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There is nothing as pleasing as going on an underwater exploration trip! And to make the most out of it, you need to have the right snorkel gear or snorkel sets. These snorkel sets are one of the essential types of equipment for novice and professional divers alike.

So, what exactly is a snorkel set? A snorkel set comprises three major components – the mask, fins and snorkel. The mask helps you see underwater, a snorkel for breathing, and fins help you move around in the water quickly. In other words, a snorkel set help you explore the underwater with maximum comfort. However, remember that this equipment does not follow a ‘one-size fits all’ policy. Hence, you must be extremely careful while picking them. And for that, you must deeply understand them and choose them wisely. Fortunately, in this article, we will highlight all you need to know about the snorkelling sets and more.

All about the professional snorkel gears

Do you know? The history of snorkelling, mainly the snorkelling tube, dates back many centuries ago – in fact, as early as 3000 years B.C. For instance, ancient sponge farmers used a hollow reed to breathe when underwater. Similarly, Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, recalled instances of divers breathing through a device similar to an elephants trunk. However, the credit for the first modern snorkel surely goes to Leonardo Da Vinci. It’s his hollow tube creation that clicked. Hence, today, most snorkellers follow the same concept. Today, you will find many types of snorkel sets, but the basics of them remain the same. So, let us explore them in detail.

The snorkel mask and flippers

Going snorkelling is a great way to get a glimpse of the remarkable life underwater, especially to swim amongst the fishes. But, the real fun is only when you can take in all the colours by having an uninterrupted view undersea. And the best one could be the full face snorkel mask. The mask not only gives you a good view but also helps protect your face from external elements when you are in the water. You can find many types of snorkel masks in the market today. From traditional styles to the ones with a 180-degree sea view, there are many. But remember that the snorkel sets are incomplete without the fins or the flippers.

The Flippers and their uses

Choosing only the right type of mask isn’t enough. You must also have a good pair of snorkelling fins or flippers. These fins help you to move in the water faster and more swiftly than if you were swimming bear foot. Furthermore, they allow you to conserve energy and spend longer periods in water without exhausting yourself. Also, you can be free of leg cramps. So, if you want to have the best time underwater, then you must select a pair of good quality flippers. And the best part is that you’ll find several types of flippers out there in the market. Most of them come in flexible materials, are lightweight and compact and come with flex rail systems for an excellent snap.

The ideal snorkel mouthpiece size

The snorkels are one of the most critical elements of snorkel sets. It is the tube that helps you breathe air underwater. They seem simple, but they come in many different styles, types and sizes. And getting the right one is essential, depending on your mouth shape and preference. In other words, choose the wrong one, and you are in trouble. You’ll see that some of these mouthpieces have splash guards, while some have dry valves or purge valves on the bottom. You can get most of them as one piece tubes. However, it is important to note the size of the snorkel as any wrong size will lead to water seeping in. In turn, your breathing may be disrupted.

The aqua lung snorkel set features

Aqua is one of the prominent brands that offer some of the best snorkel sets out there. From adults to kids, they house many types of snorkel sets that bring excellent performance and incredible style underwater. Most of their models are high-quality and offer an excellent fit for any person. In other words, they have snorkel sets for all. They house many snorkels that come in a variety of styles to suit your preference. Apart from that, they also have comfortable masks that let you have a very clear view underwater. Moreover, you’ll also find top-quality fins that help you swim faster. So basically, you can enjoy the natural beauty and serenity of your snorkelling adventure.

The Decathlon snorkel gear characteristics

Decathlon is a premium brand that offers some of the most exquisite snorkel sets in town. Be it a mouthpiece, fin or mask, you’ll find all of them, that too in premium quality at Decathlon. One of the unique features of snorkel sets from Decathlon is that they display high performance and excellent efficiency. They create premium snorkel sets for both kids and adults alike. Moreover, both professionals and novices can buy from a comprehensive collection of snorkelling equipment at Decathlon. The brand ensures that you have snorkel sets with masks, flippers and snorkels that are both comfortable and highly functional, no matter which style of set you choose.

Tips on how to buy Snorkel sets online

Thinking of sport & outdoor activity need you to equip yourself with proper gear. That’s also true for a perfect snorkelling experience. It’s time you shop for what suits you best. But remember that there are several types of snorkel sets out there. Hence, picking out the perfect one is indeed a difficult task. The tips below can make everything easy for you! This will help you segregate a good one among the lot and easily buy snorkel sets online in UAE that best suit your needs.

