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About Skipping Ropes

The perfect exercise for those who don’t like hitting the gym, skipping ropes are easy to find and use. It can be one of the best ways to shed the extra fat and keep fit if you do it with consistency. There are some super choices of ropes that you can find online. 

When it comes to the topic of exercise, it takes a backseat in many of our lives. This is because we are too busy, lazy or lack motivation. The fact that our lives are getting so stressful is another factor that makes going to the gym a challenge. Something that helps is finding an alternative. Yes, there are several ways to get your daily bit of fitness if you try to be creative. If you live at a reasonable distance, try walking to work. Even if it takes you just 20 to 30 minutes to reach, two ways come to an hour! You could also ditch the elevator in your apartments or your office and take the stairs instead. If they don’t work, sign-up for the gym instead. It's better with a friend, so you stay motivated and keep up the routine. Once you start feeling the difference in a couple of weeks, you’ll never miss a day! However, making sure your motivation levels stay up and you keep up the pace, it should not be difficult. 

Different types of skipping ropes you can buy today 

If you love to keep fit with sport & outdoor activities but don’t find the time, then a skipping rope can fill the gap! With this one, you can exercise just about anywhere. Skipping is the perfect cardio without even having to go to the gym. This helps in strengthening your thigh, leg and arm muscles. It's also a fantastic way to reduce the fat around your tummy and hips. It tires you out and you burn more calories while skipping that cycling. Plus, it doesn’t require anything other than a necessary skipping rope that you can easily buy anywhere. So, it’s cheap, effective and doesn’t need any particular setting or place to do it. Isn’t skipping the best form of exercise? For those who are looking at muscle building and toning may not find it very beneficial; however, it does give you your daily dose of fitness very quickly. 

Calorie-counting skipping rope  

A common problem people face while skipping is they find it challenging to keep a track. The number of jumps you do or better yet the calories you burn can be beneficial in determining your goals. They also help in understanding if you’re getting better and for setting targets. To ease this concern, you can now buy calorie-counting skipping rope. Yes, this one uses the same principle as a treadmill and helps you keep the count on the device. It generally features on the handle of the ropes to make it easy to see. You can determine your target and push it up every few weeks. It’s an excellent choice for those who skip regularly.  You can find many types of counter skipper in online stores. 

CrossFit skipping rope 

For the CrossFit fans, the CrossFit skipping rope is one that you should not miss. This one follows the CrossFit principles and is one of the best in the market. You can easily buy it from the website or reach out to a trainer to arrange one for you. This skipping rope can have several added features to make the experience better for you. These ropes are sturdy and more substantial than regular skipping ropes. They, therefore, last longer and help you achieve your goal in a shorter period. At this moment, the Valeo speed rope deluxe by CrossFit is a popular choice. It has an adjustable rope length and a good speed too. If you are on a budget, then the SKLZ speed rope is also a good option. 

Heavy jump rope  

The big jump rope is undoubtedly an underestimated choice. However, it does a lot to help you with your goals with faster regulars. The primary difference between this and your regular skipping rope is that the massive jump rope is dense and has weight to it. This means you need to use some force while skipping and it's not as easy as a regular skipping. The reason behind this is that it tires you out quickly, so you need to push more and end up making more progress. You burn more calories and can attain your goal faster with heavy ropes. You can find several brands and styles of this kind online. 

Weighted jump rope  

Similar to the heavy rope, the weighted jump rope also goes one step further in helping you reach your goals more quickly. Along with basic calorie check, it also helps in agility, footwork, endurance and improves your stamina. This one has additional weight to it, making it more substantial in nature as compared to any standard skipping rope. A lot of trainers use these for their students, to get to the goal faster. It is more expensive than a regular rope; however when you compare the results and the times it takes with both, the latter is a better choice. 

