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About Table Tennis Bats

Also known as table tennis bats paddle or racket, table tennis players use these small bats to hit the ball to the opponent and make a score for a win. Usually, a table tennis bat (also known as table tennis rackets) is made from laminated wood with a layer of rubber on one or both sides of the paddle. Unlike common paddle, these bats do not have any strings strung across the open frame.

Currently, there are different types of surfaces of table tennis bats available in the market. A bat has an impact on the spinning capabilities of the bat and ball. For instance, a player may have a heavy-spin rubber on one side and no spin on the other side of the bat. In such cases, the players can flip the racket in the game to serve different types of returns. The colour of the two sides is always different. Apart from different colours on two sides, these tennis rackets have many other features. All these features are important to consider while buying and using them. As not all beginners have an idea about these features, we are here to help. This article will help you understand the construction of a tennis bat and how to buy one to master the game.

Guide to choose table tennis bats for beginners

Nothing can confuse a table tennis player more than deciding what their first table tennis bat should be. Surely it is an important milestone when you are ready to graduate from that sports store paddle to actual table tennis bats and balls. It is the time when you are ready to develop your style. Making wrong choices at such times can drastically lower your rate of improvement. Keeping that in mind, this article will focus on what a beginner table tennis player must look for when they are ready to own an actual table tennis bat. At first, never try to buy a locally manufactured bat from any general sports store. Secondly, even if you are at a branded store, the following is what you need to consider while selecting an article from the shelves.

Decide about the blade

The first major step is to decide the type of blade you would like to use. There is an overwhelming variety of blades out there in the market. And if you believe the hypes, everyone will make you world champion in a stroke. But experts suggest starting with an all-around blade. Prefer choosing a reputable manufacturer like Palio, Joola or Andro. Search with the brand name at and find an exciting range of these brands online. As a beginner, never settle for a blade that is too fast or too slow. Consider the fact that you are at the stage of developing your style. Going anywhere else than a moderate speed will lower your grip on the skills and style you want to master.

The grip table tennis is important

Once you are done with the blade and brand, it is time to give some serious thought to the pros and cons of a good grip. There are different grip types available in the market, namely; penholders, see-miller, shake hand etc. Beginners should keep in mind that it is considerably difficult to change grip styles once you start grooving your techniques. Always consider a handle that makes you feel good and keep that with you for the rest of your life. Some common choices these days include straight and flared handles. Meanwhile, you can also see conic and anatomic handles as well. Many believe flared is good for forehands, and the straight handle is best for hitting backhands.

The rubber of your light table tennis bats

As a beginner, you must consider using a bat with smooth rubbers on both sides. Plus, stay away from pimples rubber – no matter if it’s with or without a sponge. These are special types of rubbers where each offers limited types of strokes and spins. Whereas, being a beginner, you need a bat that offers maximum options to develop your game as possible. Hence, an all-around smooth rubber bat must be your pick. Most beginners find it harder to control as compared to the older bats. But the important is to stick to it and get used to it as soon as possible. You can look for a bat with rubbers like Mark V or Sriver. Otherwise, rubber with a 1.5mm sponge would be OK.  

Words about changing equipment

The worse idea in table tennis is to change your equipment on and off. Never do that. Specifically, when you are just at the begging of your career. According to experts, for each type of rubber and blade, try to stick to it for at least six months. Try discovering your ideal equipment. Don’t end up buying it from a top store just because it’s famous. Spend at least 2 hours trying it and conclude if this is exactly what you need or not? Beginners! Keep in mind; every piece of equipment has its advantages and disadvantages. Try to figure it out by practising more and more. Some reasons to consider a change can be that you want more spins, more speed, low-throw, different attack style or more control, etc.

