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About Skateboard Parts

Deck, grip tape, trucks, wheels, bearings, and relevant components are the major skateboard parts. If you are looking to buy any of these, we recommend researching a bit first. This page can help you with that and with a buying guide too. So, read on. 

What do you see before buying a product? Although, what we are penning down is not the story about the whole product, but parts of it, specifically – skateboard parts. So, in this case, you need to know which skateboard you own and if the parts would be compatible or not. Then, the product materials, durability, performance, and other specifications list. Apart from this list, it is imperative to check customer reviews as well. We have a suggestion here – you shouldn’t overlook the brand in front of budget constraints. The reason is that you can find a brand with cheap skateboard parts online, which possess quality products. We have listed some of the brands on this page. So, without much adieu, we would like to move further to the real information.  

Something about skateboards 

The first skateboard got its inspiration from roller coaster rides. As a result, the fun activities came into play, and the answer to evolution is that skateboarding will be a part of the Olympics too. It’s a long journey, but making it short, we would say that skateboarding is not just riding in skateparks. What do you say? – A legitimate sport could be the right word. There come two types of skateboards – Shortboards and longboards. You must have seen shortboards in skateparks performing tricks with their owner. About longboards, they fit in during cruising and racing. Further readings of this page reveal major skateboard parts, and the inline features to let you grab the best product online. Let’s get started with the first one. Or check out skateboard parts for sale. 

Different skateboard decks 

You can see different deck online, and the listing is different in size, concave, kicktail, and nose. Shortboards can be of 7 to 10.5 inches. Some shortboards are wide whose size then varies between 28 and 33 inches. In contrast, longboards are over 36 inches, usually. There are three different curvatures involved – low, medium, and high. Low ones are difficult to flip, medium ones are the majority winners, and high concave skateboards provide agility, but with risk element. Another factor is the kicktail and variant, which depends on the purpose. Let’s say you only require the product for park skating – a street deck is fine where nose and tail are of same shape to make twin top easy. Twin-top is a term used when you switch the position of your feet. Let’s now move to the next skate part.  

Summarising skateboard bearings 

Skateboard decks make the skateboards fancy, but parts like bearings & skateboard trucks and wheels make the board sturdy from inside. The bearings can be made up of steel or silicon nitride. While looking to buy skate parts online in Dubai, check the grading of the product. Usually, the bearings have a grading system, known as ABEC scale. Just to be clear – this grading scale has nothing to do with the performance parameter. However, it is the balancing of the bearing that makes your skate parts proud and worthy. Some of the brands do not show their grading scale, and just write “skate rated” on display, which is fine. As of now, we have understood that performance equals agility, balance, and owner’s practice overall. Let’s move further to know about another influential part of the skateboard.  

Skateboard trucks and wheels 

Trucks connect the wheels and bearings to the deck. Baseplate and hanger are two parts associated with the truck, which is the top part and the one beneath it. In between these two parts, there are bushings to make the turns and twists easy during the ride. Therefore, soft bushings mean smooth turns. Coming to the wheels, they are made up of polyurethane and available in variants depending on the skating types. Let’s say the wheels are closer to the skateboard deck, and they have small diameter. Hence, the product is good for street skateboarding. Another one with the larger diameters are for transition skateboarding. You might know this if you are an avid player, but drafting the data makes it easy to grab a perfect deal. You can see skateboard parts for sale here or go further to read a buying guide. 

Tips on how to buy Skateboard parts online

Our motto is not just about emphasising on the purchase related to replacing the parts. But if you are buying your first skateboard, this guide can help you with that too. How do you know what deck size you need? Or what is your shape preference? Leaving the visible parts aside, it is imperative to look beneath that. What about truck size, bearings, and skateboard components? Either the specifications list is a good place to check them all, or you can go further on this page.

  • Deck – If this is your first purchase, we would recommend going for the size with 8″ wide and 30″ long. Once you learn basic tricks and ready to create your own and be a pro, you can choose the skateboard as per your forte.
  • Wheels – 49-52mm is the standard size for street skateboarding. And 54-60mm is for transition skating. More diameter means more cover surface area and hence more speed. Checking the wheels specifications is one of the foremost features to check in a skateboard.
  • Grip tape – it provides traction and show your aesthetical side too. Usually, it is of size 9″ * 33″ for shortboards. And 12″ * 4″ for longboards. And the quality of the grip tape lies in the brand you choose, mainly.
  • Bearings – All skateboard bearings are of same size and can fit into every skateboard. They are sold in sets of eight. Not to mention, this skateboard part gets influenced by the price. Higher price means higher quality.
  • Truck – Customers seek this part when customising the skateboard. The distance between hanger and skate deck bottom is known as truck profile, which needs to be checked before buying. Low, medium, and high are three truck profiles you can choose from.

Hope the data helps you in choosing the right product. Let’s now come down to the real question  – where to buy skate parts online in Dubai? And, the answer cannot be better than Here, you can find all the top-notch brands and exclusive online shops to consider for the quality products. We would like to list down some brands. These are – Penny, Nike, Vans, Decathlon, Swagboard, Adidas, Enertion, Converse, Gucci, and Xiaomi. We don’t want to build up more footage. Go ahead and check by yourself.

Question & Answer

How to clean skateboard parts?

Your skateboard signals the cleaning when you feel blockage in skateboard bearings and wheels or dirty grip tape. To clean the wheels and bearings, you can simply declutter and put them aside. With wheels, you can use soap water by dipping them in it for 10 minutes. For bearings, there is this long process of removing the shield, using a citrus cleaner, lubricating them, and finally assembling them again. Also, grip tape uses window cleaner and toothbrush to clean. Not a difficult task, it seems!

How much skateboard parts cost?

Penny grip tape can cost you AED 70. And, you can grab skateboard wheels with the initial price of AED 200. Brand and quality are two parameters that influence the cost of the product. We would suggest keeping aesthetics aside while looking for skateboard parts unless you are buying skateboard decks. Because a deck is all about matching your style. For that, you can customise a graphic or choose colours as per your liking. But all this will need a separate budget too.

Are skateboard parts expensive?

You want to buy the highest quality of steel while buying skateboard bearing; then it’s like burning a hole in your pocket. You need to divide the budget by concluding the durability, agility, and aesthetics. You can cut your cost on decorating the deck if you have budget constraints or want to buy high value in skateboard trucks and wheels. Overall, the answer is yes and a no both. If you have a budget, and you can to purchase all the skateboard parts under it – would that result in an expensive purchase?

Where to buy skateboard parts?

There are so many brands where you can check out the latest and best skateboard parts. Some of the brands we would like to mention are Penny, Nike, Vans, Decathlon, and many more. You will find them all or even more at our shopping search engine. If you are not brand-specific, you can just hop on to any of our online shops and filter the factors important for you. Not just that, but we have this whole category of Sports & Outdoor that you can explore and fulfil your requirements.

There you have it – you know what to check before buying, and more importantly – where to hop in for all the purchase. Last but not least, can provide fantastic deals and discounts throughout the year. What else? Authenticity introduces trust and deals bring you. We are pretty sure of the fact that you don’t want to miss any of it. Go ahead and refine the products as per your liking. And, we would love to see your feedback if you grab something.