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You wouldn’t go out hiking or run a marathon without a pair of right footwear. Similarly, you wouldn’t risk wearing casual wear while planning on having some fun in the snow. Well, the same goes for eye protection. You need to have great sports glasses to shield your eyes from any external elements. 

By the way, these sports glasses not just protect your eyes from potential injuries but also makes you look a lot fiercer. Apart from that, they’re an essential piece of sports gear that helps you filter out glare off the water and heightens contrast for ball sports. In other words, protective eyewear, such as specialised sports glasses, help you to eliminate your risk of eye damage. However, remember that you’ll find many different types of sports glasses in the market for diverse sports activities. Hence, exploring them would be a good idea to pick out your perfect one. In other words, it is vital to understand their varieties to choose the best sport sunglasses among the lot. So, keep reading and know more about these glasses.

The various types of sports spectacles

Are long bike rides your thing? Opt for anti-fogging lenses and lightweight frames sports sunglasses with side ventilation. This will help you beat the heat and temple-dripping sweat. If you are an ardent swimmer, then the glasses you pick will be different from the former. There are various sports sunglasses for each kind of sport and activity. Therefore, you need to choose them accordingly. And for that, you need to understand their types and the various features they possess deeply. Understanding this will make your buying process quick and easy. Check out a few significant sport sunglasses that are trending in the market today.

The polarised sport sunglasses

Have you ever been blinded by the sunlight reflecting off the water, or a car nearby? Well, of course, you have! And the glare effect ranges from annoying to dangerous. However, there is a solution to avoid this, and it is none other than wearing polarised sports sunglasses. These specialised sunglasses cut out glare in any situation. How does it work? Well, these glasses come with a layered film on their lens surface, that too in vertical strips. This allows vertical but not horizontal waves to pass through them. And incidentally, the sun emits vertical wavelengths of light, and when it hits the water or metal, they become horizontal. You can use them while fishing, sailing while playing golf or baseball when cycling, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and also in everyday life.

The mountaineering sunglasses

Mountaineering is surely fun, but you should pack your perfect sunglasses to protect your eyes from the extreme sun glare and high elevation sun. By the way, finding a killer pair of sunglasses all comes down to two main elements: the frame and lenses. The frame is something that supports you and your adventure by functioning seamlessly. A good frame has no slippage, no fiddling; you can just focus on your adventure. Similarly, when it comes to the lenses, most of the models come with a mirror finish or are dark colours. This fights harsh light conditions caused by reflective surface snow and glaciers. There are many models of sunglasses that specialise in protecting you from the glare when hiking in the snow-capped mountains.

The sports glasses for soccer

Can soccer players wear glasses? Yes indeed. But, remember you aren’t supposed to wear regular glasses, as you often encounter flying balls and harsh kicks. That means that the sports glasses specifically designed for soccer, protect your eyes from any external injuries. But, won’t these glasses come off when you are jumping, running and dodging the ball? Well, for sports like soccer, hockey, and rugby, there are indeed too many opportunities for the glasses to come off and break. However, there is a solution to this too. Many sports spectacles particularly made for ball sports, come with straps. These straps help your glasses stay in place and do not come off when you are playing the sport. 

The clear cycling glasses

Many cyclists prefer wearing cycling glasses, while some do not. Why is that? Well, it depends on what kind of cyclist you are and the speed at which you are riding. If you are an occasional rider on flat terrain at very low speeds, then you can ride without them. For other road bike cyclists, it is better to get those clear glasses. What do they do? Well, apart from protecting you from bugs and road dirt, they often shield your eyes from harsh sunlight and eliminate any glare. Moreover, it protects your eyes from harsh weather conditions like heavy rains and hard winds. The only flaw with most cycling glasses is that they easily fog up, especially when there is a drop in the temperature. Hence, pick one that suits your needs.

Tips on how to buy Sports Glasses online

With the growing technology, you need to have a magnitude of products and information right at your fingertips. However, this makes embarking on an online search for sports glasses a daunting task. So, what do you do to make things easier? Well, you need to consider several factors that will help you weed through products we don’t want and the ones we do! Trust us; it is easier than you think. We’ve compiled here a brief list of tips to help you buy sports glasses online in UAE easily.

