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About Jacuzzis

Do you know, soaking in a hot tub can earn you countless health benefits? That’s right. The hot tubs or jacuzzis bring us much more than relaxing soaking and luxurious feels. They also have endless health benefits. For instance, they are ideal for people looking to kick back muscular cramps and relax.

Studies have shown that a high-quality hot tub can enhance your life in ways you may not have considered before. Hot tubs bring you closer to nature by destressing your mind and body. Many suggest that the periodical use of the jacuzzi improves your overall wellbeing. Regular sessions result in reduced stress, ease in pain, improved quality of sleep and increased flexibility. However, not everyone can go to spas and body saloons to get the treatment. And this is where the jacuzzi gets a safe passage to our homes. Today, many people around the globe are taking benefits from their Jacuzzis in their bathrooms or in-house sauna. Here are some benefits they are enjoying now.

Medically proven health benefits of Jacuzzi’s bathtubs

Are you suffering from back pain, muscle aches or stress? Relaxing in a sauna or hot tub can help for sure. From immensely improved circulation to relief from pain in joints, a hot tub and sauna offer many health benefits. To many, it is a must after a long, tough day at work. This is why the ever-increasing health benefits list kills all the excuses to hop in a jacuzzi hot tub after a hectic day. And to be honest, not all people need “reasons” to take spa baths. They are pretty enjoyable all on their own and can relieve stress leaving us clean and refreshed.  Nevertheless, there are even more reasons to take spa baths, some of which are highlighted in this article.

Better sleep and improved cardiovascular health

Hot water helps in promoting muscle relaxation that result in calm and quick sleep. It happens when you put your stressed and tired body in a hot water tub and heat raises your body temperature. Here a modern jacuzzi applies water pressure on your body in lukewarm water. It works as a body massager that works precisely by relaxing your body muscles. Meanwhile, the jacuzzi helps you immerse your body in pressurised water, giving you a mild cardiac workout. The pressure of water on your body also increases cardiac volume and helps it work harder and stay healthy for longer.

Alleviate pains and lower the blood pressure

We just explained how hot water could help in relaxing your body. It can also alleviate different types of pains and aches including those linked with athletic injuries like muscle pulls and arthritis. So, if you are in extreme pain and not a broken bone, a nice soak in a jacuzzi can help you feel better. Whereas Thomas Allison (a researcher from Mayo Clinic) studied and suggested that sitting in a spa bath can considerably lower blood pressure. It is ideal for people at risk of heart issues or who are suffering from problems like hypertension. Of course, if the problem is acute, consulting a physician is a must. However hot water bath is an aid recommended by all.

Aids in weight loss and type 1 Diabetes

Few studies showed a positive relationship between spa hot baths and health issues like diabetes and obesity.  According to these researches, diabetic patients that take a regular bath can reduce their blood sugar and glucose level. Such studies also claim that taking a spa bath for about 30 minutes per day can reduce about 4 pounds of your body fat. Yes, you lose those unwanted pounds without making a single change to your routine diet or doing any exercise. So, are you thinking about making a luxury jacuzzi time part of your diet plan? If not yet, it’s worth giving some serious consideration. Plus, it will reduce prolonged stress and keep you healthy in mind, body, and soul.

Build self-esteem and confidence and manage anxiety

A satisfied body welcomes positive and productive thoughts that bring loads of happiness and inner peace to your life. See how things are interconnected? Amazingly a spa bath is a doorway to welcome all these things in your life. An hour in jacuzzi bathtubs can bring many tangible benefits for you. By the end of the hour, you feel lighter, most optimistic and happier than you were before getting in. Moreover, a good soak before any big event can also help you relax your muscles, increase blood flow, and get some inner glow that might need no makeovers to make you shining start of the night. Instead will give you loads of confidence and will prepare you mentally for the night ahead.

