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So, you’ve got your board sorted, and you’re all amped up for a great day out at the beach to explore the waves. Someone told you to check out a sweet spot, and it looks good too. The waves aren’t too raging, neat swell, and worth it. Yet despite, the blazing sun over your skin and sand under your feet, the first plunge into the waves, will make you realise that the beach waters are pretty cold! Well, this is when the humble all-purpose gear comes in handy! Well, we are talking about wetsuits!

Most divers and wave boarders have a love-hate relationship with their wetsuits. They hate putting it on but love how they offer warmth when in those freezing waters. So, what exactly are these wetsuits? A wetsuit is a garment that usually comes in foam or neoprene material. Surfers, divers, windsurfers, canoeists, and other experts who engage in water sportswear keep themselves warm while performing their activities with this. Well, that said, there’s a lot more to know about wetsuits. In this article, we are going to kick-off a mini-series all about wetsuits. By the time you finish this article, you’ll know everything there’s to know about wetsuits. You will be able to walk into a diving centre confidently and talk intelligently about the type of wetsuit you want. Why don’t we start with an overview of their available types?

The different types of wetsuits

When you are down to hunting down your perfect wetsuit, you’ll realise that there is an endless number of them available in the market. This is due to the variations in the shape, model, style, size and thickness. But, also you’ll find variations based on the specialisations for a given sport. That’s why it is quite confusing when you purchase them for the very first time. Unfortunately, it is the case when you buy it second, third, and even the fourth time! Well, this is because their models keep updating as per the trend. Nevertheless, we’ve compiled below a few significant styles and types of wetsuits, that’ll come in handy

The full scuba diving wetsuits

As the name, the full suit covers your entire body including your torso, legs and arms. This explains why they are one of the most common and popular types of wetsuit model. You use them in the cold to cool water environments. You also call them the ‘steamer’ as it covers the entire body and keeps you toasty warm even under frigid waters. That’s why many people recommend them when you intend to go for scuba diving. They entirely cover your body and prevent any external elements from harming your skins. Moreover, they also keep you warm. Additionally, you’ll find them in various thickness.

The long john wetsuits for kids

Similar to the garments of the same name, the legs go long here while the arms stay short. In other words, they give you full-body coverage except for the arms. Hence, the long johns are a great choice when you are in a surrounding where the air temperature is warm while the water temperature is a little chilly. Moreover, armless wetsuit enables you to perform easy paddling. You can flail your arms around with no neoprene resistance. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for kids who have just started to take their baby steps in waterboarding.

The spring suit wetsuits and chlorine

The spring suit is named as such because people use it during the transitional seasons such as spring or autumn. You’ll find that these spring suits are cut to have short arms and legs. But, just like any other product, variations to this do exist. One of the most common ones is the long-arm spring suit. It is ideal for cold and windy conditions. One of their best qualities is that they are highly resistant to chlorine in the water. Hence, you need not worry about getting them damaged when in water. In other words, they are much more durable when compared to others.

The wetsuits vs dry suits

Both wetsuits and dry suits protect you from the cold conditions and insulate yours by keeping you in winter air and water temperatures. Both perform a similar function of keeping you warm. The difference is only in functionality and material. Wetsuits come in neoprene material and keep your body warm when in water. Whereas the dry suits are wholly waterproof and do not offer you warmth if you use it separately. Unlike dry suits, wetsuits are skin-tight and ideal for cold water surf sports. This is because they allow you to look more athletic. However, dry suits offer more room.

Tips on how to buy Wetsuits online

Now that you know their type, we are sure you would be asking yourself – which one should I buy? Long johns? Steamer? Or a short arm? We understand that knowing the types along will not get you anywhere and picking out the best wetsuits among the lot can be quite overwhelming. But fret not! Luckily, we’ve enlisted a few key elements that will help you determine your right wetsuit among the wide range available in the market and help you buy online wetsuits in Dubai easily. Check them out below.

