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About Ski Poles

Skiing is an adventure sport that demands you to work on your balancing technique so much so that no mishaps can occur, and you enjoy to the fullest. In that regards, ski poles help to balance and propulsion. Previously, skiers used to use bamboo sticks, but now multiple variations are available in a flexible budget range. So, it is imperative that you dig-in some information about the product before you grab one.

The poles for skiing may be simple or complicated in use, depending on how well-trained you are but it’s purchase sure is a daunting task. You need to consider a lot of factors, including the skiing region that influences the product’s features and finally lead you towards the desired product. Pre-planning, research, explore, compare, and shop – the approach if followed, guarantees a durable, sturdy, and promising product in your hand.

Types of ski poles

There are three major types of poles based on the kind of skiing. These are – alpine, cross-country, and nordic skiing. Downhill or straight racing, and slalom racing comes under alpine skiing and requires the pole to add propulsion and control upper body positions during turns. In cross-country skiing, the poles aid in applying power to the snow and provides stability as well. The third one that is Nordic skiing is similar to cross-country but shorter in length. If you are looking to buy Ski poles online in Dubai, then the type might be the first thing you need to decide.

Collapsible ski pole

Collapsible poles are perfect for alpine touring and split boarding. You can make the poles long when going uphill and make them short when skiing down. The adjustable feature makes you push yourself and ski faster than the usual poles. Two of the features that you must notice while buying collapsible products are a core locking device and fast adjustments. Missing any of the features can lead to a mishap. Other common but must-have features of poles remain the same, such as fast grip, flex tip, and suitable binding aid. If such collapsible product sounds interesting to you, start your explore with one of the premium brands – Leki.

Kids adjustable ski poles

While spending on a high-end expensive product for your kid, you might think that it will outgrow next season. In that case, you can invest in adjustable poles, so they remain with your kid for a long time. The length of the pole can be adjusted and usually come in the length range of 28 to 44inch. Apart from an adjustable factor, they got to be sturdy and durable for long-time access. And for that, it is imperative for you to check out the product’s material and overall construction before buying. You can start by checking out some ski poles for sale.

Expedition 3 ski poles

These are multi-purpose poles for skiing, hiking, and hauling loads to the base camps. This is also a four-season pole for those looking for a single product for all of their needs. Also, it is a three-section pole, meaning it packs down into a smaller bundle when fully dismantled. If online reviews are to be believed, then these poles give high performance, and quality-wise stands out great. If you want to explore them or more products with similar features, check out best touring ski poles at our shopping platform,

Tips on how to buy Ski poles online

The part of skiing is looking cool too. Thus, as much as you put efforts in buying a quality product, you should also emphasise on its aesthetics. You may already have a rough guide in your mind, but it is better to put things down and make a concrete list. Here, we have compiled a list for you to refer and see what goes for you. You should also make a budget beforehand but leave some room for last-minute accommodations.

  • Size pick – Having short size poles will push you forward, and having long size ones will push you backwards. Both are uncomfortable to use and difficult to balance. Thus, you need to make sure that you refer to the size chart whenever buying poles.
  • Best use – You can either buy a product for all-mountain skiing. You can also have a specific purpose like race, backcountry, or race. Freestyle poles are shorter with smaller grips whereas race poles are shaped for aerodynamics in speed events. Then, backcountry poles are collapsible and length adjustable.
  • Shaft material – Aluminium, carbon, composite, and high-grade aluminium are a few choices with a flexible budget range. Out of all, aluminium is the economical one, but durable whereas high-grade aluminium is mostly used by professionals. Likewise, composite is more durable than standard aluminium, and carbon is more flexible than high-grade aluminium. You can choose as per your budget range and whatever material you think are comfortable with.
  • Basket type – Powder basket and standard baskets are two types out of which powder ones are larger in diameter than standard types. But the standard type is light in weight. The whole purpose of having this element attached to the pole is to stop sinking of poles into the powder. You can have a look at them both, contemplate the details, and see what fits you best.
  • Gender filter – Poles for women are shorter in size as manufactured for men. But more than gender filter, you should focus on the other tips mentioned above because sometimes men have to buy from the women’s section and vice versa. So, this filter is pretty flexible.

We hope the tips would help you make an informed decision. While you start exploring the products, we would like to provide you with a handy list of brands. Some of the are Leki, Salomon, Rossignol, Fischer, Volkl, and Gabel. You can find all of these or even more at our shopping search engine. Besides brands, you can just hop on to the platform and filter the features as you want them to be.

Question & Answer

Which ski pole size do you need?

The size you should choose depends a lot on your height. For example, someone with a height between 5’4” to 5’6” should grab a pole length of 115cm. Likewise, you can choose yours by checking out the size chart available at every platform, including ours. Another factor that may influence the size selection is the kind of skiing you are into. Usually the ones up for freestyling opt for smaller lengths as it gives them more manoeuvrability. So, explore more and read reviews – both of these actions will definitely help you grab the best. You can even consult an expert if you are indecisive about the selection.

What is a ski pole?

Ski poles are sticks that help the skiers to balance on the snow, bend their path, and enjoy the sport with smooth manoeuver. Balancing also comes through training, but poles avoid mishaps during skiing. Apart from balancing being one essential feature, strong grip and basket attachment add to the skiing adventure. For those who don’t know, powder basket is an attachment nearly above the edge of the pole to avoid sinking of the pole. We hope now you know the features that make a ski pole the desired product for skiers. You can shop for them at our shopping platform,

Are ski poles universal?

Not all poles are universal. If the one you are eyeing on is universal, then it must have mentioned in the specifications list. You should check out the list or the product description before coming to any conclusion. Most of the times, the term universal means the size and weather adjustability and both of them are quite universal features. Size mainly depends on the height of the skier, and these are manufactured to upbeat extreme cold temperatures. Still, we are not rooting for any product that has not mentioned being universal. You should check with the brand or manufacture to validate further.

Are ski poles expensive?

Yes! A few high-end products have sky-rocketed price tags. If you can afford one, these products add to the comfort comparatively. They are stiff, vibrate less, warmer to touch, and have a lower swing weight. You can explore the budget range at our product search engine. You can also grab some cheap options or don’t forget to look into the sale section to see if something interesting pops-up.

We hope the information on this page will help you narrow down your purchase. If this is your first purchase, we would highly recommend to read genuine reviews or ask an expert to grab the right product. Our shopping platform, has lots to explore under one roof. We have dedicated a whole section to Sports & Outdoor products wherein multiple brands showcase their products. Hop on to it and check by yourself.