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About Picnic Baskets

One of the best ways to celebrate winters and summers is to get outside and enjoy good food with friends and family. Long weekends, first dates, holidays and family vacations bring in a lot of opportunities for picnics. And is it’s a fact that a picnic without the picnic baskets is like a rainbow without its colours. The best picnics bags help you pack your gourmet foods for picnicking. And that’s what you need for a perfect picnic!

History tells us that today’s picnic ideas evolved from luxurious and elaborate customs of the outdoor feasts that were once enjoyed a lot by the uber-wealthy. In other words, picnics were confined to the realm of the rich in earlier days. They were banquets that were held to impress the guests with power and wealth. Hence, these elaborate feasts often involved chairs, tables, and even servants. Well, those are the days of the past. Today, as you can see, we tend to keep things simple. However, you still need something stylish that is equally ergonomic to carry your food along. Well, that’s what the picnic baskets do. Here, we shall explore and understand all about these humble tools.

The various types of picnic basket sets

A picnic basket is not only attractive but is also space-efficient and a great time saver – and yes, of course, it can help avoid disappointments. Moreover, there are so many varieties of these bags that you’ll get confused about which one to buy for yourself. From classically styled picnic baskets to totes and stylish bags, you’ll find them now in a wide array of makes and models. Hence, it is always better to explore their different models and their peculiar characteristics to make your outing worthwhile. That’s because the one that suits someone else might not sit right for you. Find below a few significant types of picnic baskets that you can consider while you set out to buy one for yourself.

The insulated picnic baskets

An insulated picnic basket is always a good choice. That’s because you can use them in both summers and winters. How? Well, during summers, you can keep your food cool, while in winters, you can keep them toasty warm. As the name goes, these bags come with a fully insulated lining for custom temperature control. Additionally, most models come with a double latch closure mechanism. This offers you more security and keeps your food intact. Apart from that, these bags are flexible, portable, durable, and sophisticated too. Moreover, you find many variations of this model. For instance, you will find a four-person basket as well as two. You just need to choose the one that best suits your needs.

The best beach picnic baskets

Picnics at beaches are fun, especially a romantic dates. However, keeping your food items away from those sand particles is also a challenging task. Well, if you’re aren’t having a full meal, but you want to enjoy a glass of wine and some snacks, then the wine and cheese cooler bag are one of the best things to carry along when out for a picnic on the beaches. Usually, these picnic baskets aren’t exactly baskets. They are bags large enough to store wine, champagne, or other bottled beverages for two. Additionally, they come with an adjustable shoulder strap. This enables you to go hands-free. Most of them come in heavy polyester materials and are fully lined to keep your food in perfect condition.

The collapsible picnic baskets

Collapsible picnic baskets are the perfect solution when space is an issue. Big and bulky baskets are indeed beautiful, but they take a lot of storage space. These collapsible baskets fold-flat, are space-efficient, lightweight, modern, and yet practical. They are super easy to travel with. You can fold them flat, pack them in your suitcase and travel away. There are many varieties of these baskets. One of the most famous and best models is the Ascot folding cooler picnic basket designed for a large family. It is super functional and good-looking at the same time. Apart from that, it comes with a sturdy stitch, and the closing system is secure. In other words, it is well constructed and is made to last.

The leather picnic baskets

If a style is what you are looking for, then there’s nothing more you can ask for than the leather picnic baskets. In other words, these picnic bags are luxury and style redefined. Not only do they have a stunning design, but they also come with many compartments. This allows you to store your food, wine and anything easily. Additionally, they come in vibrant colours and have a smooth finish. Also, remember that these bags aren’t baskets and generally are ideal for two to three persons. So, the next time you are on a date, carry along with these sophisticated pieces and make your date worthwhile. However, remember that they aren’t as durable as the other types, and you must take care of them.

Tips on how to buy Picnic Baskets online

Of course, understanding their types is paramount, but that alone isn’t sufficient to get you your perfect picnic baskets. From materials to size, there are several other factors that you must consider while buying your picnic bags. Also, knowing these fundamental factors and checking out a few tips and tricks will help you make your buying process easy. Keeping this in mind, we’ve enlisted the key elements that you must consider when you set out to buy picnic baskets online in Dubai.

