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About Waveboards

Who wouldn’t want to look cool and show off the modern-day advancements? Well, the easiest way to do that would be to buy a cooler ride, don’t you think? Of course, skateboards and scooters are cool, but emerging from the industry is the new famous waveboards . If you have the zest and thrill, and can’t be a lazy bundle then surely, the waveboards can make your life enjoyable and exciting regardless of your age.

Whether you call it a Ripstick, Caster board or waveboards, these the wave street surfing board surely bring to you a fantastic experience worthy of their price. Due to its excellent performance and reliability, many also call it the Vigourboard. If you are reading this article, then it is because you either want to know about the caster boards or want to own one. In both these cases, you will need guidance to pick the right one. A little research before owning one always leads you to a good choice. That’s mainly because you’ll find many types out there in the market and choosing the best small wave boards can get really hard. Hence, in this article, we’ve listed out everything you need to know about these waveboards.

The various types of waveboards

Well, that said, what exactly are these? Waveboards are two-wheeled, human-powered vehicle. In other words, it is quite similar to a skateboard. The boards come with two narrow platforms. You call them as decks. Also, a metal torsion bar joins these two decks. And how do you ride it? Well, you need to move them back and forth with your foot. That said, you should know that these Ripsticks come in various models, shapes and sizes. And stay updated on multiple models will make your purchasing process convenient and easy. Check out the few popular ones below. We’ve also included important waveboard accessories.

The street waveboards

Street surfing is a fun sport and most people who love thrill love riding them. Apart from that, these street boards are great when it comes to people who want to go a short distance, like travelling to work. However, remember that you must take the necessary safety measure while riding them. Also, you’ll find several types of waveboards that display excellent performance when riding on the streets. Moreover, most models come with 36-degree tilt casters, good foot control, pivoting deck, concave deck and traction that give you maximum support while riding it.

The waveboards with motor

If you are surfers who want power, speed and precision from your waveboards, then the electric waveboards are an excellent choice. The electric waveboards display superior acceleration with sharp corners and fast straights. This gives you unparalleled riding experience. Most of the electric models come in high-quality composites. Moreover, it challenges you with aggressive power. Also, many models come with a slim rear that brings you rapid response and high agility. Additionally, the streamlined body and design come with acute attention to hydrodynamics.

The professional waveboards

The technology seems to improve our health, and this certainly holds in case of these professional waveboards. Indeed, you’ll find many differences when it comes to the professional and regular caster boards. For instance, the professional ones have enhanced features. However, the ones for beginners are straight forward and simpler to use. Therefore, it is best to choose the professional ones after practising on the regular street boards for quite a while. This will help you gain expertise in them. Well, expert or not, it is always necessary to follow safety measures while riding them.

The wave board accessories

Like any other sports gear, these fun elements to are incomplete without the right accessories. From spare parts to bolts, and wheel casters, you need many accessories to keep these caster boards in shape and good condition. Even though your waveboards do not get worn out as fast the skateboards, you need to replace them once in a while. Mainly if you are a frequent user. A fresh pair of wheels will surely give you a smoother ride. Also, note, if you intend to carry your waveboards for longer distance, then a bag to store is necessary.

Waveboard vs skateboard : The difference

Skating or boarding is like an addiction for those who love it. However, you’ll find that there are different versions of this addiction. Though the action is similar in the case of waveboards and skateboards, the primary function remains similar. For example, the skateboard is the most common and conventional form of all basic boards. However, the waveboards are the next in line with different shape and size. In fact, the waveboards seem to be a little more professional and upgraded version of the skateboards. Also, unlike skateboards, these have two separate boards joined by a metal torsion bar.

Tips on how to buy Waveboards online

So, are you excited about picking up a waveboard? Well, if you are, then you probably won’t regret it. However, you need to get them right. It is pretty simple. All you need to do is to consider a few underlying factors and tips that’ll guide you towards your right waveboard. Fortunately, we’ve listed out the important ones that’ll steer you towards your perfect caster boards and will help you buy waveboard online in UAE easily.

