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About Pool Vacuum Cleaners

The joys of pool ownership are boundless! Entertaining, swimming, and keeping cool during those hot summer months. But, with all this comes along the responsibility of keeping it clean and hygienic too. Unless you want a green swamp, a breeding ground for diseases, and a dirty pool, you need to have a pool vacuum cleaner to make your pool cleaning job a breeze.

Although you could clean your pool manually, it is always better to use a pool vacuum cleaner. It is not efficient but also saves a lot of your time. Usually, it would take about 5 hours for a single person to clean a medium-sized pool. Hiring cleaners too is expensive. Hence, it is better to invest in good quality pool cleaners. So, what exactly is a pool vacuum cleaner, and how does it work? Typically, you’ll find two kinds of pool cleaners – the manual one and the automatic one. The primary function of both of them is the same. The pump pulls water into your skimmer and through some pipes to your filter. The filter catches the sediments and gunk. Then a pump pushes that freshly cleaned water through some more pipes. You’ll find many types of them too. In this article, we highlight them and more about the pool cleaners.

Types of swimming pool vacuum cleaners

A pool is easier to clean if you maintain them consistently. Also, remember that the more time it passes between the cleaning, the harder it is to clean. In such cases, the automatic cleaner is your best choice. Moreover, the decision to get the best pool vacuum cleaners involves a great deal of research. From sizes to shapes, to colours and characteristics, you need to go a painstaking effort to determine every minute detail. Well, it is a good thing, as you’ll be able to take a wise decision. However, it is also very important that you know and understands the various types available in the market to make your buying process a breeze. Below we’ve listed a few major ones that you mustn’t leave out to check when hunting for your perfect pool cleaners.

The pressure automatic pool cleaner

You also call them the pressure-side cleaner. These cleaners use the pump’s power to accelerate their movement along the surface of the pool. Moreover, they operate with their power, without depending on the pool circulation system. Plus, they are mounted on wheels to help you move them quickly. Furthermore, no stress is added to the pool filters because pool cleaners come equipped with their filter bags. If you couple these with a booster pump, they become more power cleaners. However, note that pressure cleaners do not scrub the pool surfaces as good as the contact-type cleaners do. Hence, these are good for pools that have large amounts of debris or dirt.

The swimming pool robot cleaner

Robotic cleaners are one of the most popular types of automatic pool vacuum cleaners. This is because they are powered independently and do not depend on the pool circulation system. Out of all the pool vacuum cleaners, these are the most efficient as they do not make use of the pool pump system. They come with their in-built motor. Hence, they consume the least amount of energy. These in-built cleaners automatically even the smallest of particles from the pool surface. The cleaner is in contact with either the floor or the wall of the pool, throughout the cleaning procedure. This way, it gives the pool a thorough cleaning that usually happens with manual cleaning.

The in-ground pool vacuum cleaner

In-floor pool cleaners are best for more luxurious in-ground swimming pools. Most of them are installed during the construction process itself. Usually, you install jets at the bottom of the pool. They necessarily connect to its return line. When you switch on the whole system, the heads pop up and a booster pump creates and forces a high-pressure swirl of water. This produces a strong current that in turn, pushes the heavy debris and dirt to move away from the pool’s floor. This pool vacuum cleaner system is ideal for those who would not mind spending a few extra bucks. Additionally, they are apt for those who prefer to install the cleaning system while constructing the pool itself.

The suction self-cleaning pool vacuum

This is also one of the popular pool cleaners. It connects to the pool filtration system. It typically uses the pump action of the filters to collect all the debris and dirt. Hence, this pool vacuum cleaner requires a pump system throughout the entire cleaning procedure. Also, for larger pool sizes, you may have to replace the cleaners quite often. That’s because the pump must run the whole time. Moreover, this also requires the pump to utilize more power as compared to the other types of pool vacuum cleaners. Hence, these cleaners work well with pools that have a pre-existing pump and filter system that is working and is in good condition. However, remember you need to backwash it regularly to get the best suction pool cleaner with maximum efficiency and performance.

Tips on how to buy Pool Vacuum Cleaners online

It is one thing to own a swimming pool and another thing to keep it hygienic and clean at all times. Well, it is even harder to buy a pool vacuum cleaner that displays high efficiency and performance. Fortunately, the market has brought us some of the best pool vacuum cleaners that help you clean your pool without much hassle. However, the real challenge is to pick the perfect one. Luckily, we’ve listed a set of fundamental elements to consider when you set out to buy online pool vacuum cleaners in Dubai.