  • Know your style – Though the obvious intended use of sports glasses is to protect your eye from any external elements while playing. However, it is still important to know which sport you are playing or the activities you intend to do to weed out the perfect one for yourself. Remember, each sport has its gear, and hence, the same goes for eyewear too.
  • Materials matter – The material of the lens is prime when it comes to sport spectacles. Most individuals opt for glass or polycarbonate lenses. Note that, glass tends to be marginally clearer, than polycarbonate and is also less prone to scratches. However, the latter is better when it comes to resistance and is less likely to shatter if at all you stumble.
  • Check out the fit – Another vital factor to consider is fit. It is evident that the sports glasses will be subjected to shakes and stumbles a lot, especially more in active field sports like running, throwing, and jumping. Of course, you would not want to wear glasses that fall off soon, you leap. You would also not want your glasses to be tight and uncomfortable. Therefore, pick the one that best fits you!
  • Take a look at lens tints – Another thing you must consider is the colour and tint. Most brands offer you a broad range of colours when it comes to sports glasses. And your choice must depend on the environment and circumstance where you will most likely wear them. For example, go for reddish tints like vermillion, orange and rose, if you plan on playing sports where there are a lot of blue skies.
  • Lookout for comfort – Material, fit, model or style, all these go in vain if they do not sit right and make you feel comfortable. Of course, the functionality of sports glasses is prime, but nothing is more important than your comfort. Trust us; you do not want to keep adjusting your goggles now and then when playing your favourite sport.
  • Check out the price – This is one of the crucial factors to consider when it comes to buying sports glasses. You’ll find them in various price ranges, from as low as AED 200 to as high as AED1500. But, remember you get what you pay for, and the most important thing is to pick the right one to look good and also function well.
  • Read reviews online – One of the best things to do before you purchase a product is to read their performance reviews online. The genuine customer comments and feedbacks help you assess the efficiency of the product thoroughly and will enable you to weigh the pros and cons of the sports glasses easily. Moreover, you can always check out specialist reviews to have a deeper understanding of the product.

Also, remember, getting the best possible sports glasses is possible starts with getting yourself an eyeglass prescription. So, you now know that there’s a lot to think about when you set out to buy sports glasses online. You must’ve also gathered by now that an excellent vision is a key factor when it comes to achieving your personal best in sports. We, hope the above tips will guide you in picking your best sports eyewear and help you weed out any others in the line. You can find the best sports glasses and other sport & outdoor products here on

Question & Answer

Why do sports glasses fog?

If you are a sports enthusiast and wear glasses often, then you must have noticed that your sports eyewear often fog up. Well, that’s because they are at a lower temperature than the heat emitted by your face. When the heat from your face hits your glass, the lower temperatures outside cause the air to condensate, and the moisture turns to a liquid on the glasses. This is why you will see sports glasses fog often. However, some glasses come with an anti-fog coating.

How much do sports glasses cost?

Price is an important factor when it comes to purchasing any product. And sports eyewear is no exception. You’ll find many types of sports eyewear for various sports. Therefore, they are priced differently, too. For instance, you’ll find sports glasses that range from around AED 200 to as high as AED 1500. The more you play, the better the quality. However, you can also find cheap sports glasses and sports glasses for sale from many popular brands and online stores.

Where to buy sports glasses?

Finding a credible and trustworthy retailer for buying sports eyewear isn’t an easy task. However, if you are in search of your perfect glasses, then you shouldn’t miss out to check on the comprehensive collection that has to offer. From sports glasses for hiking to swimming and many other sports, you’ll find a wide range of sports eyewear from brands like Oakley, Prada, Ray-Ban, Torege, Rivbos, Adidas, Nike, Carrera, Lazada, Decathlon, and many more only on our product search engine. You can also shop from over 500 online stores.

Are sports glasses necessary?

Do you know, these days, sports eyewear tells that you are a serious player? It doesn’t matter whether you bat in a little league or play football on your local ground; it is always a better idea to protect your eyes from any potential injuries. The glasses for sports are now not recommended but are a mandate in many clubs. Hence, undoubtedly, it is essential to own sports eyewear. The sports glasses not just protect your eyes from potential injuries, but also makes you look a lot fiercer.

Indeed, sports are fun, but safety is crucial too. Hence, make sure you get yourself the right sport’s glass. And if you are still in your research stage, we hope the above information will be of help to you.

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