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About Skateboards

You have bumped to the right place if you are eyeing some fancy skateboards online and feel reluctant in choosing one. Because every product looks amazing, and every product has its distinctive features. Further readings of this page can help you with the right purchase, for sure. 

First of all, skateboarding is more than just a fun activity. For those not aware, skateboards are slaying their way to the Olympics as well. Even if you are buying skateboard online in Dubai for fun, we recommend paying attention to its features. It will help in making the product durable and safe. As you increase the adventurous meter in your activities by performing tricks, you are increasing the danger meter as well. Hence, to avoid any mishaps, the least you can do is purchase good quality products. A few professional owners go for custom skateboards too. However, the choice to buy a customised version or an already assembled one is in your hands, entirely. On this page, you will reveal ample information, buying guide, and answers to frequently asked questions by customers online. So, read on. 

Skateboards and accessories 

Majorly, you can differentiate skateboards with shape, concave, and kicktail because these are visible changes. First of all, let’s take shapes into consideration. Bowl decks, shaped decks, and popsicle shape are three variants. Almost all beginner skateboards are popsicle in shape wherein tail, and nose look the same. Bowl decks are for transition skateboarding, and shaped decks is an all-rounder product. About concave, it is the curvature at both the ends mainly of three kinds – low, medium and high. If you want to perform tricks and needs agility overall – the skateboards to buy should be the one with high concave. Above all, protect yourself with accessories, such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads and deck protection. That’s a little overview, let’s now know more facts related to the purchase.   

Buy a beginner skateboard  

First of all, pick your purpose – park skating, street skating, and transition skating. The next thing to know is the specifications that match your purpose. Let’s evaluate park skating – we recommend desk size be narrow to wide, and wheel size 52 mm – 56 mm. Another variant is street skating wherein narrow size decks provides greater agility, and wheel size of 50 mm – 53 mm suits best. Our suggestions are all based on one factor – manoeuvrability, which is a great deal in skating. Well, go for custom skateboards or buy the assembled ones from the store, but don’t forget to purchase the protective gear. And to add an extra layer of safety, we suggest installing shock pads as well. Finally, on this page, you will reveal a fancy & trendy skateboard. So, read on.  

One wheel skateboard 

This is one of the best electric skateboards to buy if you are looking for an upgrade in your typical skateboarding activities. Even for a beginner, starting with one-wheel sounds like an exciting choice. And why not? The product is simple yet efficient, and sturdy yet provides smooth rides. What else? Certainly, the way of riding is different, but the balancing technique still dominates the user experience. However, the controversy of mounting the board with which foot is still not solved. In addition to that, experts recommend putting your dominant foot at the back for smooth movement. How do you know which foot is a dominant one? Whenever someone pushes you from the back, the foot you put first is no doubt the dominant one. Explore more about these electric gadgets in further readings. 

Boosted electric skateboard 

Electric skateboards are a result of evolution in the field of skateboarding. It is different from typical ones as you can control the speed, put brakes, and shift the weight to the rear or front board through the remote. The parts of an electric board consist of a motor, speed controller, batteries, and a wireless throttle. There are two types of electric boards including hub motors and out-runner motors. Boosted boards come under the latter kind. You can check out cheap electric skateboard if the features excite you. We believe, we have covered significant types of skateboards on this page including general ones, boosted boards, and one wheel skateboards. And maybe, you have fixed your eye on one of these. Therefore, it is an excellent time to go through an insightful buying guide and consequently enhance the knowledge you have just gained.  

Tips on how to buy Skateboards online

Whether you have decided on custom skateboards or purchasing a complete assembled one, making a budget is essential. A good budget is not about telling how much can you afford, but is more likely putting every aspect of purchase into the limelight. Let’s say you are eyeing an electric board but what if the product isn’t affordable. By going through a custom way, you can buy low-priced batteries and motor. And voila! You just made it affordable. Check out other features to consider in the below-mentioned points.

  • Parts – Choosing deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, and other hardware becomes of utmost importance, especially when you are customising your board. Even if you are buying an already assembled product, going through the specifications list is a must.
  • Safety – Knee & elbow pads and helmet are must-haves. Skipping the protective equipment could lead to mishappening that is unable to fix. For safety purpose, you can implement shock pads as well.
  • Shoes – Skate shoes are different from your sneakers. Their soles are made up of rubber or polyurethane to provide cushioning. Material can be suede or leather for that extra strength. And for additional protection, there exists shoelace protectors and vulcanised soles.
  • Clothes – Tee, pants, or joggers – whatever you prefer must be breathable. They must allow you to move your body freely, especially your feet. Sometimes, an uncomfortable pair of jeans could bother you while directing the skateboard to take turns.
  • Accessories – Rails, nose guard, and tail guard – all these accessories help in preventing the clipping of the skateboards from the sides. You can install these accessories with professional help or on your own if you are aware of the know-how.
  • Approach – Either you can select one favourite brand and find the most-fitted product in it. Or you put your preferences first irrespective of the brand. Both approaches are a great way to find the best deal.
  • Brands – In both the approaches we have penned down, it is imperative to know the top-notch brands. We would like to list a few for your convenience. These are – Penny, Nike, Vans, Decathlon, Swagboard, Adidas, Enertion, Converse, Gucci, and Xiaomi.

We believe the buying guide possess enough information to grab the best of deals. As far as the purchase is concerned, the shopping platform matters a lot. Well, ours is what we recommend to all the customers. Check out, Dubai’s best product finder. Authentic products, brands, exclusive online shops, customer reviews, comparison options, everything is transparent here and thus trustworthy. Not just that, you can get exciting deals and discounts on different products.

Question & Answer

Are skateboards expensive?

You can find a beginner skateboard that can be used for commuting purpose and is mid-weight at the price of AED250-600. And, the budget can go up to AED100 by adding more features to it. Consequently looking at the purpose and that the purchase is a one-time investment, we can say that skateboards are not too expensive, not too cheap. Maybe, you have a different opinion depending on your budget preferences. We suggest going to our shopping platform, put the budget filter, and see if you can find any –

Are skateboards safe?

Skateboarding is a balancing game. Not electric boards, but the typical ones rely on the rider for every twist and turn. Skateboards’ sturdiness does matter, but as long as you are confident with your movements, nothing can go wrong. As a commuter, mishaps can also happen while sitting inside your car. So, we are not considering that. Overall, if you are all covered with protective gears like helmet and knee & elbow pads, you are good to go. Thus, we conclude the answer that yes, skateboarding is safe.

Which skateboards are the best?

There are no best skateboards, but the best rider. Moreover, your purpose is another factor to consider. Let’s say you want to do park skating, so you need a specific skateboard for that. However, you cannot consider transition skateboards for this purpose. As long as you are matching your skateboard with your purpose and preferences, we can yell that yours is the best skateboards of all. On this page, we have listed some of the top-notch brands as well if you want to check.

Where to buy skateboards?

Our retail search engine can give an excellent start to your shopping drive. What makes it best is the availability of varied products without an “out of stock” alert. Above all, brands, online shops, deals and discounts – availability is throughout the year and disappointment is none. A customer yearns for trustworthy products, and here we are. You see it, you believe it. We suggest going to the site that is and check by yourself.

Now you know how to buy and where to buy skateboards with all the relevant data and knowledge that have been imparted on this page. There is no way you can end up with an unsatisfied product now. If you haven’t read the rest of the page, we recommend going through it. And if you have gone through it already – it’s time to refine products at, add them to the cart, and check out with the best one. You can also explore our Sports & Outdoor section for your other requirements related to any sports equipment.