  • Assess your pool – Even before you go in search of the best pool vacuum cleaner to buy, first understand the dimensions of your pool. It is an excellent idea to determine the size, shape and design of your pool. Check if your pool is above the ground or in-ground. Is it a residential or commercial pool? In other words, the pool vacuum cleaners you buy must adjust to the pool of diverse sizes and shapes.
  • Explore the types – Before buying a pool vacuum cleaner, it is essential to understand its various kinds. You’ll find many different types of cleaners out there in the market. For example, you’ll find robotic cleaners, suction side cleaners, pressure-side cleaners, in-floor cleaners, and many more. You must choose the one that best suits your pool and needs.
  • Examine the features – Once, you choose your type, it is better to check the features that they offer. That’s because each type of pool vacuum cleaner has different characteristics. Understanding them will help you make a wise decision when it comes to buying them online. Moreover, you will have one that best suits you.
  • Check cleaning cycle – A cleaning cycle is vital to measure the efficiency of the pool vacuum cleaners. A cleaning cycle is the exact number of hours at which a pool vacuum cleaners run before shutting down automatically. In fact, the longer the cleaning cycle, the better the pool cleaner is. Hence, always take a look at them.
  • Look out for the rate of filtration – Once, you check out the cleaning cycle, the next it in line is the rate of filtration. The rate of filtration is the speed at which a pool vacuum cleaner can clean within a specified period. In other words, a pool cleaner with a high filtration rate will also have a high capacity to store high amounts of dirt and debris.
  • Check the hose length – This is one of the most important factors to consider. Before, buying the pool vacuum cleaner, ensure that the hose length runs from one end to the other end of the pool. Also, make sure that it has an additional plus one meter or two. This way, you’ll have ample length to clean the pool throughout.
  • Assess the durability – A few among the many pool vacuum cleaner last longer when compared to the others. A good indication of their longevity is the length of the warranty they offer. In other words, the longer the warranty, the higher the lifespan of the product. Hence, it is best to go for the one that comes with high durability.
  • Look out for the price – The price is one of the most crucial factors to consider when it comes to buying the product online. You must look out for the price, mainly if you are on a budget. Note, robotic cleaners are usually the most expensive. However, they are also the most efficient ones too. They can also run without your help.
  • Read reviews online – An online purchase is incomplete without reading a bunch of reviews. This is because the comments from the customers help you get genuine feedback about product efficiency and performance.

It is undoubtedly challenging to relax in a pool full of dirt, debris, and slime. Hence, cleaning is imperative. But, if you do not want to spend your entire day cleaning your pool, then acquiring a pool vacuum cleaner is a good idea. After all, it is your pool, and it is you and your family who are going to use it. Hence, make sure to assess the characteristics of the pool vacuum cleaners carefully before you buy one. We hope the tips above will steer you toward your perfect swimming pools and jacuzzis .

Question & Answer

How does a pool vacuum cleaner work?

Once you are in the market hunting for your perfect pool vacuum cleaners, you’ll come across many models, types and sizes. Though the underlying functionality is similar in all the cleaners, the performance might differ. You’ll see that most pool cleaners are attached to the pump and filtration system of the pool. Once in place, the suction stops going through the pump and goes through the vacuum instead. This way, you clean the bottom of the pool and both the sides, instead of just filtering the water alone.

How to use a pool vacuum cleaner?

Using the pool cleaner makes the task of cleaning your pools easy. It suctions up all the dirt. Typically, you’ll find two significant kinds of pool cleaners – a manual and an automatic one. For manual ones, you need to attach the vacuum head to one end of the telescopic pole. This way, you can move the vacuum head along the bottom of the pool. Then attach the other end of the vacuum to the vacuum head. Hold the pole in your hand and lower the vacuum head into the pool and clean. However, the automatic ones work differently. They usually require the pool pump to work.

Is a pool vacuum cleaner expensive?

There are many different types of pool vacuum cleaners, and they are all available at various price points. Usually, the pool vacuum cleaner’s cost depends on the standards, brand and model of the cleaners. Moreover, it also depends on the place where you purchase the product. Also, the pool vacuum cleaner attachments and accessories add to the price. Generally, robotic pool cleaners are the most expensive ones. But you can explore a retail search engine to compare products for price and make a buying decision within your budget.

What’s the best pool vacuum cleaner?

The definition of the ‘best pool cleaner’ differs from person to person. The one that suits someone else might not suit you. However, brands like Intex, Hayward, Pentair, Vingli, Roomba, Polaris, Aquascan, and Aquabot consistently offer you high-quality pool vacuum cleaners. Moreover, you could also shop for them within your budget. You get some of the best swimming pool vacuum cleaners for sale from popular brands.

Where to buy pool vacuum cleaners?

Be it a manual pool cleaner or an automatic one, purchasing them from a trustworthy retailer is imperative. If you are in search of such a platform, then do not miss out to check on the product list offered by From high-quality cheap pool vacuum cleaners to clothing, electronics and more, you’ll find anything and everything on our product search engine at incredible rates. Here you can find sports and outdoor products from brands like Intex, Hayward, Pentair, Yingli, Roomba, Polaris, Aquascan, and Aquabot.