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About Shooting Sports

Shooting sports is the collective name of a group of recreational and competitive sporting activities involving proficiency tests of precision, speed, and shooting accuracy. These sports are all about the art of using different types of wide-ranged weapons like rifles, handguns or shotguns.

The history of shooting sports is more than 500 years ago and is linked back to European countries. Later it became popular in the US during the 1950s when the national association for this sport was created. Today, there are different disciplines of shooting sports that are segregated based on equipment, shooting distances, time limit, targets, and degree of athleticism involved. Overall, shooting sport demonstrates accuracy, speed and control of the shooter. Meanwhile, it demands to aim at the target at a long distance and hit in the bullseye. This sport is well-known and enjoyed worldwide and is qualified as an Olympic sport since 1896. With the increased popularity of the game, there are many different types of shooting sports played around the world.

Types of competitive Olympic skeet shooting

As a sport, shooting has a long history. Most games began as things people did to survive fight wars. The boxing, javelin throw, fencing, wrestling, running, archery and many team sports like shooting and horse riding all began survival or military skills. Even today, shooting games face many controversies.  But the popularity still seems to be raising. The NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation) states that there are almost 19 million-plus Americans involved in target practice. These different weapons. Some use them for fun, while others are keen to master their skills in competitive shooting. These sports vary from each other in various ways, some of which are as follow.

Competitive shotgun or skeet shooting

There are three general categories of competitive shotgun shooting events. All these categories involve throwing clay targets. But it is how they are thrown that differentiate these events. The skeet shooting has a clay target fired from opposite directions and crosses that help the shooters show off profile shooting skills. The second type is trap shooting, where clay targets are thrown in the same direction as the shooter is facing. However, the trajectory varies, giving the shooter some complicated sets of targets. Sport clay shooting is the third type that offers targets with different heights, angles and speeds.

Rifle and pistol competition shooting

It is also known as the cowboy action shooting. One primary requirement of this shooting competition is that the guns used should be from the American cowboy era. It typically dates back to the 1800s. This game format requires the competitors to shoot at a different distance to complete a course of fire. They are the perfect event to get a look at antique weaponry and guns. These sports are popular in the US. In the Olympic games, these sports consist of long-time target shooting from 10, 50 or 300 meters. High power rifle is also famous in the US. It is a format that shoots 3-position; kneeling, standing, sitting and prone. The average length in this game is 200, 300 and 600 yards.

Pistol shooting events

There are two common types under this category. The first type is the bullseye shooting that is performed with the uses of rifles. It is a long-distance event for pistol shooters.  Generally, the distance is upward of 50 yards. The competitions are usually a mix of slow and rapid firing contests. To increase the difficulty level, participants may use a timer that may require to fire using a single hand rather than a double grip.  The second type is the IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association). This type focuses on self-defence type shooting situations and mimics real life as much as possible. Hence those who want to experience real-time shooting experience.

Rifle focused shooting sports

This category includes two types of shooting ventures. The Silhouette shooting is a rifle event that uses small gauge rifles like .22s. These event stage small steel targets at a distance between 50 to 100 yards. These competitions employ high power rifles that target in a 1000-yard range. For a competition, these shots are timed. While the other type is bench rest shooting, where the rifle sits on the rear-rest, and the rest of it sits on the table. In such games, the shooter aims at the paper targets. The guns used in these games are highly modified and customized to offer stable shot possible. Here, a lot goes in bullets’ trajectory as the wind also contributes to shift the bullet path slightly.

Tips on how to buy Shooting Sports accessories online in Dubai

Just being a gun enthusiast does not mean that a person is ready to join the team and participate in Olympic skeet shooting. One need love for guns, shooting, and the spirit to master the skills to be the guru of shooting competition. Shooting is an intense sport and demands numerous skills like concentration, strength, stamina and impressive eye-hand coordination. Apart from that, having the right set of equipment is of core importance whether you are into skeet shooting or part of an arrow shooting competition. Along with skills, it is also important to own high-quality accessories and gadgets. Here we will share some baseline point to consider while buying.

  • Consider quality – When it comes to shooting sports, a slight displacement in the mechanics can lead to a disaster. Hence, quality should be your primary concern in guns etc.
  • Go for trusted brands – Not all brands are reliable. Therefore, you must consider reliable branded products. Better is to go with professional’s recommendations in brands.
  • Consider budget – Good things come at a reasonable cost. Hence, limiting your budget when you are involved in shooting sports is not a good idea. Try to get the best possible option.
  • Understand product – Whether you are heading to buy accessories or core weapons like bow and arrow for shooting sports, never buy without understating the product.
  • Buying policies – When it comes to online shopping, be sure that the supplier offers easy return and exchange services if you don’t like the product or want to replace it.

There is a long list of mandatory and optional accessories that one may need when it comes to shooting sports. Many are a must for the sporting process, while others are here to protect you or enhance your skills and expertise. Therefore, it important is to know your needs and buy the most reliable options before you step into the field to practice or challenge your shooting skills. Here at, we can help you search and buy branded shooting sports accessories online.

Question & Answer

What are shooting sports?

The term shooting sport is used for the group of recreational and competitive sporting activities. These sports involve proficiency test of accuracy, speed, and precision in the shoot. These sports are all about the art of using different types of ranged weapons that mainly refer to human-portable guns, including rifles, handguns, firearms, and shotguns etc. The disciplines in these sports are categorized by shooting distance, equipment, time limit, targets and athletic expertise and skills.  The shooting sports are played in the team’s form, and individual shooting competitions are not a part of the Olympic games.

Which gun shooting sports equipment do I need to buy?

You may need to buy ammunition, belt, bipod, bullets, chronograph, clay target throwers, and clay targets for gun shooting sports. You will also need disappearing targets, earplugs, gun holsters, hat, holsters, a long-range mat, monopods, moving targets, noise-cancelling headphones, pistols, range bag, etc., rifle. You may need other accessories, including scopes, shooting range, shotgun, shotshell caddies, sights, sling, sunglasses, a towel, and a tripod.

How to choose the right shooting sports equipment?

You should know about the requirements of the shooting sport you are about to indulge in. There are different types and levels of shooting sports that you can play. For each type and level of the sport, you will need a different set of equipment. Therefore, by knowing the sport’s requirements and your skill level, you can better understand what you need. You can also look at the seller’s website to find a complete package that will include everything that you may need on the ground.

Where can I find shooting sports accessories on sale?

We at offer a wide range of shooting sports accessories and gadgets online in the UAE. We know the importance of personal safety, and it’s crucial in sports like hunting and shooting bow and arrow. To ensure every customer’s safety, we are working only with reliable brands like Anglo Arms, Bear Archery, Hoyt, Black Widow, Hunting door, Carbon Express, and Martin Archery.  These brands offer exceptionally high quality and unbelievably low quality in every single product they sell online. Hence, making us the best place to search, compare and buy best-hunting slingshots and cheap shooting sports.

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