Tips on how to buy Table Tennis Bats online in the UAE

For beginners, there is no need to worry much about buying a table tennis bat. They are the ones with maximum freedom, options and flexibility to shop. They can start by choosing an all-around bat from reliable manufacturers like Butterfly or Joola. These bats have a larger sweet spot and offer you more success. Plus, you can learn maximum control on the ball along with getting a grip on core table tennis strokes. Also, keep your budget generous but don’t spend loads of money at this stage. You are not at the stage of saving money but exploring new horizons. Look for high-quality bats from reliable brands. When you head to buy table tennis bats and a net, here is what to keep in mind.

  • Place – By place, we mean trusted retailers or online shopping websites like ae. It is where you can find the most variety from top trusted and famous global brands for sports equipment, including the best table tennis bats for sale in Dubai.
  • Brand – Here, you can find more than 500 brands selling quality products. Each brand is known for its highest quality, reliable and long-lasting products and best customer services. You can either go with a friend’s recommendation you follow your will to decide which brand you would like to trust and shop.
  • Budget – Different brands have different prices for a single style or form of a bat. A bat that is cheaper at a new brand will be expensive at Andro or Palio. Better is to set a realistic budget and try not to go beyond that price limit. However, buying a highly expensive item at the begging level is not recommended.
  • Overall reviews – You can develop trust and familiarity with products and brands by reading reviews of existing customers. Check the reviews given on the product page as well as on third party sites to know the performance of the bat. It will also help you clear the fog if you must buy the selected type or bat or reconsider your decision.
  • Product details – If the product is similar to what you have been looking for, dig deep. Visit the product description section. This is where you will read everything about the make, model, material, usage, and other specifications of the product. Reading this section in detail can help you affirm or change your decision as per your needs and preferences.
  • Buying Policies – Buying online always offers you an opportunity to review your decision. These additional cautions save your time and money from buying the wrong products. This is exactly why you must read the online buying, return and exchange policies. This way, you can have an idea of what to do if the order is not as per your needs or expectations.

Online shopping is fun and convenient side by side. However, buying from any retail search engine online is a serious job to do. It is always better to perform detailed market research and study every aspect of the gadget. Always analyse your needs and make sure you have a list of selective types and models before you head to search for one. It can not only keep you focused but will save the time that you will spend exploring random websites.

Question & Answer

Why are table tennis bats red and black?

A standard tennis bat has two different colour rubbers on each side. Apparently, the two rubbers do not have hugely noticeable differences other than a few variations in spin or speed. But there are a few versions that have a drastic difference between the two sides. Many believe that the red side is faster and offers fewer spins. Therefore, we can see many professionals using it for their forehand and black side for their backend strokes. Whereas some players claim that the black side is thicker than the red. They say that the black side gives more spins to the ball. This is why it is popular among top Chinese players who take full advantage of it.

How much are table tennis bats?

The price of a table tennis bat varies according to brand, type of rubber and level of professionalism. However, on average, the cost of quality and branded table tennis paddles fluctuates between AED 100 to 1000. But if you need something reasonable and economical, here are a few names to consider; STIGA Pro Carbon, Killerspin JET 800 Speed N1, Stiga Evolution, DHS Hurricane II, and the Palio Expert 2. To explore more options, you can visit the product section and decide your pick.

What table tennis bats do professionals use?

Generally speaking, every professional has his/her own choice when it comes to sporting equipment. Many brands offer customised equipment manufacturing services for a top player. Meanwhile, many professionals also like to pick products that are already available in the stores. Here are some of the highly recommended tennis bats from professionals; DHS HURRICANE-II Tournament Ping Pong Paddle, the STIGA Tournament-Quality Titan Table Tennis Racket and the Butterfly Zhang Jike Box Set.

Where to buy table tennis bats?

If you wish to buy high quality reliable and branded table tennis bat, you are already in the right place. Here at we have more than 500 brands offering reliable sports equipment like table tennis bats, nets, balls and much more. Some brands to name are; Stiga, Palio, Killerspin, Yasaka Mark, Joola, Butterfly, Andro, Tibhar, and Evolution. Here you can use our price comparison tool to get access to budget-friendly products in just one click. To explore what we have more for you to visit our sports and outdoor section and get the global market on your palmtop.