  • Know your goal – Often, you’ll find different types of suits for a different sport. Moreover, the frequency and environment to play a vital role in determining the right wetsuit. Therefore, take some time to understand the games you intend to play and your environmental conditions. Learning this will significantly help you in choosing your style.
  • Look out for the style – Once you know your purpose, it is easier to find your style. Earlier in this article, you saw many types of wetsuits with various characteristics. Some were short while some long. Also, many models adapted to different situations. Hence, check out their style and peculiar features. See if it matches with your goal. If it does, then do not hesitate to add them to your cart.
  • Go for the right size – Next in line is the size. Nothing feels comfortable if you do have the correct size. Just imagine, you are in the water ready to tackle the wave, and suddenly you want to adjust your suit. Quite annoying, isn’t it? To avoid such a scenario, you should select one that perfectly fits you. Check out the sleeve length, the legs and the entire body. Make sure you are comfortable in it.
  • Check out the material – Of course, size is important, but you also need to consider the materials. Because this determines the degree of warmth, a wetsuit offers. Also, most wetsuits come in neoprene material. This waterproof material is one of the most light-weight options that allow you to stay warm in the chilly waters. And the best part, they do not weigh you down. Therefore, find a suit that feels the best on your skin.
  • Look out for thickness – Once you decide on the material, make sure you do not miss out to check out the thickness. Because, ideally, this factor determines the degree of warmth of a wetsuit. The material, neoprene comes in various thickness, and you measure it in millimetres. For example, a 4/3 wetsuit will be 4 millimetres along the body and 3 millimetres along with the limbs.
  • Check out the zippers – We know, not many of you think about zippers. But, it is an integral part of the suit. Because it is this that helps you get in and out of the suit. Therefore, the length, ease of use, smoothness is all-important when it comes to the zippers. Also, placement is essential. You’ll find most zippers in the back for easy entry.
  • Check if it is sealed or unsealed – Most traditional suits were unsealed. Today, only the cheap wetsuits follow this style. But what does this mean? Well, the wetsuit is stitched together and then glued at the seam to increase the insulation and avoid water entering into the suit. This method makes the suit ‘sealed’. Therefore, go for this to get maximum performance underwater.
  • Set aside a budget – Most manufacturers offer their collection of wetsuit at various price ranges, that come from entry-level, mid-range and high-end. And the price ranges from $200 to $800. So, it is better to set aside a budget for yourself. This will help you narrow down your choices and hence make your buying process easy. You’ll find many cheap wetsuits online at incredible rates from various brands.

So, there you have it! These fundamental elements to consider when buying your wetsuit are an essential guide to selecting the best one. In other words, you’ll make the best decision regarding wetsuits, if you follow the tip-above. However, in the end, it is always your personal choice. Nevertheless, make sure that you pick the most comfortable wetsuit. After all, you are the one who is wearing it. We hope to see you riding those massive waves with your perfect suit on!

Question & Answer

Are wetsuits comfortable?

We guess you haven’t tried one yet. And why not? Indeed, wetsuits are skin-tight, and most of you would think that tightness is associated with discomfort. Well, that’s not the case. Wetsuits come in designs that they keep you comfortable in the water. You wear them to keep your bodies temperature optimised when in chilly waters. Also, the wetsuit never gets in the way of your mobility. But, make sure to get the right size to experience maximum comfort.

Why are wetsuits black?

The wetsuit colour is crucial for more than just visual reasons. So, why is it that most wetsuits you see come in black colour? This is mainly due to the UV resistance and low-cost colouring of neoprene. Yet, this colour holds many inherent properties. This is why it makes one of the popular choices of colour among the surfers and divers. Moreover, the black suits last longer and keep you double warm, as black absorbs heat and stores it.

Can you recycle the wetsuits?

You cannot recycle wetsuits in the usual sense. The majority of the models in the market come in petroleum-based non-biodegradable materials. So, what do you do? Throw it? Nope! You can reconfigure it. But how do you reconfigure it into another product? You can recycle it into a laptop case, stash for your fins and more. Some manufacturers professionally reconstruct them into various other products. Hence, the environment is safe, and you have newer products.

Which wetsuits are the best?

Surely, you’ll find several models of wetsuits out there. However, it is always best to get the most excellent quality in the lot. However, to do that you need to get yourself the branded one. Shopping from brands like Kripsol, Astral, Certikin, Emaux, Kripsol, Pentair, Grundfos, Davey, Lubi, and Coleman will ensure that you have the premium quality wetsuit. Moreover, this also makes sure that your product has a longer lifespan and requires less maintenance.

Where to buy wetsuits online in the UAE?

Of course, you need a credible retailer to get some of the finest wetsuits. And if you are in search of such a platform, then let us tell you – your search ends here at From women’s wetsuit on sale to men’s wetsuit on sale, you’ll find an extensive collection of wetsuits at incredible rates from popular brands only on our product search engine . Moreover, you get to shop from over 500 online stores.

If you came all the way to the end, then you are a pretty buyer! So, now it is time that you get real with things and browse through our site. Also, do not forget to explore other sport & outdoor products here. Happy surfing!

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