  • Explore their models and types – The first and foremost thing you must consider is the type that best suits you. Today you’ll find several varieties of them in the market that come in diverse styles. However, it is always a better idea to know the kind of terrain you are going to ride on and the surroundings. This will help you pick out the right one. Also, make sure to understand their types.
  • Check out the size – Once you’ve determined the type, then you need to look out for the size next. Because size matters. You should choose a size that benefits your skillset, depending on how you skate, or transition while riding. Moreover, the right size will help you ride the waveboard safely and will also enhance the performance, particularly if you’re a professional player.
  • Check out the deck – Waveboards come with two decks. Hence, check out the comfort of the decks. See if your feet sit on the aptly. This also depends on your riding styles. For instance, some prefer wider ones, while some find the narrow ones more comfortable. Also, note that professionals and novice must opt for different ones.
  • Look out for the wheels – This is one of the most crucial aspects of the caster boards. Therefore, you must consider them while buying it. Usually, street skating requires smaller wheels since they are lighter weight and more responsive, making them flip. Moreover, also consider the size of the wheels to get maximum performance from the boards while riding. Check out various online stores to get waveboard wheels for sale.
  • Quality is essential – Last but not least, the quality of the waveboards is paramount. That’s because only a good-quality board will stay strong even when they come across the harsh treatment. And these boards will often face wear and tears. Going for branded ones will ensure that you have the best quality of waveboards in hand. Check out the brands like Oxelo, Ripstik, Decathlon, Tabou Boards, and Naishsails offer some premium quality boards online.

If you are still unclear and in a dilemma on which one to buy, don’t fret too much. You’ll get the hang of it. It will take some time until you develop enough skill to feel the small differences between different models accurately. However, we hope the tips above will surely help you pick the perfect one. But, in the end, it is always your personal choice. Hence, it is best to weigh all the pros and cons of each model and pick them carefully.

Question & Answer

How to ride Waveboard?

The first and foremost thing to do before you start riding your board is put on your safety measures like the helmet. Then get on the waveboard and place your two feet on the decks. Tilt the waveboard slightly forward so that one edge of both the decks is touching the ground. See, which foot forward makes you more comfortable and stand accordingly. Once, you’re all set on the board, now move by pushing your non-dominant foot. And be sure to keep your dominant foot firm in the front. You can wiggle the board to gain momentum. Practise is the key to ride a waveboard successfully.

How to ride wave board faster?

The action of caster boards is just like the skating boards; you can wiggle them in the middle to create the wave motion. And this is also the motion that helps you gain momentum and accelerate your movement. However, if you want higher power and acceleration, then it is best to get yourself the electric caster boards. These motor boards help you ride faster. Moreover, you need not use your feet to gain acceleration. Hence, they are more comfortable and user-friendly when compared to others.

Where to buy a wave board?

Indeed, you’ll find several varieties of caster boards in the market. However, you need to pick a platform that offers you the best quality products at an affordable rate, to get maximum results from your product. Well, if you are on a hunt for such a platform, then do not forget to browse through an endless collection on waveboards on . You’ll find some of the finest selection of boards on our product search engine . Moreover, you could also shop for cheap wave board at incredible prices from over 500 online stores like Namshi, Sun & Sand Sports, Newchic, Ounass, GAP, Lacoste, Menakart, Microless, and many more!

Are waveboards expensive?

Caster boards are fun items to have, and you’ll find them in many types today. Moreover, you can get them at different price points too. You’ll find boards that come in prices as low as AED 300 to as high as AED 1500. However, the choice is always yours to pick the one that best suits your needs. But, always remember – the higher the price, the more excellent the quality. Also, the price determines the quality of the product too, along with the place you purchase from. Some platforms also offer high-quality wave board online sale where you can grab some excellent ones at half the original waveboard cost.

With all the information cited above, in the end, everything boils down to your personal preference. Hence, be sure to assess the product carefully and then go for the final purchase. We hope this article will guide you to pick the right one.

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