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About Skis

Gliding over snow need you to be equipped with some specific products and skis are one of them. Skiing is an adventure sport, and if you understand it well, you might be aware of the mishaps that could happen. Thus, the equipment you are going to buy must have quality without comprises. Dig in about the product before hitting the buy button, scrutinise the details, explore more, and pick the one only when satisfied. 

Skis sound like simple equipment, but their purchase is one daunting task. No wonder skiing is an adventurous activity enough to soothe your adrenaline rush, but dangerous at the same time. Hence, it becomes necessary to buy the best ski equipment. By saying that, we are not going to flaunt various brands but also don’t want you to avoid the fact that brands indeed provide you with quality products. Along with that, we emphasise exploring and comparing products’ features with each other and pay only for what’s required. 

Skis construction

The base, edges, sharpness, stiffness, camber, width, length, weight, and race plates – are the compelling factors in the constructions. Even if you are looking for cheap skis to buy, some parameters make the equipment best for its purpose. Having said that, a special wax is applied to the base to make it durable. The edges are metal strips whose quality and cuts enhance the performance. As we have come to the stiffness part, you must remember that a stiff product is better in response but less forgiving. If you are a beginner, you damage yourself while learning with a stiffer version. Width, length, and weight depend on the purpose. For instance, powder skis are wide to make it float better in powder. Race plates are not conventional, but an essential factor for specific weather conditions. 

Ski accessories

First of all, let’s list some accessories. These are – Ski helmets, goggles, training aids, tuning tools, race accessories, bags, car racks, insoles, gloves, boot heating systems. Speaking of helmets, they can be of half shell, full shell, and full-face available with a different price range. Goggles hold more aesthetical value, so you can choose the style that suits you best. If you are a learner, you shouldn’t forget clip connectors, and a harness to protect yourself from any mishap. You can easily file the edges without any expert’s help. But there is other tuning equipment like stones, sidewall planer, and scraper. This equipment help in keeping your product up to date. Likewise, other accessories are suitable for different purposes. Next, on this page, we are detailing boots.

Skis with boots

Skis, boots, and binding, all these components together make your ride smooth. So, if we talk about boots, they vary as per your gender, size, width, and skill level. Well, gender and size are the same parameters as happen to have in all other footwears. But, what about width and skill level. Here, width equivalents comfort. The larger size means more width, and another fact is that there are subcategories of width size. These are narrow, medium, and wide. Now, the skill level can be beginner, intermediate, advanced intermediate, advanced, and expert. In addition to it, there are different types of ski boots, including alpine boots, touring boots, telemark boots, and cross country boots. Based on your skill, you can filter the product while buy skis online UAE. 

Ski bag with wheels

At most, you might have created a budget for the products you like most. Do consider creating a room in your budget for ski bags as well. While buying one, a significant factor to consider is the means of transportation. Wheels is an added benefit in this factor, obviously. With that being said, we would also recommend you to choose between hard or soft profile. The hard profile of a ski bag has an advantage over a soft profile with respect to providing protection. But they are bulky and difficult to store. On the other hand, soft profile bags are water-resistant and adjustable. Other features to consider include pockets, straps, colour, size of skis, and the number of skis you want to stow. Now, either check out skis for sale in Dubai or move further to know the tips related to buying skis.  

Tips on how to buy Skis online

Are you looking for cheap skis to buy? What is the approach you are opting for it? Well, you can either select a cheap product from a not so good brand. Or go for an affordable product of a top-notch brand. Experts always recommend the latter option to choose. And yes, you can find an affordable product in a good brand if you find the right place to search. Because not all the dealers stow old products in their warehouse, it is difficult to find one. Read on, and you will get all the answers. Before that, we would like you to know a few bullet points to make your purchase a smart one.

  • Length – Short length is best for beginners, petite figures, or the ones who want to make quick and short turns. On the other hand, long length is equivalent to aggressive skiing. Advance skier goes for longer ski length, mostly.
  • Camber – Choose your camber profile that complements your ski style. For instance, rocker profile makes you excel in deep powder, but worse in icy conditions and hard snow. Likewise, there are other profiles to see, such as positive camber, early rise tip, and early rise tip & tail.
  • Location – Where do you want to ski? Carving, freestyle, powder big mountain, and alpine touring – these are the categories you can choose from, based on the location. And, matching it with the site leads you to the perfect shape and type of ski.
  • Gender – Men’s skis are mostly unisex. But women’s skis are specially designed for women considering anatomical shape, size, and weight. There are kids skis as well that allow the user to make mistakes and learn. So, find the one that suits you best.
  • Skill level – Buying skis as per your skill level helps you in enhancing your performance by improving your control and stability. Considering different levels, skis are constructed with different flex, type of terrain, and waist width.

Now that you understand the approach to buy, it is imperative to slay further action too, which is shopping on an online platform. The question of which platform has this precise answer –, Dubai’s best product finder. And as far as brands are considered, we are listing a few brands you can acknowledge. These are – Alpine, Oakley, Volkl, Fischer, Salomon, Armada, and Icelantic. You can find all these brands on our retail search engine. All this information put together complements the best ski equipment.

Question & Answer

Why are skis so expensive?

Adventure and danger put together require a product to be sturdy enough. And that makes any product expensive – be it skis or skateboards, maybe. But we see different price ranges available in the market. Well, brand, materials, and marketing – everything influences the price. This is the reason we vouch for top features, not top brands. But that doesn’t mean overlooking the brands is a viable choice. Not at all! But sticking to one brand could be.

Why do skis need to be waxed?

When you ski a lot, you can wax the base a few times in a month. What does it do? Well, the pores of the ski base inhale the pores and make it rigid. Moreover, waxing helps in expanding the product’s life. Because if you don’t wax, the ski can wither out, shrinks, and starts fading. And for your information, not every wax is suitable for every snow. There are variants of wax available matching with six types of snow. So, increase the durability of your products with waxing – that’s all waxing does.

Why are skis so heavy?

The material and overall construction, of course, make skis or any product heavy. If manufacturers make skis lighter in weight; the rider has to put a lot of pressure. Or it might lead to an impossible affair. The weight of the ski is adaptable to the activity, location, and safety it has to provide. You might go for lighter skis if your weight is less compared to an average person. But yes, skis with boots could be heavy and cumbersome to use, sometimes but not for advanced skiers.

How to choose skis?

Skill level, type of snow, and gender are the top-most factors to choose the perfect ski. Inside these factors lies the technical details, which manufacturers take into consideration. Apart from that, it would be good to acknowledge the weight of the product and see if that complements yours. On this page, we have put all the information relevant to choosing skis and ending up with the perfect product that matches exactly with your priorities.

Now you are all ready to make an informed decision in the purchase of skis. You can start your shopping drive with our shopping platform, If you further happen to shop for more accessories, you can search more at our Sports & Outdoor section, and you won’t be disappointed. So, hop on it now and check by yourself.