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There’s nothing that gives more pleasure than cutting through the soft dust snow in the winter seasons. However, like any other sport, only the right gear helps you enjoy the fullest. And in this case, the snowboards are the critical elements. In this guide, we shall take a look at the various aspects of snowboards and a few tips to pick the right ones out there. So read on!

Just like other products, this one had humble beginnings too. Vern Wicklund, at the age of 13, in 1917, fashioned a shred deck in Cloquet, Minnesota. Vern and his friends called this modified deck a ‘bunker’. Along with his relatives Harvey and Gunnar Burgeson, Vern patented the very first snowboard twenty-two years later, in 1939. However, it was Sherman Poppen who first came up with what most considered the first “snowboard” in 1965. Since then, the boards have been evolving, and today you can find several types of snowboards to buy from various brands. That said, let’s have a look at the various aspects of these snowboards and a few best snowboards to buy online.

The various aspects of the snowboarding gears

With their sheer varieties, it’s quite tricky to pick out the best snowboards for yourself. This is why checking out every detail of the product is imperative. From materials to designs and brands, there’s nothing you should leave out when you set out to buy snowboards online in UAE. Understanding the product better allows you to have a hassle-free shopping experience. How? Well, you’ll have all the details you need to segregate the best ones among the lot. That said, we’ve compiled below a few such important aspects that you should keep in mind while buying the snowboards online.

The best snowboards for beginners and intermediate

Snowboards have evolved since their inception. This means you now have a variety of different options to choose from. This, in turn, means you have one for everyone regardless of whether you’re an expert, intermediate or beginner. For instance, the Salomon Pulse is one of the best ice boards that you can invest in. It’s an excellent option for those beginners who wish to practice on track. Similarly, Burton Ripcord continues to be one of the popular models among both beginners and intermediates. It’s a perfect model for those who wish to practice both on and off-piste.

The benefits of custom snowboards

Many a time, you might not come across a snowboard that fits your deal. In such cases, you surely have the custom boards. These custom boards set up your unique specs. It has your style, your preferred size, style and one that fits your ability. Apart from that, you can go ahead and customise the graphics on the boards too. You can add your style of graphics. In the end, you’ll walk away with the model that best suits your style and one that fulfils all your needs. By the way, one of the best benefits of the custom boards is that you can get them designed within your set budget too.

The wide snowboards vs regular; which ones to choose

In general, the ice boards increase in width when you increase their length. This means that the larger riders require longer boards and will also have larger feet. Indeed, this is an accurate trend, but many riders are the exception to this rule. Remember, wide boards, maintain the same geometry and ride characteristics. However, as non-wide boards, your larger-footed riders aren’t missing anything by purchasing a wide board. In short, regular or wide, choosing the boards comes down to your personal choice and comfort while riding.

The various essential snowboard accessories and their role

Accessories play an ever-important role in the average snowboarder’s ride. Indeed, you’ll never be able to check out the entire list of accessories needed for a safe and smooth snow ride. You can take a look at a few essential accessories—for instance, apparel. Your outwear is one of the crucial accessories when it comes to snow riding. Similarly, the gadgets that you couple them with plays a significant role in keeping you connected if you stray away while riding. Apart from that, jackets, armours, snowboard socks, boots, equipment storage cases play an essential role in enhancing your snow riding experience.

Tips on how to buy Snowboards online

Whether you’re looking to buy your first ice board or renew the old ones, it’s imperative to shop for the right gear. In this section, we shall give you a few tips that’ll help you choose your perfect model with ease. While not an exhaustive list of all the different considerations, the following tips are more than enough to help you make the most informed decision.

  • Figure out the rider ability – Working out your expertise is the first and crucial step towards buying the perfect snowboards You can easily limit your search options by determining your level of ability. This is mainly because the various model of boards has different features suitable for multiple levels.
  • Check out the board type – To match your style of riding with the kinds of boards, you should first know where you intend to ride the boards and how you want them to feel. You can different types of boards like mountain boards, directional models, free rides, freestyles, powder boards, and split boards. Each comes with different features and characteristics.
  • Keep an eye on the board length – This is one of the most crucial factors to keep in mind while buying the ice boards. One of the quickest ways to get a rough idea of what size board you need is when you place it next to you. A board that reaches somewhere between your nose and chin is right. In short, your height is a useful indication of the right length of ice boards.
  • Consider the ice board and boot size compatibility –Remember, your boots are arguably more critical than your boards. It’s essential to have a pair of right size boots before you purchase the ice boards. The size of your boots usually determines the width of your boards. Note, the boots that are too small will not allow you to put the right pressure on the boards for a turn.
  • Choose one with the right base and binding compatibility – You’ll find four main hole patterns on the ice boards. Remember, these holes are compatible with only specific ice board binding disc mounting systems. Therefore, make sure to keep an eye on these holes before you get your hands on the ideal model.

Yes, purchasing the ice boards can get overwhelming if you do not have the right evaluating factors and tips in hand. However, this doesn’t mean that you jump on to anything that fits all the above factors. In the end, everything boils down to your personal preference. Make sure you pick a model that fits your needs. Let these tips be your guide.

Question & Answer

Are snowboards faster than skis?

This is a question that has been around for as long as both snow sports have existed. Well, with both sports heavily relying on gravity, it isn’t as simple as you think when it comes to deciding their speed. For example, for a beginner snowboarder, skiing might feel much faster and a lot simpler. However, in this case, the boarders must constantly worry about their centre of mass. Even as you get better, the odds are still stacked against the snowboards. In short, skiing is much faster than snowboarding. However, you can master the skill with adequate practice.

How wide are snowboards?

Selecting the width of the ice boards is as crucial as selecting their length. The width of the ice board is crucial in that it prevents toe and heel drag when you’re leaning on the board for a turn. The too-narrow width and the board will not react quickly. The most important factor to consider while choosing the width is your boot size. For example, you can choose a 24cm width if your boot size is anywhere between 6 to 7.5cm. You can find this information written under the description. If not, you can contact the brand or read reviews to get a clear picture. There are also special editions for boot sizes that are above average. Take note of that while choosing the right product.

Why are snowboards so expensive?

Just like any other sports & outdoor supplies, you can find cheap snowboards to buy as well as expensive models. This is why it’s best to set aside a budget for yourself. Besides, most of us would want to buy a product that stays within our budget. You could also purchase the snowboards for sale. This way, you can grab some of the best versions of the snowboards without spending much. The bottom line is: do not focus entirely on the price tag. There are several other factors to consider. You should explore some products and even brands before setting your budget. This way, you will know and understand the market price that will set your expectations.

Where to buy snowboards?

Today, you can buy ice boards on all sorts of platforms. However, if you wish to experience hassle-free, smart shopping, then visit This product search engine brings you the finest collection of snowboards from brands like Vans, Nike, Adidas, Salomon, Nidecker, Dakine, Volcom, Alpine, Oakley, and Denim. What’s more, you get to purchase all these from popular online stores with just a click. Buying the ice boards is not as simple as you think. Several factors come into play when you head out to purchase one online. From materials to designs and brands, it’s imperative to keep an eye on all these aspects while buying one online. Above all, figuring out your preferences first is always a crucial step in any kind of purchase.

Do not let the cold and lazy vibe of the winter get you. Make the most of the season by pushing yourself to the limit with snowboarding. Start your search right now right here on today! Who knows, you might find something that tickles your fancy!

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