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About Inline Skates

Inline skating is all fun once you master the art. A bit different from the usual quad skates, the inline comprises two to five wheels organized in a single line. You can find them in a wide array of setups, depending upon the kind of activity you are into. Let us explore more!

Skating has become a popular hobby among children and young adults. The thrill has never gone out of style. Out of many kinds, roller skating is popular globally, especially among children, for its safety brakes. It is one of those super amazing activities that add an incredible adrenaline rush to your daily life. Inline skates are the most popular roller skates that have around two to five wheels set up on a single line. Some of them even have a rubber brake block on the rear of the skates. It will help you slow down or also stop by leaning back. There are many types of inline skates, including aggressive, speed, inline hockey, and artistic inline skating. On this page, we will unveil more information that will help you buy rollerblades online in the UAE.

Everything you need to know about inline skating

A typical skate consists of a boot that you need to wear on your foot. A frame is attached to the boot that contains wheels. Bearing are an important part of skates that help the wheels move. A rubber brake is the next important part that helps the skaters slow down or stop by whenever they want. Quad roller skates are the most common and traditional type that have two axles. They move like a mini car which means that each axle has two wheels. Coming to the rollerblades come under the category of inline, which means that they have a single axle with two to five wheels on it. Inline speed skates is another common variant used by competitive speed skaters. Let us explore some common skates and how are they different from the in-demand inline variety.

Quad roller skates

If you go back in time, quad skates were one of the most common choices. These were popular before other advanced variants took over the market. Quad skates contain two axles. You may consider it as a mini car having two axles, front and back. Each has two wheels on it. One would be on the left, and the other lies on the right. Each wheel contains two bearings inside. There is a fastening between the wheel and the skate with an axle nut. In terms of boots, they can be classified under two categories: low-cut and high-cut. Additionally, you can go for any depending upon your choice and techniques of skating. The quad roller is a choice of a beginner but sometimes experts too due to their stability and comfort.

Inline speed skates

As the name suggests, inline speed skates are mostly used for professional speed skating. They have three to five wheels set up in a single line. You will mostly find them in low cut format for easy handling during the race. They are suitable for professional or experienced skaters. Further, when you are out in the market searching for inline skates, you will spot the best rollerblades at most places. They are a specific type of inline skates that the Rollerblades skates brand produce. About the average speed of an inline skate, it can be somewhere about 8 miles per hour to 16 miles per hour. But top skates may surpass that easily. There are many brands you can find out there; however, it is suggested to rely on reliable ones like Decathlon, Roces, Nike, and Oxelo.

Aggressive rollerblades

Aggressive inline skating refers to a subdiscipline under inline skating. It includes the execution of certain tricks. Such skates are specially made to support grinds and jumps. There are many types of aggressive skating, including street, park, and vert skating. The common parts of aggressive rollerblades are cuff, shell, liner, buckle, sock absorber, frame, H-block, wheels, and more. The size of the wheels usually lies between 54 and 72mm. But for anti-rocker wheels, it is between 40 and 47mm—this type of skating popularized in the ’90s. The common categories include grinds, manuals, aerials, and stalls. You can find a range of options. So, choose one as per your requirements.

Tips on buying the best Inline Skates

Like any other sports and outdoor equipment, inline skates can also be found in a wide range of options. However, your choice should depend on certain factors. The most important consideration is the type of skating you are involved in. Next comes the brand and then the budget! However, with so many choices at the front, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. So, here we have listed some tips to choose the best and most appropriate type.

  • Consider your skill level – It is very important to choose skates that suit your abilities and skill level. You may be a beginner, expert, or professional that brings the difference in the selection. As a beginner, go for the models that are supportive and stable. On the other hand, experts should go for advanced models.
  • Go for trusted brands – While selecting anything under the sports category, it is necessary to go for trusted brands. Some of the best brands include Decathlon, Roces, Nike, Oxelo, Fila, Seba Skates, Ferrari, Schwinn, Reebok, and VNLA.
  • Consider gender – Apart from filters for brands, skill-level, and age; you have also got filters for gender. Yes, the skates are gender-specific too. They are made differently as per the foot size and shape. Although, unisex skates can also be found.
  • Consider boot types – The three main boot types include soft boots, moulded plastic and composite/carbon. Soft ones are lighter and have ventilation. These are good for long distances. Hard ones are highly responsive when pushing off.

This guide will help you understand the many options you will find in the market or online stores. If you are shopping online, you have got a plus point. You will be able to use filters and product descriptions that will help you narrow down choices. Now that you have all the information browse a wide array of rollerblades for sale here on We have many products offered by the best brands and sellers in the UAE. So, go ahead and explore!

Question & Answer

Which inline skates are the best?

The best skates would be the one that best suits your skill level. They come in a wide range of options. If you are in search of the best brands, it is safe to go for Decathlon, Roces, Nike, Oxelo, Fila, Seba Skates, Ferrari, Schwinn, Reebok, and VNLA. You can find them right here on our products search engine, i.e., These have been in the industry for years and are trusted by many, from beginner to expert-level skaters. But you still need to keep some considerations in mind while choosing one. For example, it is essential to pick the skates that suit your abilities and skill level. You may be a beginner, expert, or professional that should affect your selection.

How to stop on rollerblades?

Stopping rollerblades or inline skates can be a challenge if you are new to skating. There are certain techniques that one needs to adopt. First, you need to extend one leg out in the front and bend another leg a bit. Now, you need to press the brake on the heel against the ground with your front foot. This is a general way; however, there are much more techniques to stop skates. The techniques may also be different depending on the type of skates and skill level. You have to learn it quite well to avoid accidents. As you master it, you will gain more confidence and stability in your skating.

Where to buy inline skates online in the UAE?

If you are looking for the best inline skates online, you are in the right place already. Here on, you can find over 500 sellers and brands offering them. Since these are all good brands, you can rest assured of the quality of products. Some of the best brands are Decathlon, Roces, Nike, Oxelo, Fila, Seba Skates, and Ferrari. Moreover, you can filter products depending on your preference, such as brands, budget, skill level, and more. You will also be able to compare the features and prices of different products to get yourself the best and cheap rollerblades. So, look no further and go-ahead to explore the best collection.

Are inline skates better than quad skates?

Both inline and quad skates have a certain set of benefits. Quad skates contain two axles. You may consider it as a mini car having two axles, front and back. On the other hand, inline ones have three to five wheels set up in a single line. The quad roller is a choice of beginners but sometimes experts too due to their stability and comfort. About inline, those are good for intermediate to experts. You can go for any as a beginner as well, but quad offers better stability if you are not much into skating. So, both are popular in the field of skating. Choose one as per your skill level, comfort, and preferences.