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Sonashi Led/Lcd Tv Wall Bracket (SWB-002)
Sonashi Led/Lcd Tv Wall Bracket (SWB-002)
Led/Lcd/Plasma Tv Bracket / Tilt With Up And Down: ±15°Swivel Left And Right : 180° / Suitable For Tv Size: 14”-42”Distance To Wall: 75-390Mm / Max.Vesa 200X200MmMax.Loading Capacity :35Kgs
Sonashi Led/Lcd Tv Wall Bracket (SWB-004)
Sonashi Led/Lcd Tv Wall Bracket (SWB-004)
Led/Lcd/Plasma Tv BracketSuitable For Tv Size: 14”-37”Distance To Wall: 25Mm / Max.Vesa 200X200MmMax.Loading Capacity :35Kgs

About Rackets

Would you like to increase the chances of your side to live longer? Yes? Then put yourself into racket sports! Yup, you heard it right. Playing a rackets sport facilitates your well-being and wellness. The sport, unlike the others, focuses on the cerebral angles as well.

So, what exactly, is a racket? A racket is a handheld frame with an open hoop. This hoop comes with a network of strings or catguts that stretch tightly in between the hoop. Well, usually you use them to strike the ball or shuttlecock in games like tennis, squash, racquetball, and badminton. Collectively, you can call all these games as rackets sport. Hence, if you are someone who wants to try your hand in these sports, then a racket is a must-have. However, remember that these  bats can make or break your performance. Therefore, whether a novice or professional, either way, high-quality rackets are imperative. And to get yourself a good one, you need to understand the product deeply. Well, this exactly what the article highlights. So, keep reading to know more about them and their sports.

Different types of rackets for various sports 

You've to know that over the years, these bats have grown with the technology, which is why today you'll find diverse types of them in different kinds of sports. The weight, the strings, the handle, everything differs for every kind of racket for various games. For instance, the shuttle requires bats with lighter strings, whereas, in case of tennis, these bats must have stronger strands. So, you see, you must pick the right ones that best suit your sport. For that, you must be well aware of the different types of rackets available in the market. Our next section of the article highlights a few significant rackets for different sports.

The badminton rackets 

Badminton is one of the most loved sports among many. However, the game goes in vain you do not have the proper rackets for it. The badminton racket ideally must be lightweight. Many top-quality badminton bats weigh between 70 and 95 grams. When it comes to the materials, the modern badminton bats come in carbon fibre composite that is augmented by a variety of materials. The bats that come in carbon fibre has an excellent weight to strength ratio. Moreover, it is stiff and gives excellent kinetic energy transfer. However, this carbon-fibre composite, the badminton bats came in wood. But due to their excessive weight, they were disregarded.

The junior tennis rackets 

Tennis, badminton or any other racket sports, it is vital that your kids use the right bats when playing the game. Which is why it is crucial to choose the junior racket that is specially constructed for kids. This means that the size, especially the length, is generally much shorter than the ones used by the adults. Also, the head size is smaller than the usual one. Typically, the adult racket comes in lengths about 27inches, whereas the junior ones come between 1 and 8 inches shorter. The other difference is the frame's materials. The cheaper kids bats come in aluminium, the mid-range in aluminium and graphite, whereas the high-end ones in carbon-fibre.

The best tennis rackets for beginners 

If you've recently developed an interest for rackets sport, then you must be surely looking out for an ideal racket. Before, you buy one remember that one of the essential parts of starting to play the racket sports is the right beginner's racket. That's because the game is everything about this bat. Therefore, you must always go for the best brands and top-quality bats. Head Ti S6 is one of the best picks when it comes to the bats for beginners. Why? Because it offers optimal performance to you. It comes with pre-strung right out of the box, and this is something every beginner would want. Most, bats must be adequately strung before you use them.

The beach tennis rackets 

Beach tennis or beach paddleball, is a fun game. It is a game that combines the elements of tennis and beach volleyball. However, to play this game, you need the paddle racket. A good paddle bat will have a handle that is comfortable for your hands. Moreover, you must also go for the bat that is lightweight, with which you must be able to wield comfortably yet it must be heavy enough for powerful strings. IANONI foam core beach bat is one of the best beach rackets out there. That's because it comes with a carbon-fibre grit racket with EVA foam core that houses several technologies. Moreover, the toughness of the carbon-fibre makes the paddle headstrong.

