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About Sports Walking Sticks

A walking cane or sports walking stick is a particular device that aids in walking. It offers postural stability, support and assists in maintaining a good posture. Today these sticks are mainly used in sporting or athletic activities like hiking. However, some designs also work as a fashion accessory or are used for self-defence. These sticks come in different sizes and shapes.

Historically the walking sticks have been known to be an offensive and defensive weapon. Sometimes it may conceal a sword or knife (swordstick). Today they have also become collector’s items. With changing preferences and uses these sticks adopted new names. Hence, we also know them as pilgrim’s staff, trekking poles hiking sticks or poles. With the variety in constructions and names, these sticks have diverse uses. Some use them to part away thick bushes or grass obscuring while hiking, while others use them for support to go uphill or as a brake while coming down. Let’s explore what benefits these sticks can bring to the users and why they are an important part of many lives.

Medically proven benefits of sports walking sticks

Today, walking canes or sticks are widely used for mobility. These sticks help to deal with avoidable injuries during walking (specifically on uneven tracks). In the meanwhile, they are ideally helpful for the elderly and those with lesser stamina to walk on their own. Moving far from how it was perceived in the past, these sticks are now all about maintaining balance and helping in relieving pressure on the joints.  Therapists and health care providers recommend walking poles for people with conditions that affect their muscle, bones, and balance capacities. Here are ways how these sticks can help such people in staying fit and healthy.

Nordic walking sticks for seniors

Many studies suggest the role and importance of walking poles as people age. These sticks help in improving dynamic balance and maintaining stability while moving at later ages. According to many types of research, this Nordic walking helps in improving the flexibility of the lower body better than regular walking. Whereas, it offers better upper body flexibility as compared to any other resistance training. At the time when we can see many elders enjoying walking with poles. They have a positive impact on almost all components of physical fitness for seniors, including better strength, flexibility and cardiovascular state, better self-esteem and walking confidence in elders.

Increased exercise intensity with fitness walking poles

According to the American Heart Association, CDC and many others, at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week reduce health risks. Unfortunately, many people can’t walk fast enough to raise heart rates pushing it to the moderate-intensity zone. Likewise, many are not able to tolerate running. Trekking poles help to build the intensity of exercise at a constant speed gradually. This is why medical expert recommends fitness poles for people with chronic heart failure, osteoarthritis of the keens, coronary artery disease or extreme obesity. They can gradually achieve walking speed without overdoing things by maintaining a healthy amount of exercise.

Parkinson’s Disease and walking sticks

Physical activity and maintained mobility are of core importance for people with Parkinson’s disease. A fitness walking stick once again had proven benefits. The Nordic poles are ideally helpful with proven effectiveness for activities like hydrotherapy, robotic gait training and dancing. Additionally, these poles help Parkinson’s patients to gain confidence in walking and enjoy improved postural stability. However, it is always important to consult your therapist before you head to buy Nordic walking sticks for sale. But if you are an average person and need support to build your stamina, you can consider any model of healthy athletic walking sticks to support your posture and body while walking.

Sports walking sticks for Cancer and PAD patients

For those suffering from PAD (Peripheral arterial disease) or who have gone through breast cancer surgery, particular sports walking sticks are here to help. As in PAD people find themselves limited to walking for short distances. Meanwhile, breast cancer survivor finds extreme pressure on their upper body when they walk after surgery. Here, the upper body is an integral part of rehabilitation, and so do is the cardiovascular exercise during treatment. Studies found that walking with poles improves shoulder mobility as well as upper body muscular endurance for such patients. However, for PAD patients, there are specialised courses with these sticks that can help the patients to improve stamina gradually.

Tips on how to buy Sports Walking Sticks online in the UAE

Sick or healthful, adopting nutritious living habits should always be a priority for everyone. At a time when diet is important, attention to physical activities is also crucial. This is why sports, health and fitness expert keep introducing special equipment for people of all ages, races and physical conditions. With a number of experts in the market, you can find endless options when you head to buy walking sticks online in Dubai. Today we will simplify the process of buying a walking stick for you. So, next time you head to buy cheap hiking sticks, consider these factors in the items you select to buy.

  • The straps – While buying a walking stick, make sure the strap or gauntlet is right for you. Make sure it is comfortable and easy to attach and detach with a durable clip or locking mechanism. Remember, the right pole strap will help you develop a push technique that is necessary for the activity you need to perform.
  • The material of pole – When it comes to Nordic walking, lighter is always better. Comparatively, carbon is stiffer and lighter than aluminium and will offer less vibration on your push while walking the belt. Whereas Aluminium is light and flexible and is a viable option for trekking or hiking.
  • The size of the stick – Your stick must be of the right size according to your height. This is why these poles come in different lengths. There are many adjustable options. So, fix the length of the stick as per your needs. In the end, your elbow must form a 90-degree angle while holding a stick straight against the body.
  • The paws – Unlike the length of sticks, there are not many options here. There are just a few paws styles available in the market. Here you need to be sure that you can change the tips of your stick easily. Also, make sure you can easily add or change rubber tips (also known as Asphalt paws) with ease.
  • Read product details – While shopping online, important is to look at every aspect of the product in-depth. It calls for studying product make, model, material, functionalities and guarantees if any. You can read all these details in the description section. Read attentively and think smartly before you decide.

Here at you can find more than 500 top sports and outdoor brands manufacturing and selling the best sports walking sticks around the globe. Despite the fact here you can easily find cheap options to suit your budget, there are many expensive items out there. Considering cutting your budget on a walking stick can cause you some serious health disasters. It is thus essential to buy only high-quality genuine Nordic walking sticks that can help securely.

Question & Answer

Which are sports walking sticks to buy?

Most people like to have a folding walking stick as it is easier to carry when not needed. Moreover, one can keep them handy, in the car or backpack. Apart from it, some standard features to look for in a high stream gear trekking pole are weight, comfort, folding storage, adjustable height, camera mount etc. Some of the bestselling articles available in the market include; Leki Wanderfreund Walking Staff, Leki Sierra Speedlock Anti-shock Travel Staff, and Brazos Traveler’s Stick.

Are sports walking sticks expensive?

Overall, speaking walking sticks are one of the least expensive items on the hiking and essential mountaineering list. However, the price varies according to the brand, material and features of the stick. It also includes the portability and weight of the stick.  But at we have some exceptionally high quality yet cheap products for sale. Some to name here are; SWIX of Norway Nordic Walking Poles, Pacemaker Stix Aerostride Poles, KeenFit Poles, and the Leki Traveller Nordic Walking sticks along with a long list to explore.

Are sports walking sticks necessary?

Sports walking sticks have many advantages for hikers as well as people facing physical disabilities and lacking. The importance is equally higher in both cases. These sticks offer support to hikers while going upward on an uneven trail and works as a break while going back down. On the other hand, people with obesity, PAD or those who recently went under the knife can get support to stand and walk. After any major physical incident, these sticks help to regain the strength and confidence to walk on your feet.

Where to buy sports walking stick?

Right here at we have more than 500 brands selling walking sticks online in the UAE. These brands are reliable and known to offer high-quality products at a reasonable price. Some brands to name here are; Dick’s, Alpine, Decathlon, Aonijie, and Leki. Whereas other names on the list are; Komperdell, Fizan, Montem, Foxelli, and Kabul.  Here customers like to use the price comparison tool to find dozens of products in their budget. It makes the shortlisting and buying process easier, quicker and smarter with easy access to a range of possibilities in one click.

Above everything else, here you can explore global stores and order whatever you need for you or your family.

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