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About Inflatable Swimming Pools

Having a private pool used to be an impossible dream for many of us. The core reasons included costs of installation, the maintenance cost and process and lack of sufficient space to accommodate this luxury. However, with the advent of inflatable pools, the dream has now become a reality.

An inflatable swimming pool is a convenient and portable option between the expensive and permanent in/above ground pools and a low-cost plastic wading pool. An inflatable pool has durable yet soft to touch plastic sides attached with an inflatable ring around the top. This special construction offers added comfort and safety to the user. Most inflatable pools come with a uniform depth that stands somewhere between three and a half feet. You can fill up these pools for a season and then set them down when not needed. However, they demand regular maintenance with the help of pool chemicals, proper filtration system, cleaning equipment and process just like standard pools.

Benefits of using deep inflatable swimming pools

For many years, portable inflatable swimming pools were considered toys for kids. Lately, a new trend came up where families like inflatable swimming pools for families and friend’s gathering. These big inflatable swimming pools have massive leverage over traditional pools in terms of installation and maintenance cost and space occupancy etc. The best thing is that these pools come in many different shapes and sizes. At the times when the traditional and permanent above-ground and below-ground pools are common, these pools come in handy for people with a limited budget and occasional swimming moods. Here are some common benefits people enjoy with inflatable pools.

Affordability of a big inflatable swimming pool

Inflatable pools are very easy to acquire as they come with unbelievably lower cost as compare to traditional hard-sides underground pools. On average you can have an inflatable pool for as low as $100. However, the cost is also based on the capacity, dimension, make and additional features of the pool. However, the fact is that the idea of inflatable swimming pools has made it possible for an average person to get one for him, friends or family. The affordability of these pools is also the reason why people include them into their special occasion entertainment packages like outdoor parties. However, it is also important to compare prices and specifications of different tubs before buying.

Ease of assembly and use

These pools are very easy to set up and install. This is unlike in-ground pools that need careful planning, designing and construction to give you required benefits. Moreover, you do not need any professional architect or builder to deal with the construction process. Plus no need to worry about what material to choose, no heavy machinery and expensive labour needed. All that you will need is space, a good pool as per your needs and a compatible pool pump (inflating or vacuum machine). What remains behind to consider is loads of water to fill the pool. All you should do is to keep the top ring inflated and pump in some clean water and enjoy swimming.

Lesser water consumption and chemical usage

Here is the catch for eco-friendly people. You can save water and enjoy swimming at the same time. The unique sizes and construction of inflatable swimming pool do not demand gallons of water. You can fill the pool with water and let it cool for the remainder of the day. At the same time, there is no need for tons of expensive chemicals to keep the pool clean. One primary reason is that these pools do not accommodate debris and bacteria like concrete pools. Even the lowest dosage of chlorine can work wonders to retain the pool water uncontaminated for any day. On the other hand, you can recycle this water for other activities like watering the backyard or washing your car.

Safety and fun features of inflatable pools for babies

As mentioned earlier, these pools are available in varying sizes and shapes. Hence you can buy a pool that is suitable for younger kids and toddlers. You can also find different kid-oriented features like inflatable swimming pools with slides. These pools add safety and fun to family times. Generally, these pools contain less than 3 feet of water which is secure for kids to play in without a mere chance of drowning.  Moreover, these pools are safer because all the corners and bottom of the pool are bouncy and soft. Hence getting any leg or head injury by hitting the wall is almost impossible. This is, in fact, the core reason why most parents prefer portable pools over in-ground pools.

Tips on how to buy a portable Inflatable Swimming Pool in Dubai

Water has unbelievable healing and soothing powers. This is the reason why swimming is ranked among the top sport and leisure activities by many around the globe. Even those who were not able to afford a swimming pool are not enjoying swimming with the help of portable swimming pools. And with the introduction of the idea, the popularity of swimming has increased considerably. Now, there is no reason for you not to make swimming a part of your life. However, with endless fun and relaxation possibilities comes the stress of choosing the best type of pool for you. To ease the purchase process, we are about to share some words of wisdom on how to buy the best portable pool online.

  • Know the types – Inflatables pools come in variations of shapes, sizes and with contrasting features. Doing some homework and deciding what set of size, capacity or features you need can help you save your time during the buying venture. The decision must be according to the number and age of users, their interests and the space you own.
  • Consider your settings – Here you need to consider the space in your property where you wish to install the pool. It should be open-air with no trees hanging around. Outdoor with proper sunlight as well behind the fence or shrubs can keep the water fresh and avoid excessive evaporation.
  • Consider local regulations – There are laws we all should abide. If you opt to buy an above ground pool, read the rules and regulations. Always buy a pool that abides by these safety regulations as these rules are meant for your safety. There is no bad in being a responsible individual.
  • Consider the price – The price varies with each style. Be a smart buyer and set your budget. Now look for a pool that fits the budget without compromising the requirements. We would advise you to buy a bigger size pool as it will also accommodate your future needs as well
  • Consider the electric and water supply system – Not all pools come with the same pumping and electric systems. There is a whole range of these supplies. Hence read the supply system and air pumping systems of these pools. Consider your ease and buy accordingly.
  • Consider installation process – The Installation process is as important as the quality and buying process of an inflatable pool. Hence, before buying, read the installation requirements and process, check if you will need professional assistance or you can do it on your own.

Most of the above-ground swimming pools demand some serious efforts to install and uninstall pools. The same way installation also plays an important role in inflatable swimming pool safety and long life. It is thus important to consider all the hassle and challenges you may face during installation and usage. To browse through a wide range of high-quality inflatable pools for sale online in the UAE. offer branded and high-quality ground swimming pools and other outdoor equipment and accessories to enhance your fun times with friends and family.

Question & Answer

Are inflatable swimming pools recyclable?

Most of the inflatable pools are made of Polyvinyl Chloride, also known as PVC. Unfortunately, PVC is the hardest plastics to recycle, and this material is present in all inflatables, water wings, kids’ pools, and life jackets and other such items. Therefore, it better is to look for a durable and long-lasting pool where minor wear and tear can be repaired. However, by the end of life, you may need to send them to a professional commercial recycling setup for restructuring.

How-to blow-up swimming pool?

Inflatable pools and beds come with special machines to blow air into the structure. Today you can find these pools either with a built-in air pump or external pump or air vacuum. These machines help in blowing and extracting out the air with easy to handle system. However, many people use DIY hacks like common hair dryers to blow air in and inflate these pools.

How to patch the inflatable swimming pool?

Start with identifying the hole. Once you get to the hole, dry the area and use duct tape to tape the hole temporarily. Now cut another reasonable size duct tape and apply a fine quality super glue on one side of the patch of tape. Make sure the glue is evenly layered. Do not glue the edges as they will leak. Now remove the previously applied tape and apply this glued patch on the hole. Here, make sure the glued patch is completely dry before you let it interact with the water.

Where to buy an inflatable pool?

Here at we have more than 500 brands selling high-quality inflatable swimming pools online in Dubai. Some of the best-selling brands include Intex, Jilong, Costco, and Lazade. These brands are known to offer the highest quality at an economical price among all in the market. In the meanwhile, we at offer you access to these products with just one click. You can use the online price comparison tool to find products within a limited budget.

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