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Professional swimmers believe that the swim cords are one of the most significant assets to any swimming training and development. The versatility and effectiveness are the reasons we can find many swimmers sharing positive thoughts about swim straps. They are also known as swimming armbands or floaties.

These swimming belts take part in stabilisation and muscle balance. From muscle balance to boasting your strength these swim straps are ideal for developing back muscle offsetting the pectoral growth in swimmers. Plus, they also help in recovering and avoiding issues like sore shoulders. Many professionals believe that these swimming straps for pools are effective resistance workout that uses a combination of isolation exercises like biceps or triceps and row exercises. Surprisingly the number of benefits of a swimming cord are extensive enough to instate in one discussion. Therefore, today we have tried to pen down the most common features and uses of swim straps.

Understanding the common functions of swimming straps for pools

No swimmer should ever underestimate the effectiveness of a swim cord. Undoubtedly it is the most efficient tool to enhance your swimming program. Reportedly they perform many functions including endurance training to speed playing and dry-land resistance training. Swim stretch cords help all the water sports lovers, including water polo players, swimmers and others involved in water-based exercises. They help the users to get the most fun from their leisure water activities. With endless uses and benefits for swimmers today, we will explore some of the most recorded perks these simple stretchable straps bring to the users.

Static swimming and endurance with stretch cords

The use of stretch cords in water is pretty simple and straightforward. These adjustable swimsuit straps are long length nylon belts traditionally made from rubber tubing. They also have a loop for anchoring the object to the side of the pool. We can use these cords in water to help the swimmers enjoy enhanced endurance. It also involved anchoring the cord to one end of the pool and then swimming against the cord. It may include efforts to swim in the same place or reach another end of the pool. This style of swimming serves the individual with a chance to concentrate on their form without interruption of other swimmers or walls of the pool.

Stretch cords for speed play

The second-best way to use such cords is to swim with them. This is also known as assisted swimming. In this type of swimming the coaches or swimmers first stretch the cord to the fullest and then swim with it as it retracts. As a result, the swimmer enjoys added speed. This additional speed highlights any drag-producing issues that result due to body positioning. It helps the swimmers to refine their body position and adjust a higher turnover rate that is needed during competition. The stretch cords, when used for swimming, are the same as the ones used for resistance swimming. However, in this case, the cord is stretched from one end of the pool to the other.

Dry-land training with swimming stretch cords

Here the aquatic players can use the stretch cords while they are out of water. They are also ideal for resistance work. These cords help the individual to mimic the movements they otherwise make in water. According to experts, the dry-land stretch cords are an ideal way to build up back and shoulder muscles. These cords come in varying resistance levels so that the athletes can avoid potential injuries and overloading. Stretch cords for dry-land training come with a specific type of handle and loops. These loops serve users with easy grip and handholds. These cords are used everywhere: pulled against another athlete, looped around the post or as an anchor on an athlete’s body.

Beginner’s considerations for swim straps

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, beginner swimmers can take the most out of swim straps. The newcomers can use this long band with a handle at each end. Better is to purchase bands with different tension levels. Plus look for a multi-purpose band. It can help the user to perform different exercises and match each activity with the correct band. You must know that a band with excessive tension will not let the user complete the full range of an exercise. In the meantime, if the band is not tight enough, the exercise will be too easy and will serve almost no benefits. Hence, no matter what band or exercise you opt for, it should be challenging towards the end of the movement.

Tips on how to buy Swimming Straps online in the UAE

High quality is swimming gadgets are as important as the skills themself. Here recreational sport can be an easy-going task. But when it comes to being in competitive sports like preparing yourself for the Olympics, compromise should never be your cup of tea. The same is the rule for using unique ways to upgrade your skills. Here you will need the help of supporting gadgets like high quality yet cheap swimming straps. As we at strives to serve every customer with high-quality sporting products, swim straps for sale are no exception. However, you should have some serious considerations while buying a swim strap in Dubai. Here are some tips to ease and smooth your process of online swim cord buying.

  • Consider the quality – The swim strap should be flexible yet durable to bear the strain it will face during the practice. A low-quality swim strap will break down easily and will not give your physical benefits. Hence, the quality of the material should be your core concern.
  • Consider the price – A higher quality and reliable product will come with many features and heavy price tags. But when it comes to swimming straps, they stand among the least expensive items. Hence, you don’t need to pay much to enjoy exceptionally high quality.
  • Go for brands – Swimming can be challenging and dangerous at times. This is the reason why professional sportsmen always recommend buying branded swimming accessories. Here at we have more than 500 brands to offer you reliability and trust in sports goods.
  • R ead product details – Once you can find some reliable options, read them inside out. You can consult the product detail section to know everything from size and material to usage and care. Understanding a product can help you make better buying decisions.
  • Read buying policies – Another vital consideration is the buying policies. Different sellers have different terms of return or exchange. It is better to look for a seller who is more flexible with returning a product or offering an exchange if you have an issue with it.

We at strive to offer every single visitor and customer a unique buying experience. At the time when there are dozens of websites claiming to provide quality. We are the sole retail search engine offering the most extensive range of global brands. These brands themselves are tokens of trust among professionals. Meanwhile, to ease the process of buying, we are offering an easy to use price comparison tool. This tool can help you explore in-budget swim straps from all the global brands with just one click. Hence, making your online shopping smarter and more efficient than ever.

Question & Answer

What are the uses of swim straps or floaties?

We all know that swimming is an exceptionally vigorous form of exercise and causes overuse injuries as well as a muscular imbalance. Typical injuries from swimming involve knee and shoulder injuries. A swim bungee cord is the sole solution for all such problems. It helps to develop muscular stamina to combat such issues and keep the body flexible and active for the main course. Swim straps are unique swimming gadgets that help the user to develop and upgrade their endurance and improve flexibility.

What is the best swim straps for goggles?

There is a huge variety of swimming goggles, and so do the supporting straps. Commonly an ideal swim goggles strap will be made of silicon and are adjustable. These straps can be used on most types of goggles. Some to name here include Better times Bungee Straps and Speedo’s Universal Ogle. Both these items are easily adjustable and flexible to make your googles operational and in place, while you dive in.

Where to buy swim straps or floaties?

Here at you can find the premium quality swim straps online. We have more than 500 top global brands selling high quality make and the latest models of swimming straps online in the UAE. These brands include reliable names like Garmin, Finis, Zoggs, Smack Swim, and Petersun swim.  We have an automated price comparison tool that quirkily works, delivering your highly specific results in just one click. Hence, making us a reliable platform for efficient and effective shopping ventures.

Are swim straps (floaties) expensive?

Experts say that swimming can be cheap, and it can be costly. It all depends on what you wish to adopt and what limits you set for yourself. These limits may include sporting activities as well as accessories. Speaking of the cost of swim straps, they stand among the least expensive items in swimming accessories. You can find these swim straps from$ 50 to about $100 maximum. However, some exceptionally high quality, branded and multi-purpose swim straps or floaties can be a bit costly. Hence, it depends on your needs and limits that you wish to carry.

To many, it sounds funny, but the fact is that lifeguards are important even for professional swimmers. That is why you will always find them in the game courts, even in the Olympics and around the best swimmers of the world. Although we can not provide you with those fantastic life-saving people, we at serve something different. Here you can get access to products from top global sports and outdoor stores and order whatever you need for yourself or your family.

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