Tips on how to buy Rackets online

One of the primary things to do before you buy online rackets in UAE is to break down the vast selection of rackets on the market. Well, you've seen that above. Apart from the above, you'll also find power rackets, tweeners, modern bats, and traditional players bat. But, understanding these alone will not do the trick. You must consider certain factors that will determine the performance of your bat. We've listed below the significant factors to consider when you purchase your perfect racket online.

  • The head size– The rackets head is one such feature that directly determines the power of the bat. In other words, the larger the head, the more power it will offer. The larger head also provides you with a larger hitting area and sweet spots. Whereas, the bats with smaller heads offer you more control and power. Hence, if you are an accomplished player, it is better to go for bats with smaller heads. And those who are a novice to the sport should pick the one with larger heads.  
  • The length– You must always consider the length of the bat. As this factor is the one that determines the amount of control you'll have on your game. The standard length is 27 inches, but you'll find rackets with diverse lengths ranging from 26.5 inches to 29 inches. A longer one offers more groundstrokes and slightly more power than the shorter one. The added length also increases the swing weight. Hence, check the length before you get one.
  • The weight and balance– You must surely look at these factors, as it is these two features that influence how you feel when to pick it up and swing it in the court. Usually, a heavyweight bat is more powerful, stable and transmits less shock than the lighter ones. The lighter ones are more manoeuvrable, and thus you can position the racket easily and generate lots of spins. By the way, remember that you can always add weight to a racket if it is too light.
  • The frame stiffness– Frame stiffness not only affects power. But, the control and comfort are at stake too. In other words, the frame stiffness determines the deflection of the rackets. Hence, you must pick your bat keeping in mind this point. Also note, you measure the frame stiffness and give each frame a score. Generally speaking, a bat that offers you more power provides less control. However, this largely depends on what kind of player you are!  
  • The swing weight– Swing weight is the measurement of how heavy your racket feels when you swing it while playing. The bats with higher swing weights are harder to swing. However, they offer more power, comfort and stability at impact. Whereas the ones with lower swing weights, let you swing easily, but you get less stability and comfort while playing. Hence, it is best to choose the one that best suits your sport and playing style.  
  • The string pattern– If you are a recreational player, then surely this is an important factor to consider. The string pattern of the racket influences many aspects of its overall performance and feel. You'll usually find two types of open string pattern and tight/closed string pattern. The open string pattern deflects more on impact than the denser pattern. This, in turn, offers your ball a higher launch angle.

Surely, racket sport is a fun game. However, to perform better, you must make sure that you have the right racket in your hand while playing the game. And for that, you must understand the factors that determine the efficiency and performance of the bat. We hope the above tips and essential elements to consider have given you a fair idea of what to look for when buying the racket. Surely, they will help you choose the best racket among the lot.

Question & Answer

Are rackets made of metal?

The bats come in various material, and each of it has its pros and cons. In earlier days, these bats came in wooden materials. However, the modern ones now come in composite materials, including carbon-fibre, fibreglass, and metals such as titanium alloys o ceramics. Also, remember that each sport has a different kind of racket and hence you must select them carefully.

Which rackets are best?

The performance and efficiency of these bats depend on various factors. And it is these factors that determine whether the rackets are good or bad. A bat that suits another player may not suit you. However, usually, a good racket comes with good strings, material, frame, and heads. Also, make sure you pick the branded ones for long-lasting performance.

Which tennis rackets are the best?

There are several tennis bats in the market. However, it is always better to choose the ones that portray high efficiency and performance. Well, to ensure this, you must get the bats from popular brands. This will provide excellent performance as well as will have an extended lifespan. Wilson, Babolat, Yonex, Dunlop, Artengo, Slazenger, Nike, and Adidas are some of the popular brands that offer top-quality tennis rackets as well as these bats for many other sports. 

Where to buy the rackets? 

Well, of course, you need good quality bats, but for that, you need to have a trustworthy and credible retailer. Well, if you are on a hunt, then this is where your search ends. bring to a comprehensive collection of premium, economically cheap rackets to buy online. Moreover, you can also shop from over 500 online stores like Namshi, Newchic, Sun & Sand Sports, Menakart, Microless, Ounass, GAP, and many more.

Why are tennis rackets so expensive?

Typically, the tennis bats come in various materials. However, carbon and graphite are prevalent in modern days. But, the harder it is to get the carbon or graphite, the expensive it is. Another thing that increases the tennis racket price is its durability. It lasts long? It means high-quality materials have gone into its making. However, you can always buy the best rackets for sale on our product search engine from various popular brands and online stores.

So, are you ready to get hands on with these sports? Well, if you are then we are sure you are on a buying stage. Do not miss out to check out the collection on our site.