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Also called Ping Pong, the Table Tennis sport originated in England in the 1880s. Back there it was an after-dinner amusement for upper-class Victorians. In those times, a line of books was used as a net and rounded top of a champagne cork or knot of strings as a ball. 

In later years, table tennis evolved into the modern game that is now famous across the globe. ITTF now controls the game. Since 1988 table tennis had been an Olympic sport that includes a different event. These include; women’s singles, men’s singles, women’s team and men’s team. The game is played on a 9ft x 5ftx 30 inches high flat playing surface. Also, the International Table Tennis Federation demands an area of not less than 14m long, 7m wide and 5m high for competitive games. This table tennis table surface is uniformly dark coloured and matte. It is divided into two halves by a net of 6.0 inches in height.

Beginner’s guide to picking a table tennis table

If you are the first one in your family to play table tennis, it is better to go for the lower end of the market. Important is to forget the sky touching claims of the manufacturers. Being a beginner, start with a lower end of the market and tear out a normal quality table while learning how to play. Once you get enough skills and become serious about table tennis, replace the worn-out table with an excellent middle-range model of table tennis bats and balls along with an upgraded table. Moving up step by step will not only help you polish your game but will also save your money and gadgets. However, keep in mind that even the lowest quality table tennis table must have the following features.

Portability of table

It is important to decide whether you are going to keep the table set up permanently or not. Yes, you can choose to frequently pack it up and put it away when not needed. Also, if you are going to be taking it up and down regularly, you may need something easier to set up. Here you can consider a fold-up model. These models are easy to manage and handled by one person. They come with rollers and allow the users to move them from one place to another quickly. Moreover, you can find tables with brakes on the wheels that can help you stop the table from moving around while in use.

The thickness of the table

Table tennis tables come with varying thicknesses. Some players believe that only table tennis tables with a 1-inch thickness of top are worth buying. They are reasonable and help the players to enhance their game with a firm grip. Meanwhile, these tables also offer nicer and more even bounce as similar to 0.75-inch thickness. Technically a thicker top offers more bounce, consistency and truer throughout the surface area. The thickness also varies with the material. For example, the outdoor tables have an aluminium layer with wood on the top, bottoms and sides. A wooden top with at least 1/2 inches thickness is ideal for recreational play. Whereas institutional tables are about 5/8 to ¾ thick.

The net, legs and levelling of the table

The table must have strong support and legs. It is because they are going to take a considerable beating over the next few years. The table should also have leg levellers on the bottom. It comes in handy when the floor you are playing on isn’t level. You can screw them in and out to adjust the balance and height of the table as it stands above 30 inches. The third important thing is to look for the net with an attachment that has a soft covering where they grip the table. Also, make sure the clamps are used on the net don’t dig into the surface or the underside. Make sure you don’t need to drag the net clamps when you have to take the net on and off.

The budget for your table tennis table

The first thing to consider is that it is not the table only that will take money out of your pocket. So before deciding the budget for the table consider the cost of other essentials. Generally, ping pong tables range from a few hundred dollars to highly professional and premium models that can right away burn a thousand dollars in your pocket. Here the brand is pretty much a matter of choice, but mostly for functionality alone, there is an extensive collection of amazing tables out there. An average table, however, must not cost you more than $700 to give you some decent experience. This range is also ideal for those who want a ping pong table for occasional sporting activity.

Tips on how to buy Table Tennis Tables online in the UAE

So, you wish to buy a table tennis table for your home or office. It is not an easy decision. There are loads of choices available in the market. Hundreds of brands, thousands of styles, variety in material and fluctuating prices all stand in line to welcome you. With so many options a common question is if you should buy a cheap one or spend a considerable fortune? Hopefully, this blog can help you. This blog post is all about sharing advice on how you can tell a good quality table from a bad one. Which brands are best and how much one should spend on. So, no matter if you need a ping pong table for the club, home or school, here is the ultimate set of tips to buy the best table tennis tables in Dubai.

  • Understand the quality of the table – An ideal table tennis table is the one that is thicker at the top. Here the thickness should range from 12mm to 25mm. The rule is simple – more compressed = higher quality and thinner = poorer quality. Try to avoid minimum thickness as of 12mm. Rather prefer going for medium thickness which stands among 22 to 25mm.
  • Consider the brands – Not all brands are reliable. And when it comes to investing some serious amount or polishing your skills for the professional game, reliability matters. Luckily finding a trusted brand is not hectic. There are several good ping pong table manufacturers. Some of the reliable and professional recommended names are Kettler, Stiga Sports, Joola and Butterfly.
  • The cost of a table – This is probably one important aspect of your shopping venture. You can buy cheap table tennis tables that will cost around $100. Or you can make a wise decision by investing for one in a table with reasonable thickness. Cheap tables are low cost because of a reason- they are not reliable. Whereas a thicker table may cost a bit more but will stay with you for a while.
  • The buying policies matter – Online shopping comes with many perks. You can explore as many options as you want, get them delivered to your doorstep and can return if not satisfied. But, make sure you have all these facilities served by the seller provider. To know what flexibilities you can enjoy, read the product details. Also, read buying terms and conditions to understand how much ground and flexibility you have to play in.

Recommendations are always important when it comes to buying anything online. Hundreds of sellers offer live reviews from their existing or previous customers. These customers reviews help the new buyers to understand the functionality and quality of the product they are planning to buy. It also gives additional information about the product that is not available or missed otherwise. Therefore, we recommend our buyers review every aspect and piece of information in detail before making any buying decision and booking a product.

Question & Answer

Where to buy table tennis tables?

Here at we have more than 500 top brands selling high quality branded sport and outdoor products. We strive to offer nothing less than optimum quality and economical rates of products that are trusted by professionals. Some of the brands that we can name here are Kettler, Killerspin, Stiga Sports, Joola, Butterfly, Dunlop, Cornilleau, and Harvil. You can use our price comparison tool to find and compare products based on your price preferences. Hence, making your buying more reliable, convenient and efficient.

What size are table tennis tables?

Officially acceptable table tennis is the one with 2.74 m length and about 1.525 m widths. Such tables have a height of about 76cm. International Table Tennis Federation approves these sizes. These tables need to be 76cm above the ground and must have a clean and flat surface. However, according to ITTF, a recreational table tennis table is 9 feet long, 5 feet wide and about 2.49 feet high. In some cases, they can be 84 by 42 inches or even smaller sizes. Despite there are slight variations in the construction and material used, these sizes are respected globally.

Which table tennis tables to buy?

The table tennis tables are available in two basic categories, namely outdoor tables and indoor tables. Some of the best-selling indoor tables include names like Butterfly Compact 19, Stiga Advantage, Dunlop Evo 8500, Joola Tour 2500, Butterfly Europa 25, and the Killerspin Revolution. Whereas in the outdoor category the best-selling names include; Joola Outdoor, Elite Outdoor TT Table, Galaxy Outdoor TT Table, and Kettler Classic 10. Some other bestselling items include; Butterfly Junior Table Tennis Table, International Deluxe Model TT Table.

Are table tennis tables expensive?

What they say is that an average table tennis table falls in the range of $150 to $400. This price limit is specific to indoor table tennis tables. Whereas for outdoor styles the average price range is $400 to $700. In the meantime, the average cost co conversion tops are somewhat between $200 to $300. However, despite these average prices, many luxurious high-end tables can add value to your home and office aesthetics while facilitating you in playing ping pong.

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