  • Define your needs – One of the first things you must do when shopping online for a snorkel set is to know what your requirements are. Do you snorkel often? Is it your first time? Or perhaps you free dive? Well, all these situations require different types of snorkel sets. Therefore, answering these questions will help you define the critical criteria for your snorkelling gear.
  • Go for good quality masks – Of course, a snorkel set is void without the mask. This is also why you’ll find many kinds of snorkel masks out there. However, remember that full-faced masks are prevalent among beginners. That’s because they are a revolution. The best part is that you can breathe underwater normally with them on. However, professionals can opt for other types. However, remember that a good snorkel mask is that which fits you correctly.
  • Look out for the snorkel mask strap cover – Consider getting yourself a snorkel mask strap cover. You’ll surely love this tip if you have long hair. That is, the snorkel mask strap cover typically helps you prevent the pulling and tangling of hair when underwater. It makes your life easy by gently slipping on the back of your head when you put it on and off.
  • Check out the snorkels – Snorkels are the base of snorkelling adventure. Without them, you cannot breathe underwater. We highly recommend opting for a dry or semi-dry snorkel, even if it is slightly more expensive. Do not go for a wet snorkel. You surely do not want to have water coming in your mouth and then in your snorkels. Make sure they are of the right size too.
  • Go for the best fins – A snorkel set is incomplete without the flippers or fins. Moreover, in most areas, you’ll need fins to go snorkelling for safety reasons. And why is that? Well, that’s because you’ll need more power if you need to swim in a current. Moreover, you can save up some energy and spend more time swimming. However, pick a perfect pair to avoid any discomfort to your legs.
  • Always have a bag for your gear – Remember to shop for a bag to store your snorkel sets. Usually, if you buy a snorkel gear set, you get a mesh bag with it for transportation purposes. However, if you buy each element separately, you’ll need to purchase a bag. When purchasing a bag, check out its size and the number of storage compartments.
  • Assess the quality – Quality always comes first, regardless of the type of snorkel set you buy. Remember to check out their quality before you buy them. Also, note that it is best to go for branded ones, even if you have to spend a few extra bucks. This way, you would not have to spend on replacing the gear frequently. Brands like Cressi, Decathlon, Intex, Zoggs, Seac, Seavenger, Beuchat, and Osprey offer some top quality snorkelling gears.
  • Check out the price – Price is indeed an important factor when it comes to buying any product. Well, this is how it works. The more you spend, the higher the quality. However, there’s a catch here. You can buy cheap snorkelling gear on sale. Moreover, you may also come across many deals, offers and discounts from many popular brands.

So, there you have it! You must have now pretty much figured out that snorkelling is fun, only if you have the right gear. Hence, you need to select the right quality, style and kind. But, in the end, everything boils down to individuals preferences. The tips above will guide you towards your perfect snorkel sets and scoop out any others in the way.

Question & Answer

What is a good quality snorkel set?

Snorkelling is fun, only if you have the right snorkel sets. But how do you know whether a snorkelling set is good? Well, it’s simple, you need to consider certain factors to do so. For instance, you must look out for quality, size, shape, style, and price. The one that best suits you are the best snorkel gear. Also, make sure that it is comfortable and portrays high efficiency.

What is a dry snorkel set?

Dry snorkelling is a trend these days. Quite simply, these are special types of snorkel sets that don’t allow water to enter the tube. Typically, the set has a snorkel whose float is attached to the tip of the snorkel. This acts as a one-way valve. How does it work? Well, it is simple. When you’re in the water, the float raises above the water and closes the opening, thus not allowing the water to enter.

What is the best snorkelling gear for a beginner?

Are you planning a snorkelling trip to a beautiful underwater destination? Be sure you have the right gear, especially if you are a beginner. You have two options when choosing the best snorkel gear if you are a beginner. First, travel with only a mask and snorkel or travel with a full snorkel, including short fins. Another best snorkel gear for novices is a good snorkel itself. Last but not least, your comfort is always prime.

Are flippers necessary for snorkelling?

Though you can indeed snorkel without the fins, there is a drastic difference between snorkelling with fins and without them. So why exactly are they important? Well, think about the average swimmer. How far and fast can you possibly go? Maybe three minutes? Well, now imagine if you could go triple that speed and explore more of the ocean. Well, that’s precisely what the flippers do. In other words, they help you swim faster and easier. Therefore, you should undoubtedly have flippers in it when you buy snorkelling gear online.

How deep can you snorkel?

How deep you can snorkel varies from person to person. Apart from that, your swimming and diving skills play a crucial part in this. Also, remember, without a proper scuba diving kit, you may run the risk of applying too much water pressure on your lungs and sustaining severe injuries if you go deeper into the ocean.

Snorkelling is quite simple, but to stay safe and secure, you need to have the right gear. And if you are looking for a good one, then stop on our platform, Check out our product search engine to shop for various products from over 500 online stores. You could also get a snorkel set for sale from popular brands.

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