Tips on how to buy Jacuzzi online in the UAE

Hot tubs or spas are much more than just a giant portable jacuzzi outdoor for lounging with your romantic partner and a drink. They are a lifesaving hero when it comes to earning some health benefits. A jacuzzi hot tub part of your day can add all the necessary hydrotherapy that your life needs. It can improve the circulation of blood and help you stay stress-free by the end of each day. However, the selection of an above ground jacuzzi is also a fun activity. However, just like any other big-ticket purchase choosing the right spa according to your need’s means sorting many options at once. Here are some handy tips to help you select a suitable choice for you.

  • Research online – Starting with some research on different types of jacuzzi is a good idea. Many people are using above ground jacuzzi. Reading their reviews can help you open up your mind. It will also help you develop all the necessary familiarity with the outdoor hot tub before buying one.
  • Considering reliable manufacturers – Remember, not all hot tubs are the same. During the search, look for reputable tub makers and read customer reviews about their products. A good reputation means they offer good quality and may be affordable, technically qualified and come with a warranty.
  • The pricing factor – Before hitting the shopping cart page, browse and study all the possible options available online. Based on your research, decide your essentials and non-essentials. While shortlisting your needs, consider the fact that each feature will add dollars to the price section.
  • The size of the jacuzzi – Maybe you dreamt of having a two-person or a family size jacuzzi but choosing the size also defines the capacity of the tub. It is a major consideration. However, it is always an ideal option to buy a tub according to the size of your family or friends you want to enjoy the jacuzzi with.
  • The efficiency of the Jacuzzi – Sometimes, the most luxurious purchase goes unused if it needs too much effort to use or maintain. It would help if you considered the fact that hots tubs are unlike common bathtubs. Even the simplest hot tub takes a lot of work, but you can find many automated items to use without any hassle if you plan correctly.

A modern style jacuzzi needs water pumping and electricity; hence considering the hot tub accessories is also an important part of the process. Therefore, it important is to do detailed market and product research and evaluate your needs in real-time. It can help you make reliable and practical decisions by searching for cheap Jacuzzis to buy. In the meantime, it important is to search for a jacuzzi for sale from reliable retailers and sellers. As only this way, you can have access to high-quality products to justify the investment you are planning to make in this luxurious leisure article for your home.

Question & Answer

Are jacuzzi’s bad for toddlers?

According to professionals’ children and toddlers must always get in the water with adult supervision. Most recommended is to not allow children under 12 in the hot tub. Whereas many set age limits to 5 years. One reason for this limitation is that children could not tolerate the heat temperature of the water. While at times, the chemicals and bubbles in the hot tub water can also be harmful. In such cases, a jacuzzi is a big no-no for toddlers in any case.

What are jacuzzis good for?

Jacuzzi is known and trusted for offering many health benefits. A regular jacuzzi routine can help the individual gain many physical and mental health benefits. With the optimum and stress-free procedure of muscle relaxations, the jacuzzi offer relief from joint pains. In the meantime, medical science has also listed it as an exercise to improve blood circulation and pressure. Such impacts result in an enhanced physical state in diabetic and heart patients. In the meantime, people with obesity and arthritics have also enjoyed profound benefits with regular jacuzzi use.

How safe are jacuzzis?

Jacuzzi offers a potential environment for the growth of bacteria. These bacteria can make anyone sick and cause different types of diseases and infections. One of the most common types of bacteria you can find in the jacuzzi is Pseudomonas and Legionella. They can cause pneumonia, skin rashes, ear infections and many other health issues. It is thus vital to consider and maintain recommended cleaning routine to keep the Jacuzzi reliably healthy for a bath.

How much do jacuzzis cost?

The correct answer is that it depends. The hot tub prices are not an industry secret. The prices of tubs vary based on different factors. Some of these common factors include the tub’s size and the core and secondary features it has, along with the engineering and technology. Meanwhile, the quality, material and design of the tub also result in price fluctuations. Plus, if you are heading to buy from is a reliable brand, expect a shift in prices. Therefore, we recommend you stay flexible in setting your budget limit when you head to buy a jacuzzi online.

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