Tips to keep in mind when you start looking for a skipping rope 

If you like the concept of a skipping rope and want to add it to your routine, now is the perfect time to start. If you go to a gym, you can easily find a few there and start using them during your cardio workouts. Of course, asking for some advice from your trainer on how much to work with it each session is also a good idea. If you don’t go to the gym, then get your preferred choice and start your workouts right at home. It's great to skip in the morning, evening or anytime you can. However, don’t do it after a meal. 

  • Pick the right one – With so many choices, its easy to find a rope that works well for you. Be it the calorie counter or the number checker or the CrossFit skipper, check the ones out there and pick something you like. 
  • Check the brand – The brand is one way to determine if the skipping rope should last you long. A good one is strong and has many features to ensure your motivational levels stay up. Since it’s a one-time investment, make sure you go for a reputed one. 
  • Go for an advanced model – If you find something that has more features than a regular rope, go for it instead. It’s better than having to upgrade in the future and makes the experience of working out good too. 
  • Check for options – Check for the best choices and then decide on the right one. You can ask around or check their reviews online to be sure. Don’t be in a rush and take your time while you shop. 
  • Buy online – Get a good skipping rope that will help you in achieving your goals quickly. You can check online to read the features and compare brands and prices. It is also one way to save a few bucks. 
  • Compare choices – If you’re checking options online, then you also have the opportunity of comparing them. A lot of websites have comparison charts where you can see the pros and cons of all the products.  

There are a ton of skipping rope benefits if you commit to doing it every day. You will surely feel out of breath very quickly in the beginning; however, over time, the difference is notable. The best way to make sure you don’t give up is to have a schedule. Have a dedicated half-hour in your day only for skipping. Once you start doing it at a dedicated time, you won’t forget it. If you have a partner, that’s another way to keep yourself motivated. 

Question & Answer

Which are the best CrossFit jump ropes to buy?

A lot of people around the wear swear by CrossFit. It is a form of exercise and workout that indeed strengthens your body and helps in stamina building, toning, endurance and strength training. It is said that once you get the hang of it, you won’t look anywhere else. When it comes to skipping ropes, some of them work brilliantly well for CrossFit. Check out some of the bestsellers like – Garage Fit 9' Adjustable PVC Jump Rope, CyberDyer Weighted Ropeless Jumprope, Survival and Cross Jump Rope, WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope, Sonic Boom M2 High-Speed Jump Rope, RPM’s Speed Rope 3.0 and Rx Smart Gear Rx Jump Rope.

Which are the best skipping ropes for weight loss?

Skipping is the best form of cardio, and it is terrific for weight loss as well. A lot of people struggle with weight on the tummy and hips and skipping is primarily targeted for that. While any skipping rope can be used for this, some special ones are mainly focused on aiding this factor. Check out choices like Tangram Factory Smart Rope PURE Jump Rope, Opti Skipping Rope, Fitness Skipping Rope, King Athletic Leather Jump Rope, Survival and Cross Premium Jump Rope, WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope and YZL Sports Adjustable Jump Rope.

Which are the best skipping ropes to buy for kids?

Be it for exercise or to help with childhood obesity, skipping is an excellent way for kids to stay healthy. Encourage them to do it with heir friends, or you can do it for the company. It’s a fun way to keep fit and they will love the boost it gives them. Ensure they stay motivated and keep up the consistency. You can check out these individual ropes designed just for kids – K-Roo Sports 16-Feet Double Dutch Jump Ropes, ArtCreativity 7.5ft Rainbow Jump Rope Set, Ponydash 2 Pack Speed Kids Jump Rope, M-jump Colorful Adjustable Soft Skipping Rope, Fitness Jump Rope for Kids, aGreatLife Jump Rope for Kids and Aoneky Lightweight Jump Rope for Kids.

Where can you buy skipping ropes online in Dubai?

Dubai is the best place to buy all kinds of fitness equipment, skipping ropes, clothes, electronics and so much more. With some of the best brands right here, it gives you a whole range of websites to pick from. You can also check out, a terrific product search engine. With more than 500+ online store sunder it, you won’t have to worry about paying a higher price anywhere else. You can forget your shopping concerns while shopping here.

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