toys need to be soft, easy to handle, and free of choking hazards. Moreover, the toys are available in different bright colours, lightweight, and soft.

Toys are a fun way for babies and caregivers to interact. Thus, the baby toys with contrasting colours fascinate the babies and stimulate their developing vision. Moreover, it develops skills and strength to help your baby to achieve those milestones which they need to reach. However, when you lie your little one on their tummy, they build up their head and neck strength. They try to see things around them. Thus, a bright and colourful toy attracts their attention. Moreover, when you pass a stroller toy on them, immediately they try to grasp it with their tiny fingers. So, are you looking for the best baby toys to buy online in the UAE? Then be assured you are in the right place!

Different types of baby shark toys for your baby

Are you looking for toys to keep your curious crawler engage? Then, you need to check these shark toys. Your little one will love this puppet to walk around or sit and play. Moreover, this toy is a fantastic piece of technology. It will stop functioning or entertain your baby once your child stops walking. And again, it will resume once they started rolling back. However, it has a four-wheel base to help your toddler balance, adjustable volume and batteries included with purchase. Thus, before you move to buy baby toys online in Dubai, let’s learn about the different kinds of tot toys. To make an easy pick while shopping.  

Baby Girl Toys

This baby doll is soft 8-inch tall with multiple fabrics or textures, which helps your baby to acquaint with the various textures. Moreover, it has a beautiful embroidery face, a soft body, silk feet, and a pretty hat. It is a perfect gift for your 12-months old girl. However, you will get many choices in colour, weight and materials while seeking the buy baby toys for sale in the UAE. Thus, the puppet is available in bright colours, durable, and easy to wash. And it encourages the baby’s grasping and holding quality. It is lightweight, easy to carry around and safe for your kid if she chooses to sleep along with it.

Newborn Baby Toys

This tot toy comes with absolute bright colours, patterns and textures which your little one will love to play with. However, it has clapping rings that awaken auditory senses as well as ladybug teether which helps to soothe the baby’s gums. Moreover, it has a mirror to play with, which allows the baby to learn and focus, track images, and explore the faces. The delightful and fun jingle sound keep your baby entertained. So, are you looking for cheap baby toys to buy online in Dubai? Then, choose to shop from eminent brands’ product. And they are Bieco, Evenflo, IMC toys, Mothercare, Kelly Baby, Disney, Dickey, Nici, Fisher price, and much more.

Baby Teething Toys

It is the best teether toy for little ones of the age of 3 months and above. And, this toy design for the soothing aching gums to help in easing your little one’s teething discomfort. It has a comfortable handle to hold, which provide a secure grip for your baby. However, you will innumerable choices in colours, softness, colourful texture while looking for baby toys online in Dubai. Besides, the animal design adds a more playful touch to your baby and increases your baby’s sense of sight and touch. However, this teether helps both in strong gumming as well as in emerging teeth. And it’s entirely safe for your kid as it’s BPA free and 100% silicone.

Baby Kitchen Set

This kitchen set with lights and sounds is a modern approach to playtime. It will give your kids a realistic feel of the turning knobs and work appliances as they stir up imaginative meals for the family. And the ice maker comes with lights and sounds. Moreover, it has a subway tile backsplash, stained granite-style countertops, and a pull-down faucet sprayer makes it perfect addition at home. So, if you are looking for the best baby toys to buy online in the UAE, then look for the best Dubai product finder. And experience the brilliant collection of products with the best price tag.

Tips on how to buy Baby Toys online

Baby toys are as cute as babies. Thus, while going down the toy aisle of any online store can cause a panic attack. The collections are full of cute things, fuzzy things, colourful things. But, worst of all, every toy insists that it’s best for your kid. So, what to believe? What should you pick? Therefore, to ease your tension, we have compiled a list of factors to consider when you look for the best baby toys to buy online in the UAE.

  • Age appropriateness- This is the first thing to consider while looking for the baby doll for your newborn babies. Your little one will get the most enjoyment out of the toy only if they can use it. Thus, the age-appropriate toy is essential to encourage your baby to use and improve their developing skills.


  • Stimulation- If the doll gets to use appropriately, then it can do something to stimulate one of your baby’s senses like touch, sight, sound, or taste. Moreover, it can help in developing physical abilities like hand-eye coordination, gross motor control, fine motor control, and so on. Therefore, don’t get stumped if the toy aisle isn’t offering what you are looking for.


  • Variety- You can consider buying something different this time. So, your child can play with toys in different colours, textures, shapes, and sounds. Thus, opting for the variety, you are exposing your child at an early age to the myriad possibilities which the world will give them. Therefore, the toys that attract your child interest can be great sometimes.

Therefore, we determine that the guidelines enlisted above will help you out in picking the right toy for your little one. To make your shopping more hassle-free and exciting, shop along with us! And examine the brilliant collection of toys from eminent brands and shops. Moreover, grab the exciting offers and discounts on every hour of shopping. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start to fill up your shopping bag!

Question & Answer

Are baby toys BPA free?

Not entirely! The BPA chemical found in many plastic products which include plastic toys and some sippy cups. Moreover, it can cause harmful developmental effects in infants. And it might cause attention disorders, cancer-cell growth, early-onset puberty, and obesity. Thus, it is suggested to look for a 100% PVC-free label on your toy. It’s the best way to guarantee that the plastic doesn’t contain potentially dangerous phthalates. If you can’t find the label then the numbers 1, 2, or 4 on plastic toys will work. However, any of these numbers mean the toy is made from polyethylene, a safe BPA- and phthalate-free plastic. Thus, it makes it a healthy toy to take home.

Which baby toys to buy?

Newborn babies don’t need toys. They’re too busy adjusting to the world around them and cuddling with mom and dad. However, your little one might start rolling over, reaching, and grabbing, between 4 and 6 months. Toys should allow them in developing motor skills, like improved hand-eye coordination. Thus, while picking toys for your baby, you have plenty to think about, and not just your little one’s entertainment. Therefore, Fisher price baby toys are one of the excellent toys for your children.  Moreover, it encourages the kids to walk early and contains plenty of activities. However, it’s durable, long-lasting and kids can stand or sit to use it. You can also try to check out other popular brands. And they are Bieco, Evenflo, IMC toys, Mothercare, Kelly Baby, Disney, Dickey, Nici, and much more.

Where to buy baby toys online in the UAE?

Nowadays, it’s easy to shop online. You can very quickly scroll through the collection, make your choice, check for the offers, and read reviews. However, what annoys you a lot is when you get to explore a few collections of your searched product, or you can’t find what you are up to. But this can be exciting if you have as your shopping companion. It is the best UAE search engine which has 500+ reputed brands & shops allied with it. Thus, you get an unlimited collection of products for your baby, from baby shark toys to newborn baby toys.

How to disinfect baby toys naturally?

You need to keep in mind that different toys require different cleaning methods. Not only to get the toys clean but to keep them looking their best. However, the baby toys are the most likely to be put in a child’s mouth. Dropped on the floor are the ones that need the most frequent attention. Thus, you need to clean these toys every one to two days. Therefore, to disinfect the toys naturally, you need to dip a cloth in a warm, sudsy solution. Then, drop the toy on the solution and rinse with a cloth that you’ve dipped in clear water and wrung out well. Therefore, allow the toy to air dry or use a hairdryer to help speed drying and fluff the fur.