  • Check out the carrying options – If you are an adventurous type, who loves having picnics in the mountain, then a basket with just a handle will not cut it. You need something more in its design. Well, that’s why it is essential to check out the carrying options for your picnic bags. For instance, the handle is the most basic and traditional style. Whereas, the shoulder strap, sling strap, and backpack straps are all modern.
  • Look out for the size – Once you are done checking out the handle, next, you must consider the weight and size of the basket. Generally, you’ll find different picnic baskets for the number of people. For example, you’ll find two-person baskets, four, and even six. If you like to go on double dates, then a four-person picnic basket would be ideal. Larger families can opt for the six-person basket.
  • Examine the material – This is one of the most important things you need to consider while buying your basket. That’s because it brings in different qualities to the table. You’ll find many types of materials. However, remember that they aren’t mutually exclusive. You’ll often find various materials on the same basket type. Willow, rattan, bamboo, polyester canvas, and leather are a few common materials.
  • See the compartments – Almost all picnic baskets have compartments. You can store here everything – from utensils to corkscrews to picnic blankets and wine bottles. However, this is a matter of preference. If you want to have every single thing in your basket to be organised, then go for a bag that has more compartments. Otherwise, you can opt for a bag that has one large compartment to store your food.
  • Go for insulated ones – Insulation is one of the key factors that enable you to keep your food fresh. Many baskets have a built-in insulation lining. They help you insulate your perishable food items intact. However, if you want a classic and straightforward picnic bag, then go for this.
  • Check out their style – Remember that a type that works well for others might not work well for you. Therefore, it is best to assess the various features and weigh the pros and cons of the type you buy. Also, always consider the occasion and your requirement when deciding on the style of the basket. Because sometimes you might have to sacrifice certain features to get the exact style and look you desire.
  • Look out for the price – Finally, there is a price. The cost of the picnic baskets has a typical range – from affordable to expensive. We intentionally put this factor last because you must first list all the features on your wishlist and then seek out a picnic basket that fits your budget. Just remember that the ones with fewer features are less expensive, and the pricey ones are more luxurious and come with many features.

Your picnic baskets can make or break a successful day with your loved ones. Therefore, getting the right picnic baskets will be worth every cent. We’ve scoured the internet and listed out these tips and tricks just for you. They’ll steer you towards your best picnic basket and root out any unwanted ones in the way. Hence, keeping them in mind will be beneficial.

Question & Answer

What are picnic baskets?

A picnic basket is like a hamper or a basket that holds food and other table wear that holds your picnic meal. They are one of the standard equipment in any picnics. Moreover, you’ll find them in diverse types and models. You can choose among their different styles, materials and sizes. Just make sure that the bag has enough room for your food, no matter which ones you prefer. From classically styled picnic baskets to totes and stylish bags, you’ll find them now in a wide array of makes and models. You can find plenty of varieties here.

Which picnic basket to buy?

Of course, you’ll find an extensive range of picnic baskets, but you must pick only the best ones. The material, style, size, and many more factors determine the efficiency and performance of the picnic bags. You can also buy online picnic baskets from brands like Sunnylife, Picnic And Beyond, Urban Basket, Malibu Shoulder Pack, and Prairie Picnic Basket offer some of the top-quality picnic baskets. You can find plenty of options here. Moreover, you can filter the options to quicken your search. You will also be able to compare prices to find cheap products.

Why are picnic baskets so expensive?

The price of the picnic bags ranges from affordable to expensive. And the amount depends on the characteristics and features of the basket. In other words, the more the features, the costlier it is. Moreover, the price also highly depends on the store or the platform you purchase them from. For instance, you can find many online stores that offer picnic baskets for sale. If you are looking for the best options at affordable prices, you are in the right place. Here on, you can compare prices to find cheap ones. So, go ahead and explore now!

Where to buy picnic baskets?

Indeed, you’ll find a plethora of picnic bags online; however, finding a perfect retailer is also is equally important to achieve an ideal buy. offer you a wide range of premium quality picnic baskets from over 500 online stores. Our product search engine offers you some high-quality cheap picnic baskets and other sports & outdoor products. So, go ahead! Have an amazing shopping experience ahead—filter products as per your preferences. Also, find cheap picnic baskets here to buy if you have budget restrictions.

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